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  1. Well it feels more like the FAT is strong in me. Its all gone to shit, the sky has fallen in, but weirdly the weight remains the same. If anything im more confused now than ever. Eat 2200 calories = no weight loss Eat excess calories = no weight gain. I would think maybe the scales are broken but i test them in many different ways and they definately work properly. I just dont know what the fuck to do. So today im eating pretty much whatever is in the house, which is not much. Sausages, bread, hash browns and veg, thats all i got today. Tomorrow should be interesting......
  2. Awwwww crap. After another week of no movement on the scales i had a small set back/fall down day yesterday! I had a good breakfast but luch was two slices of pizze and dinner was curry with rice, keema naan bread, poppadums and followed by chocolate and pretzels. I was ASTONISHED today to see the same weight on the scales, but also it has worried me even more! What is gong on? no movement at all, no up or down, i just dont get it, i might be getting radical next week as today im going down the rabbit hole further as already i hav had two big cookies, left over curry and three crumpets. Fuck.
  3. Im starting to get worried again......... Ie been eating at a level of abot 2100 calories for over a week now and the scales today once again said 121kg (19stone 1, 267lbs) If im eating, supposedly at a deficit, then why hasnt it moved recently? I know it droppped 4lbs in the start, but im atributing this to water due to the cheating days i had on carbs. If i suppose that 2100 calories is my normal amount to maintain weight, something i KNOW it hasnt been in the past, then i need to drop below that to lose some weight, and that is going to be fucking difficult. I know, i know, its not supposed to be easy, if it was then wed all be skinny and toned but WHY me? Why do i have to eat at such a riidiculous low level just to get to the weight i want, then suposedly ill have to eat at this level of tiny amounts to maintain this weight. Its just not fucking fair is it? Some lucky prick out there is stuffing his face full of whatever he wants and maybe not even junk, but good wholesome food in decent portions and he is the weight i want to be. asshole. (sorry random guy im dissing, im sure you will understand!) Ive got until wednesday to see some change, then its two weeks of this done and with no change in weight i will have to do something else. People have said to wait 4 weeks, but seriously im not mentally strong enough to wait and watch my weight not move for 4 weeks, its got to change sooner. 2 weeks is about my limit!
  4. I think i lost day, weirdly, cosi didnt post yesterday. Diet is still going strong, im not hungry much, maybe at lunch but after lunch and dinner im always nicely full, met up with my parents yesterday ( i think, all day ive been saying yesterday but meaning tuesday) and drank two more pints of ale, which is unheard of for me even when not dieting, Had a bit of a wedding emergency (im getting married in august) that meant running around the whole day looking at waistcoats as the one we picked wont match the dresses and the one we want is discontinued now and not available in my size. Anyway, that meant we missed swimming today, so will have to make double effort to go tomorrow. SO, ive still not lost any weight,still 121kg (19st 1 lb) and its worrying me again, whilst i realise this week i have lost 4lbs, i lost that in the first two days and havent budged a pound since. I shall continue and see what happens. Unfortunately something i forgot to mention (probably) is that a year ago i fell down some concrete steps and badly injured my back. I can do many things ( i can deadlift 100kg plus) and have no bother, but walk around for an hour or more and i become cripplied. sit for an hour or more, same thing. Unless the chair is VERY comfortable, then i can go 2 hours, if its a hard chair i get 10 minutes tops before old man walking comes into action. It is really affecting me now, i can hardly walk round the shops without agony and i have a high pain barrier, i broke my ankle in 3 places and walked around and drove on it without much issue (i thought i had sprained it!) Well, less alcohol, more exercise and lets see how the next 7 days go another weird thing, my waist measurement is the same (49 inches) as it has been for a while but i now have to tighten my belt another notch, perhaps its stretched? (as opposed to when i got fatter and it mysteriously shrank, along with my clothes)
  5. hi me again YAY! a reply, aweSOME! I was VERY pleased but today my weight was still the same (121kg) so idont know, i DO WEIGH DAILY! i hope that i will see enough change that i lose 2lbs a week, but its frustrating not seeing the needle drop! I am impatient i know but ive been fat so long i cant wait to be a healthy weight. Had a very stressful day at an IVF clinic today, me and the soon to be Mrs Colby have some tough decisions to make if we want to move forward and have kids. Its not an easy ride coming up but nothing will happen until after the wedding so, fingers crossed the fat is mainly slayed by then. MAIN GOAL is 52lbs to lose, i should be able to do that in under a year ( i hope) we shall see.... Swimming this week hopefully thursday, maybe tomorrow but its 7pm which is LATE! Ill hae been home over an hour and dragging my sorry ass up and out is hard!!!! Last night i fell asleep at 9:45 pm, woke up this morning at 8am and felt shattered, i might need to get a handle on that! though its currently 10pm and im not tired! lol fag!
