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  1. Anger Issues

    I don't know if I'm putting this in the right place, but I know a lot of weight lifters I have met have anger issues so I was hoping I could find some insight into dealing with mine. I used to have an issue with my thyroid that caused a lot of side effects, among them a severely hampered temper. It was very difficult to make me angry. After being on levothyroxine for over a year my thyroid is now fixed and I no longer have to take it, but now I have a very short fuse. Not having experience in anger management I have had quite the challenge in reigning it in and lately I've been getting urges to fight, which is completely unlike what I'm used to. I am trying to learn to stand my ground (having been taught all my life to turn the other cheek every time.)without resorting to physical confrontation, but it has been difficult. To make matters worse I work in a manual labor profession and I'm over weight which means people around me automatically assume I'm an easy target, to which they soon discover they're wrong, but I can't let it escalate to violence. As if that isn't enough I'm getting mad at myself for simple slipups which cause more slipups. I'm getting angry at stupid stuff and getting fighting mad. I am so confused by these new emotions and drives that I don't even know what to ask for specifically, just help.