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  1. I sat back against a tree and reflected. My mind first went to my accomplishments. I had sprinted twice, even if neither session was particularly long. I had battled my addiction and have not yet failed in that goal. But after reveling in my successes for a moment, I turned my thoughts to where I needed to improve. I had failed to ride even once. And while the weather hadn't cooperated, I knew deep down that that was merely an excuse. I would have to push harder and do better this week. I knew that it isn't good to end meditation on a bad note, so I then remembered that my softball team had won both of our games on Thursday, made all the more impressive due to the fact that we didn't win a single game last year. As I ended, I felt that this is going to be a good week. Slurm | 4/4 | 4/4 | 3/3 | 0/3 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 11/18 Cycle | 2/1 | 2/2 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/4 | 0/4 | 4/17 Sprint | 0/1 | 0/1 | 2/1 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 0/3 | 2/10
  2. Great job so far, especially with your tag marathon! I feel like 3 hours of Muay Thai would be exhausting. When I first started trying to be healthy I was really good at going to bed on time and felt much better for it. But now it's starting to become tougher again. Of course, after almost a year of 8 hours/night I feel much worse when I only get 6 than I used to. Or at least I notice it more.
  3. As I recovered from a busy week and an even busier weekend, I was glad of what I had managed to accomplish. I had ridden hard the one time I had the opportunity, and I had managed to stay on track getting rid of the poison I was drinking, despite going out of town to a wedding over the weekend. I never did get my sprinting in, and for that I was disappointed. But yesterday I had worked on my speed, so the bad streak has ended. Unfortunately, the weather has not been favorable to riding so far this week. This morning my town was covered in fog, which makes riding too dangerous. According to the prophets it should be warm tomorrow, but with a decent chance of rain, which makes for pretty nice riding. Of course, personally, I've never trusted them. Slurm | 4/4 | 4/4 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 8/18 Cycle | 2/1 | 2/2 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/4 | 0/4 | 4/17 Sprint | 0/1 | 0/1 | 1/1 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 0/3 | 1/10
  4. I spent the last few days visiting my family, who live in a different village. It was a good weekend and it was nice to see everyone, though I had pushed off my sprinting for too long and, as a result, didn't get in any official training. The other goals were achieved, though. And the riding goal had gone unexpectedly well. I can already see some improvement in the effort that it takes to ride long distances, and that is a great motivator. And the kind words of others has no equal. I thank them all profusely. Slurm | 4/4 | 0/4 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 4/18 Cycle | 2/1 | 1/2 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/4 | 0/4 | 2/17 Sprint | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 0/3 | 0/10
  5. Kudos! And I can pretty much guarantee that I've never run a 7:06 mile. That's a great way to rebound from a sub-par day.
  6. Machines may not be loved in general on this forum, but working with machines beats the heck out of not lifting at all. Although learning the basic lifts are pretty easy if you have a friend there, even if you're both beginners. And that, right there, is the whole point. Keep up the good work!
  7. The breeze blowing through my hair was wonderful. I couldn't figure out how I had never enjoyed this before. Having ridden yesterday wasn't enough. I got back on Hasufel and rode again this morning. It started out being tough, as I was a little stiff from last night. But once I found my groove it was great. I pushed myself, though I know I could have ridden harder. But I would get there. I've had two drinks of Slurm over the past few days, which fits almost perfectly with my plan to wean myself from that poison. All I have left to do this week is to do my running. I did a bit yesterday, out playing this new sport with some friends of mine. They called it 'softball,' though I'm not sure why, since the ball hurt quite a bit when it struck me in the leg. Slurm | 2/4 | 0/4 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 2/18 Cycle | 2/1 | 0/2 | 0/3 | 0/3 | 0/4 | 0/4 | 2/17 Sprint | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/1 | 0/2 | 0/2 | 0/3 | 0/10
  8. Stolen from a P90X pdf I just found via Google: 1 Use a plain background if possible. 2 Take a few front shots (hands on hips, “biceps flex†muscle pose), a few side shots (hands at sides), and a few back shots (hands on hips, “biceps flex†muscle pose). 3 Don’t suck it in or push it out. You want a true reflection of your body’s appearance. This is not just a “before†photo, it’s a goodbye photo. Measurements depend. Most people do neck, chest, waist, biceps, and thighs. Women will also generally do hips. But you can limit it to less or do more (calf, forearms, wrist, etc.). It all depends on your personal style.
  9. Getting up 40 minutes early to work out? No soda two days in a row? Way to CRUSH this challenge so far. I'm looking forward to reading about all the future awesomeness. And I like the "story."
  10. "Find and buy a kick ass suit." Best. Goal. Ever. I think that'll become a goal of mine one of these days, once I've gotten down (roughly) to the size I want to be. Great goals, and congrats on getting married! I'm looking forward to the updates of awesome.
  11. Man, this makes me miss Zombies, Run! Stupid Blackberry. I wonder if I can do it without a phone. Like with an iPod Touch or something. To the internet! Now I have to wonder if I can get it to work on my 7" tablet. Or if I can find a pair of shorts where that will fit into the pocket. I guess I have a new plan for this afternoon... And by the way, your times really make me want to get better. So thanks for the encouragement.
  12. Question: Is "Tag Marathon" just a normal marathon, or is it like a relay marathon where you tag somebody in once you get tired? Everyone knows that every good mad scientist has at least one Ph.D. Good job on working towards yours. What's your strategy on improving your mile time? I need to come up with a sprint plan. I know there's probably over 9,000 online, but I haven't spent the time sifting through them yet.
  13. Cool pictures! I'm rather sad that I completely forgot about it. I was even awake at that point, just not outside. Although now that I think back, I'm pretty sure it was snowing so I wouldn't have been able to see it anyway. Pardon my ignorance, but what's a "combat engineer?" Personally, I think everyone that is bad at math should learn more. Of course, I'm an electrical engineer, so math is kind of my thing. Good luck with the Paleo. I'd like to do a Whole30 at some point this summer, but it's hard to find a whole month when I'm not going on at least one trip where eating W30 compliant wouldn't be a gigantic pain in the neck. Congrats on the success so far! Keep up the good work!
  14. I know a few people that don't like to drive for the same reason. So kudos to you for facing your fears! I really like your variety goal. It gets you doing things consistently, but you still get to chase the shiny object (aka changing workout plans all the time). Good luck!
  15. I started Game of Thrones, but I got to a story line that didn't interest me and put it down, and haven't picked it up since. So I know exactly where you're coming from. One of these days I'll pick it up again, though I'll probably have to start over. Glad to hear somebody else is training for a Tough Mudder, too. I had originally decided to do a half marathon this September, but my friend (and reading stories about how much fun they are) convinced me to do a TM instead. I got into yoga a bit last year, but haven't done much lately. I bought a Warrior Pass for the MyYogaPro (for the same reason as you: Erin is awesome), but not Beta access, so I haven't been able to get on it yet. I'm hoping by the time it's fully up and running there will be more beginner stuff. Good luck with all of your goals and great job so far!
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