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  1. Annoyingly, things have fallen by the wayside this time around, due to hens and MadPict being ill. Will restart next challenge when the new coop is up and everything's running normally.
  2. Bald and shy isn't exactly how I like my chicks, but they seem to like us and to like each other so I'm sure they'll relax and open up over the next few days. Innuendo over, we have rescue hens.
  3. 1: Muscles weigh more than fat. 2: Check if the fat is soft and loose or feels hard and under the abs. The first is water retention. Water retention in women is perfectly normal based on hormonal cycles or when you're on a high-carb diet. The second is visceral fat or inflammation. Consider an elimination diet as you may have a food intolerance. Throw out all junk food for a while and see if it's visceral fat. If it's not either, I haven't a clue. Pregnancy? Tumor? Monstruous gas buildup? Alien? 3: If you've ever had an eating disorder or been diagnosed with BDD, you may need to consider that
  4. 1. Is it possible to lose weight AND gain muscle? I checked out the Muscle and Strength.com forums and the gist of the matter seemed to be that you had to do one or the other: bulk while building muscle, then cut to give it shape. I ask because, while I was still going to the gym regularly with my friend, we were doing what seemed like both (incrementally more weight, low reps, and the workout was capped with a High Intensity Interval Run or Bike). If it's not, which would you recommend a person start with? Yes, it's possible. Fat loss can even be anabolic in and of itself, due to hormones r
  5. Wound up not doing weights yesterday. Ran out of time and spent the afternoon walking up steep slopes with 10kg on my back. Not excatly a replacement, but, short form, I really wasn't feeling it. Will workout properly tomorrow. And today feels like a reduced food or a fast day, so no healthful pork and rice. Caffeine always allowed.
  6. Yup. But being a pedant comes naturally to me. Besides, I'm sure that deep down you need to know the logic behind everything, not just "do this, don't do that", right?
  7. Neglected the log in favour of more awesome stuff such as getting ready to keep hens, lifting, writing, etc. But worry not, I am returned. Kept on top of the diet fairly well. Rice pudding is becoming a regular breakfast, seeing as morning carb-binges do nothing to performance throughout the day. Will dig up my weights logs and post them later. Got a small workout tonight. Confusingly, my shrugs do well on high reps, compounds on doubles and the back-press likes 4x4, but who am I to argue with what my body wants? Rows increasing, form holding, speed holding, inverted grip solved all elbow pr
  8. Yeah, small doses are fine even if it does bother you a little. I'm just being a petty, pedantic Devil's Advocate. Unless you're bent over in agony and emptying your guts 4-8 hours after eating it, you could eat it every day. It's more optimal to limit it and have it a few times a week instead, but it's not going to turn into an Alien and burst out of you if you abuse it a little, especially if your diet is generally good and you're active. The human body's an amazingly resillient machine. Also soaking it before boiling will reduce what are commonly known as "anti-nutrients" and consuming it
  9. Thanks to all of you. I will apply and see what happens. It's highly likely my wrists are a bit weak as well as tight, so I'm icreasing my weighted carries as of Sunday.
  10. Just be careful with the iron. Nutritional yeast is good stuff. What do you take for your B12? Just asking because Sun Chlorella is sometimes avoided due to expense, but it's probably the most bio-available, natural vegan source of B12 there is.
  11. On gut transit: Firstly, the gut isn't a pipe. The main motivator of gut transit should be peristalsis. Unless you have a form of diverticular disease, then your peristalsis should be able to move everything through at a steady pace, regardless of what or how much you've eaten. Secondly, I was also talking about certain irritants present in the husk (phytic acid, for a more commonly-known-of example) that the plant naturally developed to stop mammals such as us eating all its chances of offspring. And yes, they are irritants. They enter through Peyer's Patches and can even cause allergy if the
  12. A) Front squats. B ) Dumbbell or kettlebell or goblet squats. C) Jump squats. D) Rock climbing. E) All of the above.
  13. Without soundlike like an emo **** (do we get banned for swearing here? can't recall), I squat and deadlift in Chuck Taylor converses. Good grip to the soles, tight on the heel and ankle, looser at the toe, doesn't dig in anywhere, easy to walk around in if needs be.
  14. Omegas, most vitamins, iron, zinc, selenium and magnesium? *thumbs up*
  15. Yesterday involved gardening, lots of walking and getting up early for some reason... Oh yeah, bank holiday work. Ate piles of pork, HellminceTM, potato, rice and chocolate. Started today with rice pudding. Rice, evaporated milk, sugar. Mmmm, carby.
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