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  1. Wrap-up time... 1. Finish Zombies Run 5k training. Didn't happen, as I concentrated all my energy on quest 2. Got somewhere along it though. Running will be the focus of the next challenge. (STA: +1) 2. Whole30. Done! Ha! 30 days. It was wobbly at times, and definitely hard, but I'm really proud of myself. Not giving myself the full points though, as haven't done the reintroduction protocol to the letter. (CON:+3) 3. Meditation. Not so good. Very sporadic. (null points) Life Quest. Move nearer my girlfriend. Moved about as near as possible. Into her flat. This week. Let love rule. (WIS: +2) I'm really pleased with this challenge. Roll on the next.
  2. Good luck for the half. See you in Scouts next challenge.
  3. The lack of tiger blood is a bit of a shame, but I'm still really glad I did it. I think more carefully about what I eat now, and the crazy sweet things I used to mainline no longer have so much power over me. And I do definitely feel better, clearer headed. Just didn't have the crazy epiphany. As I get older and healthier, I think the epiphany or the tiger blood or whatever you want to call it, is unlikely, and an unhelpful thought. I get better healthwise, workwise and most otherwise by degrees. Looking for the flash of lightning can actually hold me back, particularly given my tendency towards all or nothing thinking. Incremental improvements are the way forward, and Whole30 has been one of those. I'm really glad I've done it. Also, the proving to myself I could stick to it, will make the next challenge easier, I reckon. That's a pretty big achievement for me in itself.
  4. Hey! Haven't figured out the dehydration thing, which is weird. But it's not so bad now, so I guess I'll just power through! How are you doing?
  5. Awfully nice to have a 100% bar in my signature.
  6. I have mainly missed you this challenge. Hope all is groovy. Veering Scout-ward next time, I think. There's running to be done!
  7. Running progress has slowed because it's cold and I'm a wuss. But I've signed up to a half marathon in October, so now I HAVE TO.
  8. Man alive. Whenever I come to your thread I have to read it over my glasses, because I'm hanging my head in shame. It's a bit chilly in Londontown, which is totally putting me off running. Lame. So so lame. Great work on your challenge. Properly inspiring. Particularly the jumping. Doing something that scares you, and doing it well, means the next thing that scares you is yours. Woot!
  9. There you are! Brilliant! You've been missed. So glad job/man/physio stuff is looking bright. Nearly time for a brand new challenge...
  10. Nice to have one goal for next time sorted! And with your other half. It's going to be a doozie!
  11. I definitely was feeling better, but I had a meal out on Thursday and have felt rough ever since. I did all the due diligence I was able to, but I wonder if something contraband snuck through. It may be entirely unrelated, though. But it's a shame to be finishing (tomorrow) not feeling so good. I've been solid on everything that's been under my power, so that feels like a triumph of sorts. No magic transformation, but it certainly doesn't seem to have done any harm. I'm at my Mum's this week as she's having an operation, so will start the reintroduction protocol while I'm there. I feel it'll be tricky given that I'm not feeling great already. Trying to resist ending it feeling down, and feeling like I've failed. It's difficult.
  12. I've got a gym round the corner that doesn't have a crazy contract structure. And it's cold out, so thinking of joining for a month or two just to get up to 5k straight. I know some folk are running in Siberian temperatures, but I'm doing so much walk/running still, that I am not prepared to go near that shizzle right now! 5 days left of the Whole30 elimination stage. My brain is trying to persuade me that going all out on day 31 with a bucket load of Cadbury's and a bottle of wine would not be a bad thing. Resist!
  13. That's a good plan. Getting a Runner 5 t-shirt as a reward. I was thinking I might get a Garmin, but I can't yet justify the expense, I think. Also I'm not sure which I'd get... That may be a post for later! All going well. Day 23 of Whole30, and still well on track. Enjoying it, even. Still look longingly at pastries every now and then, but all's good.
  14. *stops whining about London being "a bit nippy"* *straps on running shoes*
  15. It's really tough, whole30. I'm still waiting on Tiger Blood, and still have pangs of desire for toast and chocolate and cheese (not all together). But even if there's no noticeable physical or psychological difference, I'm keeping on trucking. Partly becaus there may be tons of beneficial stuff going on that im not noticing, partly because,hey, maybe tomorrow, and partly because I'm liking the discipline. The having to look at what I eat, scanning ingredients, no longer being mindless about what I put in my mouth. It is tough, though. But we can do it. We proper can.
  16. All going well. Got up good and early and got in a run, some yoga and some meditation. Then a really good meeting about work. Feeling good. I'm now the furthest I've been in zombies run 5k! It's hard. It would be easier if I got it done more regularly, but I'm going to take the win! Whole30's going fine. Sometimes I'd love a chocolate digestive, but I resist, and I'm proud of how im doing. Started doing headspace a couple of days ago. 10 minutes of mediation before bed, with my girlfriend. It makes such a difference to be with someone who's on the same page with this stuff. She's a few weeks ahead of me, runningwise, and is really supportive of the whole30 stuff. Today I started morning zazen too. Hope your challenge is going great guns.
  17. Sounds like you've got a brilliant combination of living and examining life going on this challenge. Props. (Does anyone say props any more?).
  18. Just checking in, and throwing you a WOOT. Looking forward to seeing you back here when you're ready.
  19. Have found neither the highs no the lows very marked so far. First week wasn't awful, and no tiger blood as yet. (Maybe the first week's 'kill all the things' phase is kicking in now!
  20. No update in a week?! What's going on with me?! No worries, it's not evidence of falling off the wagon. Still going strong with Whole 30. Even yesterday, when I took my Mum out for a birthday lunch. I stayed to plan, to the best of my knowledge. Found out as much as I could about the menu and ordered accordingly. Interestingly, feel a bit guilty in case anything snuck through.That's curious to note. I'm struggling with dehydration somewhat. I'm drinking easily enough, mainly in the form of water and green tea or lemon and ginger. But I'm feeling dehydrated and my lips are chapped. Wondering if that's a thing. Fellow whole30ers, what say you? Lots of walking done, but not much running. And not much meditation, though I'm feeling the need for it. Inexplicably short-tempered today. Hmmm.
  21. Hey! I'm a few days behind you on the Whole30. Haven't found the lows or the highs on it yet, but pushing through. Sounds like you're going great guns!
  22. Blown away by your NerFiWriCh word count. Great work, dude. I'm aiming at 10,000 words on my show by the end of the challenge, and you've done that in FOUR DAYS. *hangs head in shame* *but knows really that everyone's process is different*
  23. I'm with AnnieP. Ditched the soda dragon a couple of years ago. Try one maybe once every nine months, and it turns out those things are rotten to the core! I'm hoping the same will be true of the stuff I'm jonesing for on Whole30 (day 8. Sheesh). Great work on the challenges, fella. Am about to read the suggested writing advice pages. Did someone say displacement activity?
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