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  1. Just a little shout out to the Assassin's guild. Thanks to the encouragement they have provided me over the last 18 months, I have dropped a whopping 108 lbs!!!!!! Current Weight is 200 even. Still going strong but had to give a shout out. I m sure people will as how this was done so here is the short version: 1. water intake increased by approx. 30% 2. small portions with multiple meals over the day/night 3. body weight exercises such as planks, pushups, etc. 4. plenty of patience while waiting for results. Was about 2 months before i saw notic
  2. Broke my 200# barrier!!!! Level Up Time!!

  3. new weight rating. 205 lbs!!! that means I have lost over 80 lbs since last July!

  4. Final Weigh in for 2015: weight down from 270lbs in July to 210 right now!!!

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    2. Fatal


      Lets go! Goal suggestion: Under 200 come February

    3. Ballad


      Congrats!! Well done.

    4. Cannonfury


      Congrats! Great job!

  5. Just did my newest weigh-in. July 2015 - 265... Nov 2015 - 225

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    2. WillBlackrose


      ramped up water intake by 70% and light exercise. going to up the exercise and see if I can continue the pattern

    3. Why not?

      Why not?

      Nice! That's progress right there!

    4. fitnessgurl
  6. Sometimes you have to hit a wall to realize you are going in the wrong direction. After a bit of soul searching, I am back with renewed determination. Have signed up at a 24/7 gym so there is no "the gym is closed" to stop me. Have new goals and a new drive to complete. I would say 'wish me luck' but I think we make our own.
  7. Sometimes you have to hit a wall to realize you are going in the wrong direction. After a bit of soul searching, I am back with renewed determination.

    1. Fatal


      Welcome back. Hopefully you learn from whatever mistakes you may have made in the past and do it better/smarter this time around. I know I have been since I respawned.

    2. Jothra


      This is true of both metaphorical and actual walls.

  8. Fell off the wagon, so to speak but I'm back, and more determined than ever to succeed!

    1. Dusk


      Heck yeah!! You got this!!

  9. in the middle of the night sometimes weird questions pop in my head. If corn oil comes from corn and olive oil comes from olives, where the heck does baby oil come from?

    1. Fearkiller


      You know, when daddy and mommy oil love each other very, very much, and... ;)

  10. I'm in. I feel the best fit for me is Lannister but willing to trade houses if balance is needed. My info is on the form now.
  11. After a failed attempt at my assassin training, I was forced to re-examine my plans. The present plan was obviously not working for me so I needed to find a new evolution. The simple Assassin had fallen, so I looked a bit further afield. It is only now that I have found my true path...
  12. Working on designing a Sith/Jedi workout regimen. Has anyone done anything like this? Would love any input

    1. DarK_RaideR


      I think Neila Rey has a Jedi workout, look it up

    2. Jett
    3. PMyrrh


      I would think yoga as warmup to become one with the force,then a selection of crossfit to show off your different lightsaber forms.

  13. Good luck on the challenge. I am sure you will rock it!
  14. Blackrose cut the edge of the envelope from the dead drop, looking over the details on the target. This was going to take some preparation. The only unsecured location the target was ever seen at was a fitness club. Patience and planning would be needed for this target. Time to start back with training and time to take it up a level. ~~~~~ Goals for this challenge: 100 pushups wearing 100 lb. weight vest 50 situps while wearing 100 lb. weight vest 30 minutes continuous run wearing 100 lb. weight vest
  15. Resolution for 2015: To be a better, stronger version of Me

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