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  1. Man time flies! I haven't posted for a bit. I have been keeping up with my workouts, haven't missed a yoga, I got back on my Spanish program, and my diet is working its self out alright... (I mean if you count pasta as a thing you can find naturally in the wild...) This was a fun challenge for my first go I will be trying to do more for my next romp for sure. I have added weight to all my work outs have not seen very much change in my body but I can feel it so that is a good second place. I have actually gained 4 pounds but that is just part of life I guess. For my next challenge I will try and post on a more regular basis and also have a theme of some sort =-) I will be getting a job for the summer at either the Natural Groceries here in town or a local sports bar seeing as I am a teacher and it is now summer. Also I am sorry for the random nature of this post I just finished a workout so I am a little spacy. Also I get to pick a guild for my second one yes? So many choices I wonder what I will do. Thanks to Stooshie for pushing me to do this and always reminding me to post, you have been a great friend and really helpful in my quest for fitness. Welp that is all for now time to eat some eggs.
  2. Ultimate Gladiator Dash in the bag. It was hot and long and full of mud. I am happy I did it but will definitely plan on training up a little before my next 5k instead of just randomly joining a few days before. This week has been full of distractions (finals, final papers, so much grading, and Netflix) but most of my goals have been going okay. Workouts 3/6 so far so good. Yoga 2/3 (possible extra yoga opportunity tonight at 8:30) Diet... I don't want to talk about it... Spanish Jodido pero contento... my year pass to Rosetta Stone online ran out. I will be back on that band wagon after payday.
  3. Hello Bekah. I teach early American History. I was using Rosetta stone online until my year pass on it ran out last week lol I will update my account after my next payday to get back on that.
  4. I find when other eat my blue barries I reach a new level of rage that is scary. Just don't do it.

  5. So hitting all my goals so far this week! Just added a 5k run for my weekend enjoyment. It has mud and obstacles so it is kind of like a real adventure so I am pretty excited about it. Work out 4/6 Yoga 3/3 Good food in body Yep! Spanish Un buen vecino… es el que no le pone clave al Wi-Fi. BONUS MATERIAL! GLADATOR DASH 5K!
  6. I know I was complaining about happy baby yoga pose awhile back but you really miss it when you don't make it to class...

  7. This week has started out so so. I have made it to the gym both days and worked on my Spanish (Pocas mujeres admiten su edad. Pocos hombres actuan acorde a su edad) however my food choices yesterday sucked for lack of a better word... Also I missed Yoga this morning, my teacher is very particular about starting on time, I was four min late so she had locked the doors. I plan on fixing all of these things. I will pick up an extra Yoga class tomorrow night to make my three classes a week quota. Also full on diet adherence for the rest of the week, (I apologize to any yummy cakes or pies I offend by not eating you)
  8. Writing tests... Grading things... Homework... Nah I going to work out lol So far so good this week Workouts 4/6 Yoga 3/3 woo so stretchy! Eating all the things I should and staying away from the things that I shouldn't... I might have met a bowl of rice on the streets... Lets just say that bowl of rice didn't make it... Spanish 4 hours out of 7 completed El amor es como el WI-FI, a medida que te alejas, pierde intensidad. Tomorrow is Friday so that is good all the way around!
  9. Sub Yoga lady was killling me with Happy Baby this morning... It should be called Happy baby/Grumpy adult.

  10. So week one in the bag. Workouts 5/6 Diet adhered to for the most part... I may have run into a few bowls of chips and salsa in the wild... Hours of Spanish practiced 4/7 No bueno... Yoga classes 2/3 So all in a mediocre start to my fitness quest I have already made it to the gym today and have Spanish on my to do list. I aim to do better this week also I will try and add more flare to my posts… Maybe =-)
  11. Shoot you are really good at all this updating stuff! I am sorry about your Family crisis, I am happy you have found a new friend in the handstand! I find when I have a lot of emotional stuff yoga just intensifies it for me, that's why I like doing it early in the morning, usually I don't have major emotional issues before 10 lol.
  12. Claire I am mostly doing work outs based on a old book I found at my local used bookstore (Coas Bookstore Las Cruces NM) The workouts include a lot of free weight work as well as alternatives for when the weights are taken at the gym =-) The hardest part of the paleo diet is dairy elimination for me... I do so love Cheese. Stooshie, I made it to two of my 3 optional Yoga classes this week. I am going to try and make four this upcoming week. One on Sunday, then the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday classes as well. Running isn't my favorite I have to talk myself into it, but doing it in the early morning may never happen for me. I salute your tenacity to do it!
  13. I'm Deerc! I'm a graduate student and a teacher. I'm passionate about fitness. I'm working on focusing my workouts more now and nerdfitness seemed like a fun tool to help me. I like cheese, books, video games... and not having to grade papers. (I wasn't prepared to be creative today, the next post will be more flamboyant.) Goal 1 Do yoga 3 times a week. Tuesdays and Thrusdays- Yin Yoga. Wednesdays- Gentle Hatha Yoga. Goal 2 Work out 6 days a week because someone *coughStooshiecoughcough* said I had to have a rest day. Goal 3 Adhere to a paleo diet for the most part. I'll be watching my dairy and grain intake the most. Goal 4 (Life Goal) Practice Spanish an hour a day.
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