  6. So yesterday ended badly, couldnt get chicken at the pub so had roast beef, veg and cheese for dessert (i couldnt resist) followed by 4 pints of real ale, half a sausage roll and a tub of ben and jerry's ice cream. oh how things go down hill quickly! So i was delighted this morning to see no change in my weight, still 269 lbs! YAY, so back on it today, diet all good, i need to drink a bit more water but it makes me wanna pee real bad al day and keeps me up at night!!! Im finding it hard to say anything funny everyday so im not going to bother. swimming tommorrow (pools closed for works most days and only open at selected times) peace out!
  7. I have missed a days log but it went well anyway, except a bit of a stressful row with the mrs thats sorted now, i could have done with a few beers after but resisted well! im now 269 lbs, im lighter than in a long while and im still weighing daily but im not measuring daily as i think i will see better results there if its weekly! didnt go swimming in the end due to the row but i went once this week so thats still within the goal, the mrs and i are looking at starting kung fu too, which will be cool! though id rather do Krav Maga but the gym that teaches it is 30mins drive away and t starts at 8pm, so its not something i will realistically stick to going to. Today my fiancees dad is coming to gie us some money for the wedding and he wants to go out for dinner, i cant really say no so i will have to make the best choice i can (its a sunday so i know i can get roast chicken, forgo the potatoes and eat some veg ( ) then back on it later for the evening meal. Only small problem i am having is that i live in a small place, with two small supermarkets and they are always running out of smoked salmon trimmings, it comes in a handy size packet at a cheap price that makes eating and buying it easy for me. bloody supermarkets, so i am having to swop things in the diet and i have added in turkey mince (150g = 350 kcal) and then change other things accordingly to compensate. Im off for today, be back tomorrow! (its all rush here this morning as my fiancees dad just rang to say hes on his way!)
  8. Weighed in this morning at 269lbs, making me the lightest in years, just got to see if I can drop it below that now. I've sworn to my fiancée this morning that I will be sticking to this for the next 30 days, without fail. I won't best myself up if I do mess up one day but I'm going with the NEVER TWO IN A ROW rule so that I really keep it up. Current weight 269lbs Neck size 17 inches Waist size 49 inches Bodyfat 34% (estimated from measurements above) Last night was great, I had my dinner and felt good. My dad called me and invited be out Saturday morning for a MEGA BREAKFAST at a café. I have politely declined for different reasons but also because I know I won't be strong enough to resist something with the words MEGA in the title! I'm drinking 2 litres of water each day so far and it makes me want to pee a lot but I suppose that will pass (lol, geddit!) Swimming again tonight and I'm thinking of taking up kung fu again, the fiancée has said she will come too so that's something we can do together! Is it just me or does anyone else find chicken breast so damn dry they can hardly swallow it? I've always had it as a problem, is it just me?
