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  1. Try doing it with your hands on a couple of chairs?
  2. It's fast-food. So it's worth stopping by if you are in the city (I almost was), but maybe not worth a trip.
  3. Meatza. Sorry for the messy photo - I was hungry. $17 -ish. Including coco juice. Very tasty and spicy. Not very pizza-ish though.
  4. Not yet. I'll make sure to let you all know when I have.
  5. A round trip along the equator? Or a trip to the moon :-)
  6. I loved Prague. You can go location hunting - it's no mission impossible ;-) I don't know about Denmark. I just live here :-) Tell me what you are looking for and I'll tell you where to go.
  7. That awesome. I do wonder how he managed to sneak potatoes in there :-) I'm going. Who else is in? (teehee - it's driving distance from me)
  8. Now I'm obligated to push through till the end :-)
  9. Fitocracy has this weird policy about not letting you log absurd number of reps. When a number is absurd differs from exercise to exercise. Just log them as two sets. You get the most points around 5-10 reps on heavy stuff, IIRC.
  10. I stopped running and started losing weight. It's probably unrelated as I also changed my diet gradually toward Paleo at which point I also started doing the NF Body Weight Brigade.
  11. Congrats. I want that too. What does it take - fitness-wise. Do I need to be able to do the exercises Rx and do kipping pulls and double unders etc. ?
  12. Julien Smith's The Flinch http://www.amazon.com/The-Flinch-ebook/dp/B0062Q7S3S $ 0.00
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