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  1. I am into Austrian economics and economic theory in general (sounds so nerdy ).
  2. Thanks. Actually I had in mind the Beginner workout circuit that was posted on the blog with a little modification like replacing the dumbells row with pull ups and adding 10% every week to the reps etc. I wanted to post specific goals like 10 pull ups the next month but you are right, it is a little bit vague like this.
  3. I was watching a today that was pretty interesting but what got stuck in my mind were some words in the end of it. "No matter what you do, time is ticking away." Yeah, time is passing by even now when I type this and when you read it. We can't stop it. It's a race we can't win yet it can be the most enjoyable one we will ever be in. All there is to do is to try. Not just simply accepting our limits but to do our best to overcome them. I want to overcome my limits and fears and move everyday closer to becoming the man I want to be. And as every story this one has to have a beginning so here are some of the things I must do to move closer to the stars. September quests (The quests where it all started) - Try out the Paleo diet for a whole month without any interuptions (Yummy (?) quest) - Establish a workout habit (Pain&sweat quest) - Find a part-time job (Get paid quest) - Start and finish reading the books on logic and sociology (Bookworm quest) - Get acquainted with at least 3 strangers (Say hello quest) - DONE (These quests may seem easy to some of you but this is a major change in my lifestyle so I hope I can make it. )
  4. Hey there. My name is Marian (male...), I'm 21 and I live in Prague. I'm studying (or at least trying to) economics at the University of Economics in Prague, second year. Last years haven't been too good for me and I turned from a confident and active young man to an unmotivated fatass. Now I'm trying to get back my motivation, attitude, physical shape (I used to play basketball, did athletics and went to the gym for two years three times a week) and mental capabilities. It won't be easy, I feel like I will have to start from the scratch. Earlier today I found Nerd Fitness on the Internet and was impressed by the community of dedicated people here and the interesting articles. I decided to join and try to learn from you and maybe share my experience too. Good luck to everyone with leveling up and improving their lives.
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