  9. Just to interrupt the very important discussion away from the best cereal (which is kellogs frosties with sliced bannana and vanilla milk protein shake btw) and ask you guys to keep up the support by taking a look at my new daily battle log and cheering me on! http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/47668-colby-the-fat-slayer/ Thanks colby
  10. This is like the 3rd time i have tried to post more shit on here, only to get called away for one thing or another, so now... Are you ready, then let me begin........ Im 33, 6 foot 3, 271 lbs, and not a happy boy. Ive not always been fat, i mean i was a small baby and a small kid, i had asthma i never ate, then one day? BOOM! I got fat! Ok, theres more to it than that but realistically at 18 i was 15 stone of muscle, i played rugby 4 times a week, i played football (soccer though i have played american football) i was working in a warehouse lifting heavy shit, i was fit, lean and i knew it! Then i broke my ankle in 3 places, shot my knee to bits and discovered beer and pizza/kebabs/anything i could eat! So fast forward to 2005, i was 30 stone (420lbs) and one fat fuck, i had sleep apnea, i hated my job, hated my wife and hated my life. Over the next 6 years i yo yo dieted up and down, once reaching 17 stone (238) before going all the way back up to 28 stone (392) Then i got divorced, lost my job and was the happiest id been in ages. then i met the girl of my dreams and started to want to lose weight again, and i did. I steadly lost weight until i got down to 23 stone (322) and then i got engaged. Now the pressure was really on, it was go time. I threw myself into losing weight, i joined the gym, i swam, i walked upto 3 hours a day, 6 days a week, i lost weight still, but not as easily. Then i discovered Nerd Fitness, i was rejuvinated! I went paleo, i lost another 4 stone, getting to 19 stone 3 lbs ( 269lbs) and then something weird happened. I stopped losing weight, i was eating better than ever, healthier i should say, i was exercising somewhat, though i know i can do more. I was happy, stress free and not losing weight. I went full retard/clean. I started throwing myself into doing things full tilt or not at all and ended up burning out recently and in a desperate plea started a thread here.http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/47392-i-am-going-to-need-some-serious-help/ I have realised with the help (and arguments) from the guys and gals here that actually, im doing ok. I was panicking and they were my paper bag, i started to breath again. So now, its time to start again. To build on the foundations i have laid. To slay the monster that is FAT! I have goals. oh yes i have goals. They are HIGH!!!! Reach for the stars and if youre lucky you might just touch the moon! GOALS - long and short term Daily - Weigh myself, measure my waist and neck, post on battle log, drink 2 litres of water, eat according to my set diet ( more on this later) Weekly - lose 2lbs of fat weekly, swim at least once a week. Walk an hour every week day, do some exercise at the weekend with fiancée. Wedding target - The wedding is in 15 weeks (9th august) and I want to weigh 17 stone (or as close to, i will allow a 5lb leeway) Long term target - To be healthier and therfore weigh less, have a lower bodyfat percentage and be a healthier weight ( i know this will depend on me and what i think is appropriate for my size, ive always wanted to weigh 215lbs, dunno why, it seems to fit somehow!) There are speed bumps ahead, i know. I cant cheat. It makes my weight fluctuate wildly, which means i lose motivation even if its not "real" weight gain, this is something to avoid, at least until the wedding! I need to exercise a bit more, i currently walk 1 hour a day days a week. I am now going swimming once a week, possibly twice, where i want to work up to swimming a mile and then start timing that mile to get the time down. i have no goal on the actual time yet but as i get to a mile i will set times to beat each week/month as appropriate. I eat a weird diet now. I cant quite seem to get it out of my head either, i have managed to mentally box myself into it and so for now i will stick with it and see how it works out, i plan to give all things a good 4 weeks before i change it to see if it works better/worse My diet is currently Breakfast - 2 medium eggs ( 140 kcal) 3 turkey sausages ( 287 kcals) total - 427 kcals Lunch - Half of a 1.35kg Roast chicken (1.35kg includes bones etc.) 503 kcals (i have weighed just the meat and skin and worked out the exact calories content) 120g packet of smoked salmon trimmings (240 kcals) total - 743 kcals DInner - a whole 1.35kg roasted chicken (as above) 1006 kcals Total for the day - 2176 kcals I KNOW theres no veg in there, i have convinced myself they are bad for me because of the carbs (this is not the only reason, trust me i get pretty windy!) and i LOVE meat. Also i eat the same thing everyday. Choices kill me. I eat ANYTHING. i mean it, i have yet to find something i wont eat. so if i have to choose, i get panicky and choose wrong as i choose on impulse. I like to say choose. So, eating th same thing every day works for me, i dont get bored, i like what i eat, it works! Lastly i have a real body image problem. When anorexics look in the mirror they see a fat person, what do i see? Think The Rock mixed with He man/batman. Its a problem and im not kidding about this one either. I just dont see a fat person. AND i dont notice the difference between me now and me at 420lbs. Truly i cant see it in the mirror, i looked at a pic (which i will try and put up soon) of me at about 27 stone ( 378lbs) and i can see the difference, a bit. not loads though, but in the mirror? or even just looking down at myself now, as i type i think, Man, im in pretty good shape!! Its a seriously weird thing to know you are fat but think you look like a god. I havent mentioned this to anyone except my fiancee before, she knows im crazy but she doesnt get it!!! Well, thats me laid bare, expect more.... more laughs, more crying, more swearing, less food, less fat, more exercise I WILL SLAY MY FAT! Watch me WIN!!!!!!! WINNING!!! also, if you notice there is a "V" missing from a word, its a sticky key and i have to hit it real hard to make it work, ok?
