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  1. Well it feels more like the FAT is strong in me. Its all gone to shit, the sky has fallen in, but weirdly the weight remains the same. If anything im more confused now than ever. Eat 2200 calories = no weight loss Eat excess calories = no weight gain. I would think maybe the scales are broken but i test them in many different ways and they definately work properly. I just dont know what the fuck to do. So today im eating pretty much whatever is in the house, which is not much. Sausages, bread, hash browns and veg, thats all i got today. Tomorrow should be interesting......
  2. Awwwww crap. After another week of no movement on the scales i had a small set back/fall down day yesterday! I had a good breakfast but luch was two slices of pizze and dinner was curry with rice, keema naan bread, poppadums and followed by chocolate and pretzels. I was ASTONISHED today to see the same weight on the scales, but also it has worried me even more! What is gong on? no movement at all, no up or down, i just dont get it, i might be getting radical next week as today im going down the rabbit hole further as already i hav had two big cookies, left over curry and three crumpets. Fu
  3. Im starting to get worried again......... Ie been eating at a level of abot 2100 calories for over a week now and the scales today once again said 121kg (19stone 1, 267lbs) If im eating, supposedly at a deficit, then why hasnt it moved recently? I know it droppped 4lbs in the start, but im atributing this to water due to the cheating days i had on carbs. If i suppose that 2100 calories is my normal amount to maintain weight, something i KNOW it hasnt been in the past, then i need to drop below that to lose some weight, and that is going to be fucking difficult. I know, i know, its not
  4. I think i lost day, weirdly, cosi didnt post yesterday. Diet is still going strong, im not hungry much, maybe at lunch but after lunch and dinner im always nicely full, met up with my parents yesterday ( i think, all day ive been saying yesterday but meaning tuesday) and drank two more pints of ale, which is unheard of for me even when not dieting, Had a bit of a wedding emergency (im getting married in august) that meant running around the whole day looking at waistcoats as the one we picked wont match the dresses and the one we want is discontinued now and not available in my size. Anywa
  5. hi me again YAY! a reply, aweSOME! I was VERY pleased but today my weight was still the same (121kg) so idont know, i DO WEIGH DAILY! i hope that i will see enough change that i lose 2lbs a week, but its frustrating not seeing the needle drop! I am impatient i know but ive been fat so long i cant wait to be a healthy weight. Had a very stressful day at an IVF clinic today, me and the soon to be Mrs Colby have some tough decisions to make if we want to move forward and have kids. Its not an easy ride coming up but nothing will happen until after the wedding so, fingers crossed the fat
  6. So yesterday ended badly, couldnt get chicken at the pub so had roast beef, veg and cheese for dessert (i couldnt resist) followed by 4 pints of real ale, half a sausage roll and a tub of ben and jerry's ice cream. oh how things go down hill quickly! So i was delighted this morning to see no change in my weight, still 269 lbs! YAY, so back on it today, diet all good, i need to drink a bit more water but it makes me wanna pee real bad al day and keeps me up at night!!! Im finding it hard to say anything funny everyday so im not going to bother. swimming tommorrow (pools closed for work
  7. I have missed a days log but it went well anyway, except a bit of a stressful row with the mrs thats sorted now, i could have done with a few beers after but resisted well! im now 269 lbs, im lighter than in a long while and im still weighing daily but im not measuring daily as i think i will see better results there if its weekly! didnt go swimming in the end due to the row but i went once this week so thats still within the goal, the mrs and i are looking at starting kung fu too, which will be cool! though id rather do Krav Maga but the gym that teaches it is 30mins drive away and t star
  8. Weighed in this morning at 269lbs, making me the lightest in years, just got to see if I can drop it below that now. I've sworn to my fiancée this morning that I will be sticking to this for the next 30 days, without fail. I won't best myself up if I do mess up one day but I'm going with the NEVER TWO IN A ROW rule so that I really keep it up. Current weight 269lbs Neck size 17 inches Waist size 49 inches Bodyfat 34% (estimated from measurements above) Last night was great, I had my dinner and felt good. My dad called me and invited be out Saturday morning for a MEGA BREAKFAST at a café. I
  9. Just to interrupt the very important discussion away from the best cereal (which is kellogs frosties with sliced bannana and vanilla milk protein shake btw) and ask you guys to keep up the support by taking a look at my new daily battle log and cheering me on! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/47668-colby-the-fat-slayer/ Thanks colby
  10. This is like the 3rd time i have tried to post more shit on here, only to get called away for one thing or another, so now... Are you ready, then let me begin........ Im 33, 6 foot 3, 271 lbs, and not a happy boy. Ive not always been fat, i mean i was a small baby and a small kid, i had asthma i never ate, then one day? BOOM! I got fat! Ok, theres more to it than that but realistically at 18 i was 15 stone of muscle, i played rugby 4 times a week, i played football (soccer though i have played american football) i was working in a warehouse lifting heavy shit, i was fit, lean and i knew it
  11. Yeah, I am a NERD!! What's the challenge? I read about the 6 week challenges but it seemed a bit involved for me right now. My biggest challenge is that with everything going on in my head I often do nothing due to too much going on in here. its all think but no action. And then I get overwhelmed and its all panic and no action. This leads to disappointment over no action and finally depression, so no more action. Lol.
  12. I agree with smftexas86, CICO is TOO SIMPLISTIC and leads to major disapointment when it doesnt work, i think the main issue is not the equation (which works fine) but the IMPLEMENTATION its not enough for a doctor to say "eat less calories than you expend" which is the general advice. Refined carbs and insulin spikes can cause mass havoc that also affects nutrient absorbtion and energy conversion of other, better nutrients. So if you ate a higher percentage of your "reduced calorie intake" as carbs, refined or otherwise and was carb sensitive, then basically your fucked. You could still conve
  13. Im originally from good old East Ham and now live in Harwich, essex. God i miss the good old east end (from the good old days, not nowadays) but Harwich is full of my old eastenders! So i feel right at home.
  14. Yep, i would like to say i used to eat like an idiot, and maybe sometimes but not at the level that has brought me, at my heaviest to 28stone. i now dont eat like an idiot for definate and still weigh 19 stone, it sucks ass, big time, but i will conquer it!!
  15. Lol, hmmmm, i DO love reading, i read a book a week minimum. I love learning, im always absorbing info at a massive rate. I have a 147 iq (mensa tested) i LOVE Batman (who doesnt) i like star trek, star wars, computers, video games, nerd fitness really clicks with me, i suppose i wouldnt class mysef as a NERD, just a weirdo! lol. Thats EXACTLY what im planning! Lets get nerdy!
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