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  1. Try doing it with your hands on a couple of chairs?
  2. It's fast-food. So it's worth stopping by if you are in the city (I almost was), but maybe not worth a trip.
  3. Meatza. Sorry for the messy photo - I was hungry. $17 -ish. Including coco juice. Very tasty and spicy. Not very pizza-ish though.
  4. Not yet. I'll make sure to let you all know when I have.
  5. A round trip along the equator? Or a trip to the moon :-)
  6. I loved Prague. You can go location hunting - it's no mission impossible ;-) I don't know about Denmark. I just live here :-) Tell me what you are looking for and I'll tell you where to go.
  7. That awesome. I do wonder how he managed to sneak potatoes in there :-) I'm going. Who else is in? (teehee - it's driving distance from me)
  8. Now I'm obligated to push through till the end :-)
  9. Fitocracy has this weird policy about not letting you log absurd number of reps. When a number is absurd differs from exercise to exercise. Just log them as two sets. You get the most points around 5-10 reps on heavy stuff, IIRC.
  10. I stopped running and started losing weight. It's probably unrelated as I also changed my diet gradually toward Paleo at which point I also started doing the NF Body Weight Brigade.
  11. Congrats. I want that too. What does it take - fitness-wise. Do I need to be able to do the exercises Rx and do kipping pulls and double unders etc. ?
  12. Julien Smith's The Flinch http://www.amazon.com/The-Flinch-ebook/dp/B0062Q7S3S $ 0.00
  13. Keep on keeping on. Katie Hogan-style.
  14. Haha. Get it, get it! I didn't do my 10, 11 and 12. That is, I did 60 today, so I'm good :-)
  15. Get it, so you have to complete it. Otherwise you can't wear it ;-) Did my 9 after today's CrossFit WOD. I should recount and see if I'm as ahead as I think.
  16. t-shirts are available! http://www.crossfitadvanced.com/burpee/ edit: ordered it too
  17. What a cool way to get people to read your blog. I hope you get some non-quiz feedback too.
  18. Wade writes that the steps are not set in stone, they are just examples. But yeah, at some point CC1 just isn't enough.
  19. Forgot yesterday morning. Made up for it today - did 21 - 15 - 9 box jump burpees at the WOD this morning :-)
  20. I think he's referring to one arm head stand push ups. Or "hand stand" as Paul Wade puts it. Maybe this counts:
  21. I step forward long enough that my mid-foot is in front of my knee. So long steps.
  22. Pretty much. About training for distance running , I'd do both. Lunges are great for runners.
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