  11. Yeah, I am a NERD!! What's the challenge? I read about the 6 week challenges but it seemed a bit involved for me right now. My biggest challenge is that with everything going on in my head I often do nothing due to too much going on in here. its all think but no action. And then I get overwhelmed and its all panic and no action. This leads to disappointment over no action and finally depression, so no more action. Lol.
  12. I agree with smftexas86, CICO is TOO SIMPLISTIC and leads to major disapointment when it doesnt work, i think the main issue is not the equation (which works fine) but the IMPLEMENTATION its not enough for a doctor to say "eat less calories than you expend" which is the general advice. Refined carbs and insulin spikes can cause mass havoc that also affects nutrient absorbtion and energy conversion of other, better nutrients. So if you ate a higher percentage of your "reduced calorie intake" as carbs, refined or otherwise and was carb sensitive, then basically your fucked. You could still convert energy into fat and remain obese. Its well documented that poorer nations and societies have the fattest people despite less to spend on food and there have been cases of malnutrition whilst obese due to this exact problem. Eating less calories doesnt ALWAYS mean weight loss, BUT LESS CALORIES coupled with GOOD NUTRITION does mean weight loss (sol i believe, im not a freaking scientist, i groom dogs for a living!) Whilst on that subject too, i am also a canine nutritionist and i see lots of overweight dogs solely because of the rubbish they eat, not the amount they eat. The calories are less than they need to maintain their weight but they still are, i change them to raw food (just meat) and the weight drops off. Why isnt it that easy for people? Try finding food without wheat or sugar in it. In my local supermarkets (morrisons, asda) its 90% wheat and sugar.
  13. Im originally from good old East Ham and now live in Harwich, essex. God i miss the good old east end (from the good old days, not nowadays) but Harwich is full of my old eastenders! So i feel right at home.
  14. Yep, i would like to say i used to eat like an idiot, and maybe sometimes but not at the level that has brought me, at my heaviest to 28stone. i now dont eat like an idiot for definate and still weigh 19 stone, it sucks ass, big time, but i will conquer it!!
  15. Lol, hmmmm, i DO love reading, i read a book a week minimum. I love learning, im always absorbing info at a massive rate. I have a 147 iq (mensa tested) i LOVE Batman (who doesnt) i like star trek, star wars, computers, video games, nerd fitness really clicks with me, i suppose i wouldnt class mysef as a NERD, just a weirdo! lol. Thats EXACTLY what im planning! Lets get nerdy!
  16. As for the "whole chicken" thing I'm sorry I'm not specific enough for you, allow me to be more so. I stripped the chicken carcass of all the meat I could, most is from the legs and breast, even if you had accounted for everything else you suggested almost double the calories, I doubt that the small amount of meat found not on the legs and breast accounts for half the calories. if I wanted sarcasm and criticism, id ask my parents for advice. I appreciate the time you took in your original post and certainly it has made me check what I was estimating but it turns out I estimated right on the money. As for what else I'm getting wrong, I'm betting lots of things, I'm a person after all, fallible and imperfect. Otherwise the world wouldn't be in the shit state its in, we ALL fuck up, daily.
  17. So, i had started a thread about the help i needed and it has inspired me to add more accountability to my life and start a battle log. i plan on trying to update daily with weight, measurements and thoughts/exercise. I have bought a new set of scales that i will be weighing in on tomorrow (theyre in kg, sucks!) and then logging my food. I make this promise to myself, i want to be much healthier and a healthier weight and body fat percentage.
  18. Thanks for checking back, i think its pretty cool too! I love the opinions and advice, its ENERGISING, which is exactly what i needed, i was pretty depressed when i started this thread and i thought i wouldnt get any help, then i think some of the advice wasnt really what i wanted or needed to hear, then i realised i did need to hear it as it helped me decide its ALL different and relevant and i should try to forge ahead and gain some success! I can take bad mouthing, criticism and name calling, i have the thickest skin ever, i used to be a bailiff!!! (debt collector type) As for asking if theres anything else id like to change, i think the elimination of stress would be number 1, more money number 2, but im onto that already with building my business up, my life is actually pretty sweet, im not where i wanted to be at this age but then lifes not like that but i am in the best relationship ever, i love my fiance, i love my job and i want to build it up more (which i am doing) I have found an area i love and i am generally happy. Theres a lot of stress but i hopefully will sort it. hopefully. thanks for asking dude, its appreciated!
