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  1. I've been away for aaaaaages. Did I miss anything?
  2. Hi CloneClubber. I reckon I'll head to the main Zombies Run app when I'm done with the C25k programme. It looks like most eps are about 30minutes, which is much less daunting from here!
  3. Hello! Sorry I've been away. Groin shenanigans have been massively frustrating. BUT, I've seen an osteopath and things are shifting to the right track. In a nutshell, the kinetic chain that is my left leg is a bit of a shambles. To be honest, it's something of a relief to have someone say, "This is your issue, and this is what you can do about it." My running form needs to change, so that's what's gonna happen. Basically, my left leg has been coming across in front of my body rather than moving straight forward. Glutes, hamstrings and core all need strengthening. So, I'm concentrating on form
  4. Scream out for the double post!
  5. First week's not been ideal. Flare up of groin injury has subsided, so I'm getting no pain now, but I've got quite an impressive cough, and not sure it's runnable on. Looks like a run a week might be the best I can manage with this old injury, but as long as I kick in strength training in between, I reckon I'll still be on course. Yoga hasn't been happening as much - groin pain has meant that even just sitting cross-legged has been off the table. Some upper body stretching each day, but not quite what I had in mind. I'm getting some quiet moments in, but not the formal meditation that would le
  6. I've got strengthening exercises that I've been lax with, so I'm getting them back into the programme. Really hope it's not a thing I'm stuck with. Good idea. Will give it a go. Any particular stroke good for the glutes, or just swimming in general?
  7. Hadn't even thought about climbing being scouty. Interesting...
  8. Stupid old hip/groin injury that I thought I was done with has flared up. This is balls, and has massively slowed my progress, as I can't really trust it with the running. I'm still going to run, but go for once or twice a week, and do some more strength stuff - I suspect I need to get my glutes working better.
  9. I'm on week 6 of the 5k. Not running as much of the free runs as I'd like, but getting there.
  10. It's a bit of a tricky one, really. I did the reintroduction (though not to the letter, admittedly), and all was well. But now I'm eating without restrictions, various issues have flared up again. I think, a bit later in the year, I'll drop things one at a time and see what happens.
  11. Ran this morning! Hooray! Stilled walked most of it, and stopped for stretchings, but covered 5k in 51minutes. It's nice to have done that distance, and I can keep checking in with times, and gradually knock the minutes off. Got home and yoga'd. And meditated on a very delayed train. Not wholly what I'm going for, but I'll take the first day win so far. The above makes me feel like I'm edging towards a morning routine too, so it's all good so far.
  12. Went for a run! Woot! I mean, didn't run much. Still very much walking. But doing bursts of 2.5 - 5 minutees of running, and when I think how 30 seconds used to break me, I'm really pleased. In less good news, my macbook charger has got lost in the post. Sixty-five quid to replace it! Jeeeeebus!
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