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  1. Yea, she's definitely cuter than me.
  2. Yup, gluten free seemed to do the trick and paleo is even better. Very strangely my thyroid function improved when I switched to night shift. We had all thought for certain the change in circadian rhythm would cause me to have to go on it, but I am an anomaly
  3. I think a fair price would be free for me, and $300 for Kona. Maybe only $250 because she can pay the other $50 in love and cuddle sessions.
  4. Food log from yesterday: completed. I didn't track calories or anything, I just want to be writing down what I am eating. 7/30 CrossFit: Warm-up: Run 800m (not for time) 20 GHD sit-ups (I did not feel comfortable doing these, I couldn't get below parallel) 30 weighted leg raises, 10 lb dumbbell 40ish Russian twists with 12 lb medicine ball Skill: handstand pushups....I just worked on handstands. I have a long way to go on those let alone pushups. WOD: Bear complex!! -5 rounds of 7 reps of power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press. Can't put the bar down in between reps. I just used the 33 lb bar--by the 4th set in each round I thought my arms were going to fall off. 15 minutes of mobilizing done, and may have to do more this afternoon...
  5. It's your challenge and if you don't want an overarching goal you don't need one, it's merely a suggestion.
  6. My first thought when reading your intro was thyroid issues, I've had hypothyroidism for years but have managed to stay off of medication. I'm glad your doctor didn't jump to put you on medications--a thyroid storm would be awful to go through. You're a fighter, you'll make it through! If you come across any interesting research be sure to share it.
  7. Love this. Love that you CrossFit now. When I'm in Boston I can be your wing woman?! Does that even work? And I'm surprised you're taking her out to dinner. I'm a "let's just do drinks or coffee so I can run away quickly if I have to" kind of gal.
  8. Challenge looks awesome. Sushi looks awesome. Too much awesome!
  9. I fixed it Good to know! And who knows, maybe some stars will align and I'll end up in Texas. Maybe.
  10. I didn't do any whatsoever, I had probably touched a barbell twice. They lead you through everything
  11. Woooooo! I can help with the "friends" thing...just find me a job in Boston!
  12. Thanks! I love CrossFit...this is the third box I've been at because I keep moving but they've all been awesome and definitely not scary. I've improved SO much. This morning for instance I was the worst person in the box, but I wrote my crappy score up on the board and I wasn't embarrassed because it's actually better than I've done in the past and others noticed that. The community can't be beat and pushes me more and more every time. Yes we will!
  13. 7/29/13 CF: EMOM x7 min: 2 snatches -just used the training bar, I'm still working on form. I can absolutely go up in weight next time. "Bubbles": AMRAP 12 min 10 burpees 25 double unders -4 rounds, 10 burpees, 16 DU's. I SUCKED at double-unders today. I just couldn't get them the first round and ended up taking 2:30 to get all 25. I should have scaled down but I was being stubborn. I mean, I got one hell of a workout, so I guess it counts.
  14. Funny story. I joined Nerd Fitness in September of 2011, became a guild leader at some time this year, and have participated in every challenge along the way. Fact: I have not completed one single challenge. Not one. Ever. So, my main quest is to be consistent for 6 entire weeks. I don't think I've been consistent with anything for 6 weeks in my entire life. FITNESS: 1) CrossFit 3x/week. -I planned out every single day that I can attend CrossFit in August, and it's actually 4-5 times a week. I'll be in Boston for a week (unfortunate for my CrossFit plans, but fortunate for everything else...happy Tin Man?!), but I'll do some of the bodyweight only WODs at home. Done deal. 2) Track food. -I eat mostly paleo when cooking for myself, but when I derail I go far off the tracks and eat far too much. Instead of holding myself to being 100% perfect, I'm going to just hold myself accountable using My Fitness Pal and write down what I'm having to assess it later. 3) Mobilize 3x/week. -I'm extremely sore. I have to do this. My CrossFit has free yoga on Thursdays, I should start by going there. Side quest: I've been working on trying to figure out where to go from here. I like my job but I'm not sure it's what I want to do forever. I'm trying to decide on going to graduate school, moving to a different unit or city, etc. My goal for this challenge will be to analyze possible options and go from there. -Bonus: Applying for jobs elsewhere or starting to study for GRE.
  15. I hate front squats. By hate I mean love. By love I mean I suck at them. Glad your day with the trainer went well and wasn't as scary as you thought!
  16. I think these articles by Steve will answer your questions, here's one for push-ups and one for pull-ups.
  17. Our WOD tomorrow is 7 min AMRAP burpees. How exciting.........
  18. I had this issue with the Fitbit One--I once left it on the dryer and as my dryer shook it thought I walked about 10 miles overnight. Also, if I am wearing it on my hip (I know the flex is a wristband, the One is a clip on) and I bounce my leg or something it will count it as steps.
  19. I'll be in Boston August 10-17....anyone around?! Tin Man and I decided yesterday at the Arizona meet up that we'd have to have one this week!
  20. So do we have a time on Sunday morning? I have to work until about 8am.
  21. 6/8/2013: No idea how this happened, but everything has gone down a lot. I'm assuming I'll either plateau for a few weeks or even go back up. Or, most likely, there was a lot of human error with measuring. I took pictures at the beginning that I'll keep to myself for now and that might be the best assessment for me. MeasurementsWeight: 140 -5 lbsHeight: 5'7Waist(at narrowest for female, at navel for male): 28.5 - 1 inHip(at widest): 37 -1.5 inWrist: 6Forearm(at widest): 9.5Neck(at narrowest): 12StatsBMI Body Fat: 25.85% -0.4%Navy Body Fat: 25% -4%Fat Mass: 35 lbsLean Mass: 102 lbs
  22. Starting stats: MeasurementsWeight: 145Height: 5’7Waist(at narrowest for female, at navel for male): 29.5 inHip(at widest): 38.5 inWrist: 6 inForearm(at widest): 9.5 inNeck(at narrowest): 12 inStatsBMI Body Fat: 26.25%Navy Body Fat: 29%Fat Mass: 42 lbsLean Mass: 103 lbs Honestly, I haven't been eating much the last few days (when I am overstressed/anxious I have no appetite) so I wouldn't be surprised if everything goes up before Friday's weigh in, if I go back to eating well. No pics to come, sorry!
  23. I do! I like it better now than regular milk/cream in my coffee...
  24. This page by spezzy sums it up: http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?/topic/26792-challenge-instructions/ To sign up, visit this page http://nerdfitnessrebellion.com/index.php?app=cp&do=show&pageId=2 You've already joined a guild just by posting in the Ranger forum Attribute points are just for fun. I haven't done them in a long time, I might start up again next challenge. Basically you get a set number you can assign yourself currently, then if you reach your goals you get more (ones that you've picked). For instance, you say in your challenge you aren't very into running right now, so you could say you currently have STA (stamina) of 2. If you finish your first goal, you can get +3 (totally random numbers, you get to assign them yourself, which is cool!). I can't find the exact numbers--will someone who is more into the stats answer this part?
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