  19. Hmmm, I have read gary taubes stuff and it is very well researched and interesting and i have to say makes more sense than calories in and out being so simple. I DO believe the main problem with obesity is refined carbs and the detrimental effect they have on our system. Insulin resistance is very real and i have seen it firsthand with my girlfriend and the easy way to change it for the better with medication as well as diet changes. (thats a whole other story!) I appreciate all advice offered and make my own decisions upon it, please continue to post them, depsite others differing opinion, they are all valid and allow me to widen my perspective and make better choices looks like i need to count, though i hate it too as trying to do so without counting is just not working, though it failed for me before, i have made other significant changes i think will make it better now. i agree, and my control mechanism is broken, simple. gotta count! lmfao - true often followed by "to find out more send £50 to ...." Thanks for all the advice and posts guys, its helping, it really is helping, even the disagreements, i have decided to keep a battle log, starting tomorrow (i know, i shouldnt put it off, fuck it ill go start now!) and to follow 2250 calories and cycle down as needed, probably at 3-4 week intervals. I am sticking to a meat diet, as my body definitley reacts better to protein rather than carbs, including veg and i like it better meaning i can stick to it easier and with more success.
  20. I dont think plant based diets are the way to go for me, i much prefer meat, sorry but thats the truth, whilst i realise that plants offer high satiety for low calories, thats not what im worreid about, im more worried about the effect the carbs are having on my system, brussels sprouts for instance will give me terrible cramps, parsnips and potatoes, even sweet potatoes make me gain weight, whether my carb intake is low or moderate. Meat is the way i plan to go, plus i know its more realistic for me to stick to lol, love it! I totally agree, the fun of science is that theres always some one to prove you wrong! This i agree with, i think i have realised that allowing myself to eat by "feel" is wrong, i suppose peoples stomachs and hormones are different, mine can hold a great deal and my hormones seem out of whack, meaning i dont feel as full as i think i should! This especially affects me with regards to carbs, thats refined or veg, they dont fill me up. I COULDNT be a vegetarian, no way, i love my meat too much so i wouldnt stick to it anyway, true on the calories though all nutrients needed to not just live but also THRIVE are found in meat, including 4 that arent in veg or fruit, and i like it better. I will try the small changes, and keep track of everything,i am going to start a battle log soon to make myself more accountable! I am trying strength training again soon too, cos i fucking love it!
  21. Thanks, this is exactly what im going to do, track everything and stick to 2000 calories, then see what i get, whilst ie done this before without success it was with cheat days (well one) and with eg, dairy etc... ill see what happens i think your estimates are a bit high! i weighed he chicken i ate, just meat, from the legs and the breast and it comes in at an aaerage of 1000 calories for the entire bird, chickens at your house must be a bit bigger than at mine! makes my calorie intake much lower, no? this is with out a doubt my favourite response in that it says so much in such a succinct way. thanks, i already had this in my mind but its nice to see to see it written down. i disagree that calories in/out works but thats because the FIGURES used are often wrong, not the equation. Also not all calories are created equal! Its too much of a simplistic approach to a complicated issue BUT the science is sound, its the INDIVIDUALS that are difficult. Its why it doesnt work in general, but also does work in practice, its FINDING YOUR LEVEL thats most difficult and realising that your level also CHANGES as much as daily/weekly. Also the quality of calories put in also changed this LEVEL. Its way too simple for a lot of people, if it worked as its being touted as the leading weight loss paradigm in the world, we wouldnt be as fat as a species as we are. i think the second sentance should say "if you are putting in fewer NUTRIENTS than you are using..." to me that makes a much better statement. As great as science is, its applied and tested by PEOPLE, who are flawed to say the least. All science that points towards calories in/out probably ( i havent researched so i am guessing, see what people do here!) only takes into account calorie amounts in the research as its main focus, not nutrient amounts. Its this difference that has shown in recent times that low carb diets work best, its the nutrients, not the calories that makes the difference, but i believe calories plays an important secondary role in it. great article, thanks, but EVERYONE is different. Just not as different as wed like! will do, and i have refocused, i think whilst the calorie estimates were too high i also probably estimated wrongly, no more estimates for me! thanks for the reply, i agree with it in part, see my comments on el exorcisto above, though i believe you are both right and wrong. unfortunately you have picked some very specific catorgories of athlete and person in a tiny percentage of the population. Please inform every fat person, overweight person that has tried calories in/out about your approach and the success the tiny percentage you picked has. Wait! we do that already and it still hasnt helped. The people you picked are specific types, Abbey Clancy ( a english model) regularly states she has been in a gym for years and eats what she likes, Jay cutler (and lots of body builders) use steroids and are genetically gifted, fighters too have higher muscle percentages even BEFORE they became fighters, its what makes them great at what they do. Even if you found 1 person per day for the rest of your life that it worked for, it would still be less than 1% of the overweight population, i bet you could find more it didnt work for, and blaming them all for not doing it right is just wrong too, i know, ive been there. also, not nice to insult someone personally, stick to pulling apart their opinions with careful thought out reasoning. science changes daily, new discoveries are made all the time, often science changes and whilst if your intention was to point out that science is never out moded as it evolves constantly, i agree, but the data it collects and uses becomes out moded all the time!
