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  1. For all beginning Rangers!!! This is a place that you can participate, ask questions and get help. Check it out! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/62951-level-1-recruits-ranger-training-grounds/
  2. My Ranger Inspiration But more built. Not sure why my little dude under my avatar is different, anybody care to explain?
  3. Ekalf33

    Campus Tours

    First mini quest completed, Man that feels good!
  4. Ok onto the MiniQuest #1 Is your overall quest achievable (over a short or long period of time)? Is it reasonable? (drop 20 lbs and fit into a size 38) Now that I look at it, if I drop 3 lbs a week I will be right about there. I know that is VERY aggressive but what is a goal if it doesn't make you stretch right? I have the support of my wife and I want to get an accountability squad going so that I have some external people to answer to. Do your 3 quests all build towards your main quest in little ways, or are you taking on too much? Do your quests have sub-quests or is it just one thi
  5. Dang, sounds like you got it taken care of, great job!
  6. Thanks guys! the nice thing is they very in weight. 25, 35, and 40 lbs. So far I have found I can do bench, clean, tricep lifts, squat, and the classic leg lifts while seated on the coach. They sure do keep the pace up. Again, again Daddy!
  7. Awesome! Glad to have ya! FOLLOWING!
  8. Thanks! Glad to have ya aboard! I am excited too! I think I am going to lean toward the running side of stuff with a good mix of plyo that includes my kids. They love being tossed around! I will definatly post some pictures of the Fam, but I can't untill everything is finalized, which will be around Aug 5th.
  9. Dude, we are in the same boat! I am glad that you did this. Thanks for your inspiration!
  10. I can't believe after all that I forgot to do a life quest. I am going to get a new job! Hopefully!
  11. Hello all! My name is Jordan aka ekalf33 aka Blackbeard. I stumbled upon nerd fitness about a year ago, but I never did anything about it because I thought, "wow that's good motivation, good for them. I will do it my own way." I was just fooling myself. I always told myself that I will get in shape when I have more time, after I get done with school, when I move. I was just kidding myself. Ok, enough about my procrastination. A short Bio on Blackbeard In high school I was never the "skinny" guy or even the "buff" guy, I was just Jordan. I did alot of sports, just cause that was want
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