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  1. I love the names for your tasks! I need to step up my to-do list game.
  2. In these times, to get through the day, I just need to take it 10 minutes at a time. 1. Camp NaNoWriMo Creative goal: write 10 minutes a day to make content for blog https://nanowrimo.org/what-is-camp-nanowrimo 2. Since the gym is closed, continue to workout with Les Mills BodyPump at home 3x/week 3. Get outside everyday. 4. In bed by 10 p.m.
  3. Oh my gosh - I somehow strained my low back - by sitting and coloring? Like, that's literally all I was doing. I've never strained a muscle before. I struggled with it for a week and then really aggravated it which made me take a whole week off work. That dang QL. I really feel like I lost a week of my life. No work, no homework; I didn't care about anything. I just wanted to lay there and sleep and let it get better. I visited the chiropractor, primary physician, massage therapist, got an x-ray, and went on muscle relaxers. Yo, muscle relaxers are a trip. They're not heavy, but i'm loopy and
  4. Someone told me that too. Getting these higher-ed degrees aren't given to the smartest, but to those who are the best at time management. Congrats on the PhD! By December, we're all going to have to call you Dr. Waani! What's the PhD for? Do you want to teach at the university level?
  5. Woah, my mind is blown. I have O-something. I"m currently doused in mosquito repellent on this Florida evening. By the end of October there should be less, but without it, tonight, I was their own Golden Corral buffet. I served in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Vanuatu, a tropical country. I had the worst time learning the language, but my very first sentence was "Mosquitoes eat me." Lord, the mosquitoes.
  6. Oooh, cool theme! "upside the box" Goals look totally do-able! MFP is a thing. It's a thing, but I have found it to be one of the easier apps to use. I find it painful when eating fresh (instead of packaged and using the bar code) and changing it up daily, but it's super useful when eating the same stuff everyday. Smoothies: you better post some photos and recipes, or it didn't happen
  7. Greek and Hebrew were offered alternatively every other year. I'm glad I was there for the Hebrew year. I think it's great to take a class like that because you understand how sticky and snarly translation is. Some pretty important tenants are open to translation!
  8. Hi, everyone. I've been on the Boards since 2012. Relating Star Wars to fitness was a life-changer! I did lose weight and was at a healthy weight for the first time ever, but then I did the thing that happens where I gained more back. I'm currently working on finding the reasons why I binge in the evening. My nerdy things are MST3K and the original Star Wars trilogy. Luke is my boy. My current nerdy thing is Wizards Unite. After this brilliant event, I'll be Level 12, lol! Good luck with the challenge, y'all!
  9. That's a very lovely sentiment! Thank you for sharing. I studied near east archaeology as an undergrad and that included one year of Biblical Hebrew. It was really lovely and clever and I wish I had the chance to do the second year as that got more into the poetry. What I mostly remember now is that King Solomon, in Hebrew, is Melek Shlomo. The wisest man in the world, Shlomo!
  10. For this challenge, I'm focusing on 3 rules to help form good habits. The focus on good habits is also why I'm hanging out with the Rebel crew! 1. Do not go more than 2 days 2. Never skip Monday 3. Do each at least 3 days a week. I've been applying them to these habits in the last couple weeks, and it's going well, so I'm going to continue and build. 1. 1hr/hw a day 2. Bed by 9 pm 3. 5 min meditation when I get home These are the ones I'm building in: 1. 10 min a.m. workout 2. NaNoWriMo, with a
  11. After a quick internet search....hahahahaha! There's a fella named Les Miles in Kansas. I'm referring to Les Mills, with two L's. It's a fitness program with lots of group classes and now a fitness subscription app. My gym offers the high-rep weight lifting group class, but they have lots - spin and yoga and core, etc. It started in New Zealand however many decades ago.
  12. I was brave, and did the weigh in. I'm down 2lb since my last one in July! Yay! That's almost 10lb for the year. No noticeable difference in photos or measurements. I find that aiming for around 2000 calories/day is a comfortable goal, easily achievable. I'm also challenging myself with more weights at Les Mills BodyPump and, last week, the instructor complimented me on my squat form
  13. Thanks so much for the recommendation! I believe I read that book, but way back in 2012. I found it really effective, so I just checked out an audio copy from Hoopla. I agree, there's too much advice, too much conflicting research, each with its own success stories and failures. Ridiculous stuff, like dieting creating metabolic damange, just makes too much sense when you've tried so hard for so long. Behavior change is just the hardest thing! The Shadow work has been really insightful. There's a connection between being satisfied (in life) and satiated (in belly). The
  14. Week 1 & 2 wrap up I'll let my bullet journal and snoozing kitty show my progress. Exercise has been pretty good. Purple is the activities. Did Week 4 of C25K two times. Not so hot on the blog stuff
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