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  1. This is great for me actually - I have a family situation that is taking me out of town unexpectedly this Wednesday - Saturday so it will throw off my challenge week quite a bit. Next week should be back to normal.
  2. Did somebody say... cheesecake? Sending good vibes for safe travels and good health for all of you. Becoming a parent is an epic adventure unto itself. <3
  3. Get Lean: 1/28 Today's food is tracked so far. About to go make myself a monstrous snack because I only ate one meal today and I am way too far under goal currently. That will be tracked too, no worries there! Get Flexible: 0/12 Accidental rest day. I had every intention of getting to this today but let it get too late in the day to accomplish this and my habit tracker goals of bedtime routine before 10pm. I'll have to be more intentional about when/how this fits into my day moving forward, in the meantime I can still hit my goal of 3x this week easily if I hit the rest of my bodyweight rest days. Get Strong: 0/12 Rest day today, so this is expected. Habit Tracker: 1/28 Everything is done except for out of office by 11pm. It's 10:36pm right now and this is the last thing I plan on doing before I walk out of my office for the evening. Habit Tracker Bonus: 1 Snuck in an extra pomodoro today for business - started to write myself a note to send a promotional email tomorrow morning and decided to just get it done tonight instead. Feels good to have that time-sensitive task off my plate! Thoughts: Aside from motivating myself to do my Get Flexible task today, I am really happy with how my day went. As it turns out, coloring in little boxes to signify that I did a thing is super effective, so much so that the notion of getting to color a box in the Bonus Business Pomodoros category was enough to motivate me to complete a task now rather than putting it off until tomorrow. Whee!
  4. I am beyond super-mega impressed that you are sticking with your goals in the midst of everything. Things usually go to hell for me when I start getting life'd - and now anytime I try to let that be an excuse I'm going to think about you. WWHD?
  5. Not 100% sure I did this right but I joined your PVP! My character was Adulting + Choose One so I chose Strength - if I'm doing it wrong just yell at me! For me Day 1 is Monday though... you people who insist on starting your weeks on Sunday confuse me. Good luck with your goals this round - love your ability to roll with challenges and keep on going!
  6. Here for the gorgeous bullet journal. Also the awesome goals. That journal though...
  7. That's most of it. I'm doing the recommended routine from reddit's bodyweight fitness subreddit if you want to see the routine and progressions. I left out the dynamic stretches before and starting stretching after because there's nothing really to track there in terms of progression. I'm also skipping the first pair in the routine (pullups / dips) because the routine calls for leaving those out until you reach diamond push ups and horizontal rows, both of which are probably farther in the future than the end of this challenge unless I end up surprising myself!
  8. Most moms get flowers... I got flowers AND a plyo box fit for a Deadhead: Best family ever.
  9. Oh man, my l-sit game is pathetic! I'm still sort of dinking around with where I should be in squat progressions - I focused really hard in the first few weeks in getting a perfect form deep bodyweight squat that I could stay in for at least 30 seconds and I can now do 60 seconds during Starting Stretching. Last workout was my first attempt at single leg box squats from a chair and oh man the DOMs after were brutal. At any rate we should definitely compare notes - I'm excited that you're in a similar place! I followed your challenge and I'm excited to catch up on it tonight or tomorrow - for now I've got an excited 5 year old that can't wait to go hiking for Mother's Day!
  10. Ohai. I'm here. Finally. First: I'm making the leap and declaring myself an Assassin. Falling in love with bodyweight strength training in the last challenge was both unexpected and totally awesome. Second: I'm dropping the Skyrim analogies from this challenge. While the concept of grinding remains a HUGE perspective shift for me, and one I will continue to carry forward, trying to make my updates fit a mold started to feel like work and make me not want to update. I just want to spew out whatever is in my brains, ok? Ok. Third: Splitting this challenge into two main categories: getting stronger+ more agile and fighting the (procrastination) monkey. This challenge is really focused on daily habits which is going to be hard but it is also oh-so-necessary in my life right now. Get Stronger + More Agile Get Lean: X/28 Daily Tracking + Under TDEE Allowances for flexing are okay - meaning I can plan for a splurge but cannot splurge if I wasn't under on other days to make up for it. Get Flexible: X/12 Molding Mobility + Starting Stretching OR Yoga: 3x per week I want to start doing more mobility work on my rest days. Molding Mobility + Starting Stretching only takes about 20 minutes in total, so no excuses on this one! Get Strong: X/12 Bodyweight Routine: 3x per week Starting Stats: Fight the Monkey: Habit Tracker: X/28 I created a not-nearly-as-pretty habit tracker inspired by @Briniel's bullet journal. There are six daily items and two bonus tracking areas. Habit Tracker Info:
