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  1. With uni starting back next week, I've decided not to continue with the challenge. I won't be leaving Nerd Fitness, and I'll still be pursuing my goals on my own. I'll still be sticking around to participate in the threads I'm following and in my accountabilibuddy group, but I'll be doing it without a 6-week challenge. I've run into the same problem as before, where having goals is great, but writing about them here doesn't seem to achieve much for me, and it takes up my time that I'd rather spend doing other things. Besides, I prefer a month-to-month system when it comes to my goals anyway,
  2. Congrats; starting is the hardest part when it comes to a complex program. I looked up the rules to Agricola; seems like quite a project!
  3. Got a bit of programming in despite a mild illness, and I'll have my first semester's university results confirmed on Friday. They're looking very good so far though. I also have to do three strength workouts this week for Order of the Stick, so I got my first one done today. Leg raise progression, squat progression, push-up progression, and row progression. If I stick to the strength workouts after the week ends, I'll add a pull-up progression and a dip progression once I get some of my old strength back.
  4. I don't know how long they've been doing it, but they've been doing it for at least one challenge before this one, so I assume they have plans to continue. Order of the Stick is a reference to this webcomic. If you know anything about Dungeons and Dragons, you'd probably enjoy it. I agree about Facebook, but what can you do? I made a fake account, Sal Ivanth, and used that. I haven't really thought about a plan for when to get the hours of study in. I usually study of an evening, but that's been less than successful lately. Now that I'm not drinking soft drink frequently, I find myself getting
  5. I hopped on the bike and began to flee. This time I didn't fall off. Thanking any deity that would listen that I'd gotten some practice in a few minutes ago, I rode onto a narrow downhill path as the wingbeats drew closer. I pedalled faster and faster, but didn't seem to be going much faster. One of my feet flew off the pedals, and I suddenly remembered gears. Cranking the gears downward, I began going faster just in time, as a screech came from just behind me, and I heard a terrible crack as one of the birds tore into my helmet. The terrain was dangerous, but I went faster still. A part of m
  6. Week One Progress Report One week in, and time for the progress report. Goal One: Ride 400 km (250 miles) across six weeks: (75/400) 75 km done for the first week. If I do that each week, that'll be 450 km, giving me a nice safety margin. This was achieved through three trips to town. I'll be going into town thrice this week as well, potentially four, and I'll be riding on each of those trips if all goes well. So I should be at 150 by the end of Week 2. Goal Two: Lose 2 kg. I haven't measured this yet. I'll probably weigh myself every 2-3 weeks. Calorie-wise, I've had some good days (
  7. Good to hear! I was getting a bit worried. IIRC, based on the time the first week's challenge was posted, we've got a little less than 24 hours to make it, and so far, only seven of us have arrived. But then I considered that if you count the people who only have a handful of miles to go, that would bring us up to eleven, which is still a pretty large adventuring party. And I expected a few people to bow out in Week 1. Not to blame anyone; 25 miles is a fair distance. I'd be quite hard pressed to do that on foot myself. The important part is that we get a strong and committed group to take on
  8. So I'm curious; how long after a challenge do we have to get revived before we need to use a healing potion or bow out of the adventure? I've noticed that only one healing potion has been used, and I'm not sure if the others have been revived, are waiting on revival, or are simply inactive/forgetful and haven't ticked off their own healing potions. I'm guessing 24 hours? I hope not to have to apply this rule to myself, but prepare for the worst, after all. If it's only going to get tougher from here on out, I may need help by the time our Underdark adventure concludes.
  9. Yeah, same here. Honestly, even without the savings, "having to have it" is a pretty good reason to stop drinking it to begin with. Yeah, my bad. The keys are right next to each other Glad you're liking the book. The accountabilibuddy group is The Order of the Stick. Our dungeon master Hardway takes us through a six-week adventure each challenge, which consists of a series of individual or team-based challenges each week, plus wandering monsters. This week, we had an individual challenge to travel 25 miles to where the adventure begins; easy enough for me and my bike. The wandering mons
  10. Haven't had to ride anywhere the last couple days, so I still stand at 50 km for the week. Will be riding in tonight though, if the weather holds up, so I should be at 75 by the end of the day. I also did a hundred push-ups as part of my accountabilibuddy challenge, 8 sets of 10, then 4 sets of 5. Two days later, my shoulders are still voicing their displeasure. I really have to get back into strength training next challenge. As soon as I'm used to riding the bike pretty much everywhere, I want to start again. Biking is great, but it's certainly not the whole picture. I've got two hours of pr
  11. I'd recommend going with only one of negative pull-ups or chin-ups, or switching between the two each workout, rather than doing both each workout. For pulling, you'll still have dead hangs, rows, and now a pull-up progression, so you're doing plenty. Four pulling exercises, two of which are super similar, is definitely overdoing it. In it's place, I recommend a core exercise. If you really want to go hard on the pulling volume, you could do a hanging leg raise progression.
  12. AFAIK, we all get 24 hours from when the monster appeared, regardless of time zone. I'm Australian, and that's how I figured it worked, even though today is Thursday for me.
  13. Looks like we have a few people who aren't going to see the monster in time. I'm glad we have some individual challenges before any team ones; I'm guessing this is the reason why.
  14. I've got my hundred in, but my arms and shoulders are letting me know quite emphatically that I shouldn't have done so many after having done no serious strength training for months. I really need to get back into strength training.
  15. To the best of my knowledge, healing potions cannot be built up. They are "get out of jail free" cards, and you only get one of them per challenge. They revive you if needed.
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