  22. Thanks for your reply, ive had some internet issues and laptop issues and helath issues blah blah blah, the list goes on, but ie been reading replies all the time on my phone, thanks to everyone i have eliminated veg from my diet, only because whilst trying to diet i had less success whilst eating veg than without it! im still not well and cant feel upto mentioning all the points you raised but suffice to say i tried some and it didnt work for me, i have decided to get pretty "anal" on the whole thing and tie myself right down to 2000 kcal of good quality protein a day and see hpw that goes, im still cutting out caffeine, milk, dairy etc... but now im really checking how much calories im consuming. as for the doctor, i have just written a complaint to them and i am seeking a new doctor as we speak, i plan to go to them with all the data i have been tracking and see what they think. i agree on the crohns disease and only mention it in that i wanted to fully disclose everything, i doubt i have it but maybe i do have some bowel issue, i measured myself back then just with scales but my clothes barely fitted by the end of the holiday, infact i would say that they didnt fit at all. it was a bot embarrasing. i measure myself now on the scales everyday and by measuring my waist. the scales go up and down, the waist does not. i have just bought a set of class 3 (USED BY THE NHS) scales to keep more accurate weight tracking data. i totally agree on the doctors, they work in an over subscribed imperfect system and they do their best but when it comes to helath i think there is no excuse for their actions.
  23. Oh and bear in mind I've been eating full paleo the ENTIRE time above, even when it jumps up.
  24. Its been up and down like this for 5 months, you're only seeing a small part of what I have recorded. Its able to jump up a stone in a few days but take Weeks to go back down. Then it jumps back up, cheat or not. Plus, its too little surely for this weight.I'm eating well and healthily but its hardly moving unless I make it go up first. Its great to say I lost a stone quickly but it goes up just a quickly with much less effort.
  25. Thanks for all the replies. sigh - if only it were so simple. i have done just this, measured everything, counted EVERYTHING - im so commited its untrue and the result of my weeks of counting, being good and calorie defecit? weight gain. no shit. I agree here, i am now eating just chicken, eggs and fish. nothing else. no milk, no caffeine, no diet coke, not even some dust (little Britain joke there) I have had hormone tests in the past and never had a problem, its been a while now so i will get him to check them again, thats if i can get an appointment, if i tell him why i want to see him its likely i wont get to see him. as for other doctors? they are all the same. Stress right now is a MAJOR concern and i reckon a factor, maybe not the biggest but definitely one of them. My biggest stress though right now is my lack of weight loss and fucked up weight. Work out wise i walk 2 hours a day, 5 days a week. I was lifting three days a week. Squat, bench, deadlift and Squat, military press, pendlay row. I squat 120kg, bench 90kg and deadlift 120kg. Which would get better if i kept going, but due to the fact i was gaining 3lb a week and i doubt it was muscle (im not on steroids) i stopped going. Im going to see a doctor but i can tell you, i eat at a defecit. right now i eat the same thing every day (pretty much sometimes i switch things round but the portion/food is the same) Meal 1 3 eggs and 120g smoked salmon meal 2 1/2 a whole roast chicken meal 3 1/2 a whole roast chicken and 120g smoked salmon or 200g smoked mackeral. Tell me where the shennanigans is in that? Its not bullshit either. i wouldnt bother my time after all these months coming here telling people and begging for help and ideas if i was eating fried chicken and pizza on the sly. I know you dont mean any offenc, i dont either and i havent taken any to your words, i thank you for your time to respond and i agree that eating too much of anything causes weight gain, but im just