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  1. Try doing it with your hands on a couple of chairs?
  2. It's fast-food. So it's worth stopping by if you are in the city (I almost was), but maybe not worth a trip.
  3. Meatza. Sorry for the messy photo - I was hungry. $17 -ish. Including coco juice. Very tasty and spicy. Not very pizza-ish though.
  4. Not yet. I'll make sure to let you all know when I have.
  5. A round trip along the equator? Or a trip to the moon :-)
  6. That awesome. I do wonder how he managed to sneak potatoes in there :-) I'm going. Who else is in? (teehee - it's driving distance from me)
  7. I stopped running and started losing weight. It's probably unrelated as I also changed my diet gradually toward Paleo at which point I also started doing the NF Body Weight Brigade.
  8. Keep on keeping on. Katie Hogan-style.
  9. Pretty much. About training for distance running , I'd do both. Lunges are great for runners.
  10. At my CrossFit box, when we have a WOD that's heavy, like a 5x5 it's still under 60 minutes. Including a bonus metcon WOD to end with. Maybe your warm-up is too long?
  11. I used to use corn oil, for the obvious reason. But now I'm scared of all the dangerous omega-6's :-)
  12. I don't have much experience in this, but I'd think you should work on your time first. If you only double the time on double the distance we are talking 6 hours here. That's a freaking long time to be running :-) Maybe take some time working on your pace and get up to 180 steps per minute, then work on increasing your speed (if it doesn't come free).
  13. You pop with olive oil? How does that taste? Olive does not like high temp., does it? I'd use coconut oil..
  14. Being able to run 10K on the spur of the moment. If you can't run, you are not fit. - Al Kavadlo Also it means being able to join any kind of physical activity without reservations and not ending up hurting yourself in doing it. Much like Mark Sisson says. He exercises, so he can play (Ultimate Frisbee) without injury.
  15. Also it's usually highly salted. So again: no.
  16. Carrots are nice. What are you having with it? No one forces you to eat sweet potatoes, by the way :-)
  17. Sugar is more addicting. I don't crave alcohol "the day after" ;-)
  18. I thought sugar was worse than alcohol. The reason alcohol is regulated is the immediate effects it has on judgement - isn't it? :-)
  19. Try doing it in a doorway. One foot on each wall. There you can try to find balance with something to catch you both forward and backwards.
  20. Try doing "N-sits" or just bending one leg. I hear some people have to do it on the finger tips (short arms). I can only do the crow stand for about 40 seconds, but I have problems with all other sits than the fill L. It's a balance thing, for me.
  21. Maybe you should take your research into the fields and try it out :-)
  22. I've used notes, but Flex Workout Logger may have all the exercises. I could check..
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