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  1. How have you managed to stay off, diet and all of that?  


    My doctor herself actually wants meds, but she's on maternity leave and the nurse agrees more with me :D.  Also, since its the beginning of hashimoto's and my needs for meds will be changing all the time (sometimes i'm 100% fine, too) so they both agree it's at least too early for meds.


    Yup, gluten free seemed to do the trick and paleo is even better. Very strangely my thyroid function improved when I switched to night shift. We had all thought for certain the change in circadian rhythm would cause me to have to go on it, but I am an anomaly :) 

  2. Better :)


    And don't you give him any ideas.


    Actually wait bigm how cheap of a rental are we talking? :)


    I think a fair price would be free for me, and $300 for Kona. Maybe only $250 because she can pay the other $50 in love and cuddle sessions. 

  3. Food log from yesterday: completed. I didn't track calories or anything, I just want to be writing down what I am eating.


    7/30 CrossFit:



    Run 800m (not for time)

    20 GHD sit-ups (I did not feel comfortable doing these, I couldn't get below parallel)

    30 weighted leg raises, 10 lb dumbbell

    40ish Russian twists with 12 lb medicine ball


    Skill: handstand pushups....I just worked on handstands. I have a long way to go on those let alone pushups. 



    Bear complex!!

    -5 rounds of 7 reps of power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press. Can't put the bar down in between reps.

    I just used the 33 lb bar--by the 4th set in each round I thought my arms were going to fall off.


    15 minutes of mobilizing done, and may have to do more this afternoon... 

  4. My first thought when reading your intro was thyroid issues, I've had hypothyroidism for years but have managed to stay off of medication. I'm glad your doctor didn't jump to put you on medications--a thyroid storm would be awful to go through. You're a fighter, you'll make it through! If you come across any interesting research be sure to share it. 

  5. Wait, unfortunately you'll be in Boston for a week?  I'm hurt.


    I fixed it :)

    As a guy who has taken the GRE not once but twice, don't stress about studying. It is the equivalent of an SAT. Seriously, it is really really easy. 


    And if you move you should come to Texas. I have a room I can rent you. It'll be cheap I swear. 


    ( iknow i know you aren't going to come to Texas, but a guy can still dream )

    Good to know! And who knows, maybe some stars will align and I'll end up in Texas. Maybe. 

  6. Great goals!  Job decisions are tough.  I'm in grad school right now and facing choices whether to stay in the same field, or go in a completely different direction (or bail out early... ).  I'll be rooting for you to find a choice that makes you happy!  


    Did you do any "preparing" before joining a crossfit gym?  It looks like tons of fun but I'm only starting to lift heavy (challenge goal).  

    I didn't do any whatsoever, I had probably touched a barbell twice. They lead you through everything :) 

  7. SUbbing! always great to see our Guild Leaders working hard. Question for you. How do you like crossfit? I am thinking of joining my local box but I am rather nervous. Great job on your first day of the challenge. Keep up the hard work.

    Thanks! I love CrossFit...this is the third box I've been at because I keep moving but they've all been awesome and definitely not scary. I've improved SO much. This morning for instance I was the worst person in the box, but I wrote my crappy score up on the board and I wasn't embarrassed because it's actually better than I've done in the past and others noticed that. The community can't be beat and pushes me more and more every time.


    Woot!  I too have been a terribly inconsistent guild leader.  We'll keep each other honest.   :)

    Yes we will! 

  8. 7/29/13



    EMOM x7 min: 2 snatches

    -just used the training bar, I'm still working on form. I can absolutely go up in weight next time.



    AMRAP 12 min

    10 burpees

    25 double unders

    -4 rounds, 10 burpees, 16 DU's. I SUCKED at double-unders today. I just couldn't get them the first round and ended up taking 2:30 to get all 25. I should have scaled down but I was being stubborn. I mean, I got one hell of a workout, so I guess it counts. 

  9. Funny story. I joined Nerd Fitness in September of 2011, became a guild leader at some time this year, and have participated in every challenge along the way. Fact: I have not completed one single challenge. Not one. Ever. 


    So, my main quest is to be consistent for 6 entire weeks. I don't think I've been consistent with anything for 6 weeks in my entire life. 




    1) CrossFit 3x/week.

    -I planned out every single day that I can attend CrossFit in August, and it's actually 4-5 times a week. I'll be in Boston for a week (unfortunate for my CrossFit plans, but fortunate for everything else...happy Tin Man?!), but I'll do some of the bodyweight only WODs at home. Done deal.


    2) Track food.

    -I eat mostly paleo when cooking for myself, but when I derail I go far off the tracks and eat far too much. Instead of holding myself to being 100% perfect, I'm going to just hold myself accountable using My Fitness Pal and write down what I'm having to assess it later. 


    3) Mobilize 3x/week.

    -I'm extremely sore. I have to do this. My CrossFit has free yoga on Thursdays, I should start by going there. 