  11. Thanks for catching this for me - makes it nice and simple. Woo!
  12. I might be overthinking this but: What is best for calculating hours trained for strength training? Since my current routine involves warmup / skill work / strength work should I only count the strength work portion or the entire routine? Should I only count time spent in set or does the entire duration (sets + rest) count? This seems really obvious for something like yoga since start to finish is pretty much "doing yoga" but strength training seems muddy to me.
  13. Better Late than Never Challenge Recap: This was me for a lot of this challenge... Ok, let's talk about the good first. Tracking: 26/28 Yoga: 2/4 BWF: 7/4 !!!!!!! So, the epic good news in this challenge is somehow despite otherwise failing at life and adulting I managed to create and sustain healthy habits. The two days of missed tracking happened because of personal issues that caused me to spend a weekend in bed in a puddle of depression and self loathing so I'm willing to not only forgive those but to celebrate the fact that I got right back on the wagon without missing a beat. Fuck. Yes. I didn't make my yoga goal, but that is because bodyweight work ended up taking more of a priority this challenge than I initially planned. When taken together, I took my goal of moving 2x per week and exceeded it, even with a week off for injury. I feel happy about this, but what I'm really over the fucking mood ecstatic about is the fact that this is just now a thing that I am committed to do and I don't spend a lot of time questioning it - I just do the thing at the time I committed to do the thing. Now let's talk about why I feel like this despite all the good above... So, health and fitness stuff is going well. Yay, right? Well... yes. And... no. One of the many fun things about living inside my ADHD brain is when I really find my stride with something I really, really find it. Like, I get obsessed. I've consumed more content about bodyweight training in the last month than I've probably consumed my entire life prior. It starts by looking for one thing then I'm down the internet rabbit hole reading articles, blog posts, AMAs which leads to surfing instagram and youtube videos which leads to more curiosity which leads to more reading and so on. Good thing... yes? Not really. I feel like my primary challenge in life is, and always has been, balance. If I'm doing mega-well in one area it is almost always to the detriment of other equally important things: family, business (I own two), household maintenance, self care (including that elusive sleep thing). The thing is, it's not the 4-6 hours a week doing actual bodyweight work takes out of my life each week that is the problem. This is a Good Thing™. It's the countless other hours that I waste zeroing in on whatever it is I'm obsessed with at the moment to the detriment of everything else in my life. Prime example: I bought a dot journal for my workout log a fucking month ago but rather than using it right away I waited until I figured out exactly how I wanted to lay it out, then spent a ridiculous amount of time transposing my prior workouts, including redoing the first page several times until I was 100% happy with it. Such is the vicious cycle of my life: I'm always crushing it in one area and failing utterly everywhere else. So, my next challenge will be centered on bringing some balance into my world without losing the good habits I built in this challenge. The habits are great, but getting so immersed in one thing and using it as an excuse to procrastinate on everything else... not so great. This is not a new problem, but it's one I'm going to have to figure out how to solve - otherwise other life demands will eventually reach critical mass and I'll end up shelving fitness to catch up.
  14. New plan didn't go... according to plan. Some good, some bad, overall it could have been worse. My goal for running is to get up to a 10k distance before the Tough Mudder in October. It's really for endurance, I don't have any interest in running for speed or time. It actually only cost me a week of training so that's good. Got back on it in Week 4 and completed the routine x2. Really appreciate you checking in on me. My personal life got... a little hairy which was the reason I vanished for a bit. Things are better now, though!
  15. I love this! I hope to do something similar in our back yard, and now that I've got the mister bodyweight training with me I just might be able to talk him into it.
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