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  1. Welcome to Columbus OH! Any OH nerds reading this?? i went to the Grove City YMCA to workout yesterday. I got my squat and overhead press in but got tired of waiting for the only spot with bumper plates to do deadlift. So ... Squat 3x5 345# Press 2x5 130#, 1x4 130# Mini-challenge mission update ... So far, so good. I made it through Monday and Tuesday night without any alcoholic beverages. I have not done anything special to distract myself but there is plenty in this are if I feel the need. i have not slept well, though, which kinda sucks.
  2. I'm defining my own mini challenge for this week. I don't drink alcohol. Well, at least I'm not supposed to drink. You see, I have a moderation problem. When I start drinking, it's likely that I will keep drinking far beyond the point at which I should stop. There is no such thing as one or two for me. It's always five or six, at least. That "at least" is the unpredictable part. When at home, not drinking is not a problem. I've built up enough control mechanisms that I can easily keep myself in check. The problem come in when the periodic travel that my job requires com
  3. Measurements ... I did not take measurements at the beginning of this challenge. Last Sunday I hopped on the scale, it read 280 and I decided that was as much as I needed (or wanted) to know. I went ahead and completed the task today. The differences in parentheses are from my last measurements taken on 3/13. Weight - 274.4 (+3.4) Neck - 19.375 (0) Waist - 50.375 (+1.375) Hips - 47.25 (+0.25) Chest - 48.375 (+0.875) Shoulders - 55.25 (-0.5) BF% - 37.6 (+1.7)
  4. Worked out today as I'm going on the road tomorrow ... Squat - 3x5 340# Bench - 3x5 190# Deadlift - 1x5 290# Workouts are still feeling good. I'm kinda surprised that I have not started to top out on my squats. I keep adding 5, though, and I keep managing to do all 3x5. I mentioned previously about starting in on power cleans. I changed my mind. I think I'll hold on those and make them part of my next challenge.
  5. Seems like we've been waiting for reinforcements for ever, doesn't it? They're almost old enough to make a real difference. I did not realize you are a fellow minnesnowtan till, after that comment, going to your profile to see how old you really were. Did you enjoy yesterday's spring blizzard?
  6. The power just went out ... Very uncool as I was gearing up to watch some Doctor Who. That donut box was gone from the fat desk today. Woohoo! I made it two days with it being out there and did not consume a single one!
  7. Those eggs ... chocolate with a sugar yolk ... it doesn't get any better than that!
  8. Fitness ... SQ - 3x5; 330# BP - 3x5; 185# DL - 1x5; 285# It was a good workout. Things seem to be rock'n for me lately. It feels good. SS calls for power cleans to alternate deadlift but kinda designates it as optional. I did not embrace it when I switched from SL to SS and I've been putting it off to get my deadlift up a little as it had fallen behind due to inconsistently. I think it's time to give them a try, though. So, I'm going to start doing the lift with the bar just to practice my form for a couple weeks. Nutrition ... First, and
  9. There's been a big ole box of my favorite donuts sitting on the fat desk for two days now. I wish someone would just finish them off. Unfortunately, I'm usually that person and when I don't they sit there for days!
  10. Do you guys have a fat desk at work? You know ... the place everyone puts the donuts, cookies, cakes, etc. Every place I've worked has one. The fat desk is always my downfall. Do you actually record in MFP or anything like it? I have found that just seeing the caloric sticker price on some things has been helpful in deterring me.
  11. I wish I had access to a gym like that! That's pretty cool.
  12. Yes I am. Where are you now a-days? The one thing I don't like about 4:30 is the Spring DST change. That one always screws me out of my workouts for a couple weeks.
  13. 4/5/2016 Fitness SQ - 3x5; 325# OHP - 3x5; 120# DL - 1x5; 280# This workout was much better than last Friday's. Last Friday was the first time I missed reps on SQ and DL. I was worried I might have hit the top of LP with SS. Yesterday, though, I realized I can keep going. I'm going to squeak out as much LP as I can. I kinda wonder if the BCAAs I started on last week could be having that much of an effect. Friday could have just been a poor performing day. But here's to hoping some additional supplements can keep me going! 4/5/2016 Nutrition
  14. Nice to see you back, man! I'm up at 4:30 MWF for my lifting sessions. It's not so bad.
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