    Side quest:


    I've been working on trying to figure out where to go from here. I like my job but I'm not sure it's what I want to do forever. I'm trying to decide on going to graduate school, moving to a different unit or city, etc.  My goal for this challenge will be to analyze possible options and go from there. 

    -Bonus: Applying for jobs elsewhere or starting to study for GRE. 

  10. Hi Rangers, I'm a newbie who would like to participate in the upcoming 6 week challenge and I am wondering which guild I should do it with. I am trying to decide between Adventurers (because I am a newbie) and Rangers (because I strongly suspect I will end up as one anyway!)


    I did Couch to 5k about two years ago and since then have been running 5k about once a week, but not timing myself or pushing myself to go any faster or longer, partly because I keep slacking off for a couple weeks and then just running 5k feels like a challenge again! I also had a cheap university gym membership for six months last year and during that time experimented with Zumba, Boxing and the rowing and elliptical machines. Unfortunately, because I was intimidated by the big scary boys I didn't go near the free weights section once (stupid past self!) I have recently started going partner dancing once a week and although I'm not great at it, I have a lot of fun. Not long ago I discovered Nerd Fitness and the whole philosophy of the rebellion really resonated with me. I did the Beginner Bodyweight circuit for the first time last night and loved it! (I am really feeling the DOMS today, and I love that too!) As you can probably guess from my mixed-up exercise experiences, I definitely identify with the "jack-of-all-trades" philosophy of the Rangers. My long-term goals will include both running longer and faster and becoming stronger. If I end up participating in the six-week challenge, these will be my short-term goals:


    Fitness goals:

    1. Run 5k in under 30 minutes

    2. Do 100 consecutive body weight squats

    3. Do 1 pull-up 


    "Level up your life" goal:

    4. Achieve 5 Flylady stickers OR an overall tick score of 75% for the six weeks (this probably doesn't make much sense - it has to do with me following my weekly housekeeping routines - I get ticks for making my bed, tidying my bedroom for 15 minutes, remembering to check my calendar etc and 75% of boxes ticked for a week means I get a sticker - it sounds silly but it does help me to stay organised) 


    With those goals, which guild would you recommend I join for the challenge? Sorry for the hideously long post! 

    I love Fly Lady! Well, I sort of love her. I need to get back into it (goal for next challenge!) but I was frustrated with how many e-mails I was receiving from them daily--it was overwhelming!


    If you want to jump right into the Rangers, you'll fit right in! If you'd rather go with the Adventurers for a challenge, you'd also fit right in there, so it's entirely up to you :)

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  11. This looks like the guild for me.  I'm a long time reader of the site but have never had the gumption to post or anything.  I just moved to a new city, am about to start in a new university, and would love a new me!  This six week challenge that's about to start on Monday may be just what I need!

    Glad to have you! Good luck in your new adventures and welcome to the wild adventures of Nerd Fitness Challenges!

  12. Dear leaders, hello!


    I am in search of the guild I would like to join!

    I have a weight-loss goal (being included in a wider intention of being healthier).

    I am a woman, as of today I weight 85kg (187 lbs) and would like to weight 72 kg (159 lbs).  I like the idea of polyvalence!


    My idea is to get fitter, agile, with a good endurance.


    My history can be read here but let's say that I started to be healthier in February with lots of cardio, some results but not satisfying enough. Reading NF blog I understood that : diet was 80% of the weight loss and strength training is much more efficient than cardio.


    I started bodyweight and free weight training with a trainer on 2nd July and I really love it! An example of one of my session:


    1500 meters indoor rowing machine

    1 minute rope jump

    50 walking lunges with a 5 kg wheel

    30 kettle ball swing (9 kg ball)

    20 jumps on a 50 cms step

    3 series of 3 abs/core exercices


    I had my 7th session this morning :)


    So my routine since july is :

    3 X Bodyweight training

    2 x Cardio / fun classes (spinning, zumba)


    Et voilà!

    So now rangers chiefs, how would I fit with you? :)



    You'd fit in well! We'd love to have you around!


    I'm in!


    I'm a humble wood elf who has been slumming it with the adventurers since the beginning of the year. While it's been lovely, it's time to move on and I've always seen myself with the rangers... if only because it's my favourite class in NWNs. Obviously, as a wood elf, my preferred activity is hiking through the - you guessed it! - woods, but I also enjoy rollerblading, golfing - both regular and disc, yoga, gardening and my all-time-favourite activity: cooking!


    My diet has been slowly moving its way towards paleo for the last year, and I'm really concentrating on eating local, whole foods this summer (with varying degrees of success) - I have a CSA veggie box, and one of my goals for next challenge is going to be to use everything in it each week.


    I love the idea of functional strength, too - my ultimate life goal is to homestead, and I know I need to be tough as nails to survive that. While I can't say that I particularly enjoy lifting heavy things (I want to! I just... don't) I have been working on my chin/pull ups, and have seen much improvement. Much like my absolute least favourite activity - running - I think I need to find something where the activity serves a greater purpose beyond "getting fit" (IE. I don't mind running if it's in a game, but I hate "going for a jog").