not doing that. i promise. I will see my doc, ill let you know what goes on. My doctor is shit. so are all the ones ive met. its nhs here so all docs want you out the dor fast, they spend more time looking at a clock than their patients. I HAVE dropped a jeans size before this started, but since i stopped losinng weight, i havent dropped any more inches either, i do measure my waist (49 inches) and it never changes. this might just be what i need to do, but i know what i eat (see above) and i drink about 3 litres of water a day, 2 as a minimum. i know cos i drink 2 litre bottles and not tap water (ever!) lol, i fucking hope not, i want to be an unhealthy 15 stone not a fit 20 stone! Im already fairly fit. I worked 4 hours the other day laying and shifting turf for my neighbour.i laid 60 rolls of turf, moving them 30 feet to lay them, gradually getting further away (as i progressed down the garden) i then moved the other 65 rolls ( i reckon they weigh in at about 20kg each) 60 foot down the garden to make it easier on my neighbours nephew who was coming the next day to finish the job. i did this WITHOUT a break and barely broke a sweat. My neighbour thinks i am superman (i like it that way) i then went out all day with my girlfriend and her friend, i wasnt even tired, i stayed up until 1 am playing assasins creed with my girlfriends friends son. Im pretty resilient and i think fairly fit (in that sense) Thanks, i am praying im sick in some way ( though i doubt it and i also pray its not serious!) that whole sentance shows just how desperate im getting! Im 33 years old and 6 foot 3 inches. I also guessed my bmr at about 3000, i did check all my calories for a month and wrote everything i ate on my fitness pal, i averaged 2200 per day. I put on weight. I can out on 10 pounds from eating a cheeseburger and fries. no fucking joke, it happened to me. I KNOW its not 10 lbs fat, but wha the fuck is it then? and why? thanks for the rest of your advice, ill take it all on board, i dont want a quick fix, i have lost 2 lbs in 5 months (ok, its been up and down) but still, how slow does it need to be? if it was a steady 1 lb a week, id be ecstatic. i did give things some time and i actually kind of progressed from one to the others rather than jumping all over. so i started eating paleo but still ate potatoes and dairy. then stopped potatoes, then dairy, then caffeine, then pork (makes me gain weight and feel sleepy i think im sensitive to the lectins) then stopped veg, then beef and lamb, and now here i am TADAAA! i went to the gym for two months, gained weight, stopped going, lost weight, seems like a no brainer to me! My ex wife was a celiac, so i know im not, it was horrible for her (she was properly diagnosed, not just guessing!) my mother has crohns disease, maybe i do too? so here it a glimpse at my fucked up weight, i track it regularly, started weekly and now daily, this will give you a glimpse into my life and how frustrating it is. september 20th - 20 st 2 27th - 20 st 1 my waist here is 50 inches (today its 49 inches) october 4th - 20 st 11th - 19st 11 24th - 19 st 9 november 16th - 19 st 5 therse a big jump due to my birthday, my mum and dads birthday, xmas, new year, my girlfriends birthday etc... i stopped weighing myself but kept eating fairly healthy. february 22nd - 19st 11 ( not bad that after all the above excess i was not much higher!) march 24th - 20st 7 25th - 20 st 5 26th 20st 2 27th 20st 0 28th 19st 11 29th 20st 1 30th 20st 3 31st 20st 5 april 1st - 20st 2 2nd 19st 10 3rd 19st 9 4th 19st 8 5th 19st 8 6th 19st 8 7th 19st 12 8th 19st 7 9th 19st 4 10th 19st 4 11th 19st 4 12th 19st 3 13th 19st 3 15th 19st 7 16th 19 st 10 now for the time i started weighing myslf daily, my eating habits havent changed, i ate the same thing day in day out except the last two days where as you know i ate cheese sandwiches and some cakes and ice cream So, there it is so far. ill keep it updated, i have two chicken breasts and salmon for dinner. back to the grindstone as it were until i can figure this shit out!!! Peace out peeps!
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