    Anyways, that's me, and my preferences, and my goals... Can I come play? (My mom says it's ok!)

    Ask your mom, and if you're over 18 definitely come play!



    I think I'm Ranger, I do 20 minutes of cardio (but I try to push it) then another 50 or 60 minutes of weight training. I'm currently up to 85kgs on the Lat mach.

    Oh and I have started dead lifting too :)

    Welcome to the rangers! Glad to have you around.


    This are my long term goals...

    1) Do one or all of this bodyweight exercises before the end of the year: keep a free handstand for 60/ Do 10 Hanging straight legs raises/ do a  kip-up/ do a cartwheel

    2) attend a triathlon before next summer

    3) find and maintain an optimal BF% (<13%) by the end of this summer.


    as a gift for this summer I bought myself some bodyweight workouts and diet books and I'm going to use them..I'm very undecided between rangers,assassins and scouts. Running has been always my passion ( I run a marathon and several halfs and 10-5k) but now I'm really into bodyweight excercise and I'm really putting a lot of effort to improve the reps of the exercises and do new exercises. I think I'll join the assassins or the rangers for the next challenges and then join the scouts when I start to train seriously for my first triathlon.


    any thoughts, ideas which one should I choose between ranger and assassins?


    P.S. sorry again for my English but I'm not a native speaker and I'm usually in a hurry when I write:P

    My only thought is to join whichever guild you want :)


    I'm just getting started, but I think I'm definitely a ranger. I'm slowly building up running while working on weight training. And I love to hike. :) Despite my hobbity ways. 


    Welcome! We have lots of hikers.

    I am thinking of going Ranger after one or two more challenges in the adventurers. This past challenge i started doing crossfit workouts and really enjoyed it. I am thinking of doing a weight lifting/crossfit trade regime. I am about to start a 8 week weight lifting/cardio routine then 6-8 weeks of crossfit workouts. I plan on doing it once to see how i like it. If I dont I will probably just go straight crossfit. 

    Wooo another CrossFitter! You'll fit right in. 

  13. I am considering moving guilds... Leaving my security blanket... Maybe...

    The big goal I have coming up is a 100km bike ride in October. I have managed 80km as my furthest earlier this year but being winter here (Australia) means I need to retrain my bum in accepting the saddle.

    I do a bit of everything... At the moment strength training with a PT, yoga, Taekwondo, walking and am increasing my cycling.

    I probably fit with the rangers... But how do I know when it's time to go?

    Whenever you want to go is time to go :) 


    Being a Ranger sounds awesome... I have never heard of CrossFIt. I just looked it up now and it looks interesting. I am a total newbie... not sure if I should start out as adventurer for my first challenge, or whether I should jump straight into being a Ranger.

    Either way works! A lot of people like to start off with the Adventurers, but some people do like to jump straight into the guild they want to join. It's all about your goals and where you want to be :) 

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  14. Hello Adventurers! Ready to venture out of the Adventurer class and into another group? Here's some information on the Rangers.


    Rangers try to be skilled at everything: strong but nimble, capable in bodyweight and barbell training, able to hold their own stamina-wise, and adaptable to any situation. We're always looking to improve our weakest asset. 


    Some Rangers are CrossFitters, but not all--you definitely don't need to be do CrossFit to be a Ranger. Many members will have goals that consist of gaining strength, endurance, and mobility all at the same time. A general idea is "functional strength."


    The best part about being a Ranger: your goals are entirely specific to the Ranger you envision yourself being. Want to be an incredibly strong Ranger with some endurance? Do it! Rather run marathons but continue with bodyweight and/or barbell training? Glad to have you! 


    Some real-life examples:

    • Gerard Butler in 300
    • Annie Thorisdottir, "Iceland Anne", two time CrossFit Games winner


    So, do you think you have what it takes to be a Ranger? All you have to do is sign up on the sign up form for the next challenge and select your guild on the sign up form! 


    Feel free to either reply on this form, or message me, Nightlight, KnightWatch, or Spooky-Rach if you have any questions! We look forward to having you on our team!

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  15. Just to update you guys, between the recommendations here and a lot of research I bought the flex late last week, not 100% convinced of it's accuracy right now, but if it is misreading general motions as steps it does at least appear to be consistent in it's inconsistency, I can still use that as a base figure and aim for higher. Seems a solid bit of kit, especially loving the sleep tracking feature, it's making me rather aware that I'm not really getting enough, also quite love that it can auto adjust my calorie figures on myfitnesspal according to how much I have or haven't done. 


    As I say, time will tell on it's accuracy, but with it seemingly consistent at least I can take that figure as a base value.


    I had this issue with the Fitbit One--I once left it on the dryer and as my dryer shook it thought I walked about 10 miles overnight. Also, if I am wearing it on my hip (I know the flex is a wristband, the One is a clip on) and I bounce my leg or something it will count it as steps. 

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