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  1. I was out of the country volunteering my time and energy (and money) so I think I have an excuse to be a week late Goals: 1) Re-join CrossFit within the first week of my challenge, and afterwards attend classes 3x/week. The latest I'll be able to join is Monday, April 29, depending on when they can get me in for my intro class. 2) Paleo the entire challenge. No excuses. I feel terrible from the terrible crap I've been eating. Edit, Monday, May 6: I will only be doing 25 days of paleo/whole 30 challenge--my family will be in town and it's kind of a habit to eat very well, plus my mom will be sending some of her most amazing foods in the universe. It will be a mostly clean weekend but I don't want to feel obligated. 3) Early morning walks/runs, 5 days a week. Life goal: Organize everything: apartment, bank accounts/direct deposit, car payments (refinance), possibly start looking at houses to purchase, and more! As long as I do one productive thing a week I'll be good.
  2. I've been studying Arabic for a while now too! When I'm better we should...collaborate? I'm not sure. But I like knowing someone else is studying it!
  3. Hello Rangers! I have returned from my volunteering abroad. Just getting caught up now with all of the challenges, great job so far I'll be starting mine soon, a week late, but better late than never, right?
  4. Congratulations to everyone who made it the entire 6 weeks! Even if you haven't reached all of your goals, you still just spent 6 weeks bettering yourself. Great job!! Post here with a challenge wrap up, grading yourself. You have until April 14th to post. Remember to talk about your successes and what you've gained, not just your grades
  5. Irregular heart rates are not simple and a new heart murmur can be a sign of heart failure. You're thinking of premature or aberrantly conducted complexes (whether atrial, junctional, or ventricular) which are not always a cause for concern, but if they're new it can be very concerning because is showing myocardial irritability. Don't mess around with cardiac issues, SuperToga, and if you're concerned get it checked out
  6. Just a reminder everyone: This may be easy for some, but definitely not for everyone! Please don't hurt yourselves
  7. I was always taught to do a controlled drop. Definitely slows me down but I'm at a lesser risk of injury, and we aren't competing for anything except ourselves :-)
  8. Agree 100%. And see the cardiologist as soon as you can.
  9. I did the C25K years ago and loved it.
  10. What kind of exercises are you currently doing/what do you think you are able to do? Silly injuries don't mean you have to sit out..just means we will modify it for you
  11. Now that we've attacked some strength and endurance, let's keep going! It's time to tackle everyone's favorite exercise and one that continuously makes an appearance at the CrossFit Games--the burpee! Your goal for this week will be to complete 20 burpees 3 times over the week. 60 in a row does not count--we want you to divide it up into three sets on different days in order to show your true stamina. Of course, if you need to divide it up even more please do! Upon completion of this challenge you will be awarded +0.5 STR and +0.5 STA. Scale burpees by doing pushups followed by hops (i.e. 20 wall pushups and 20 baby hops). **Remember--the goal of these challenges is for FUN, please do not do anything that will hurt you or takes away from your own goals
  12. Welcome! Glad to have you in the rangers
  13. Ah, Cindy. I miss her. That's what CrossFit does--you do the WODs and scale them to the best of your ability. And when I was going consistently, even after 6 months my body would feel wobbly after. How are you going about with programming? I've only been doing CrossFit with a coach, so I'd like to see how a newer person programs on their own.
  14. Haha, no worries! Those points are just for fun anyways
  15. Maybe wait and see after the next mini challenge?
  16. Nice! The reward for the mini challenge is +0.5 of each this time around, FYI.
  17. Welcome! Love the goals. I also work 12's overnight, unfortunately haven't gotten a set schedule like you do though. It's really hard trying to fit in working out--it's taken me about 4 months of night shift to be able to find the time. I like that you're already planning it! Good luck!
  18. Sorry, no we talked about it as mods and in past mini challenges people have pushed too hard and gotten hurt, or subbed their own goals for these. We went with 50 for a general, achievable number
  19. I own a scale but I'd still PVP someone on it. I probably jump on 3-4 times a day
  20. Hello Rangers! Now that we've made some progress in this challenge on our individual goals, it's time to do some mini-challenges. The goal of this challenge is not to take away from your own goals--if you do not think this challenge will help you in any way please do not participate...on that note, it is quite simple and should be beneficial for most As rangers, we are the ones who are a "jack of all trades," meaning we need to be agile, strong, well conditioned, and more. One of the most well-known exercises in the world, the push-up, shows strength, conditioning, and agility at the same time. Your goal for this challenge (for the next week): 50 push-ups! Over the next week, accrue 50 push-ups total. If you can bang them out in one set, hooray! If it takes more, go for it. The goal is to complete as many as you can. I'm sure we'll hear some, "but, I can't do push-ups!" My answer--yes you can! (unless you have an injury, then post here, and we will sub something else ) Types of push-ups that count: wall push-ups, incline push-ups, knee push-ups, regular push-ups, and decline push-ups. If you complete all 50 reps (and partake in attribute points) you will earn +0.5 STR and +0.5 STA. ***PLEASE REMEMBER: THE GOAL OF THIS MINI CHALLENGE IS NOT TO TAKE AWAY FROM YOUR OWN GOALS
  21. I hate that I'm late putting up this challenge, but oh boy I've been busy! I found the nursing shortage. For a while we were being cancelled at work because we didn't have enough patients, but now they're asking for overtime almost every day. Unfortunately I'm not the person to say no, so I'm beyond busy and exhausting. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I have a vacation coming up right at the end of this challenge Goals: 1) Bodyweight exercises and/or heavy lifting 3x/week: I will admit that I kind of hate bodyweight exercises and prefer heavy lifting, but when I can't get to the gym I need to do something. -18 workouts-A -14-17-B -11-14-C -Less than 11--epic fail 2) Walk/run the town: Lately I've been loving walking, most likely because of my dog. This challenge we will go on a walk every day with three 45-60 minute walks a week, with the goal being at least one hike a week (I live 6 minutes from a mountain. No excuses) -18 60 minute walks-A -14-17-B -11-14-C -Less than 11--poor puppy isn't getting enough exercise CH! 3) Yoga: I've never been good at yoga, but I think it's time. It helps to calm me down after a long day at work. I'll look up yoga poses and work on it 2x/week. -12 yoga sessions: A -9-11-B -6-8-C -Less than 6...fail. 4) Life goals--work towards my [dream] starter home. I really want my own space (or with my boyfriend, which I'd greatly prefer!) with a yard for my dog and the ability to do what I want with it. These goals include: -Dog training (can't have my puppy wrecking a new house!) -Keep apartment clean/on top of laundry, dishes, etc. (prove to myself I deserve to buy a home)' -Save money (obvious, plus I want to be able to put in a workout room) -Organize what I do have, possibly decorate my current apartment (I feel like I don't really live here) -Food shop frequently, not just when I'm completely out of foods -Continue organization at work and stay on top of things there -Continue writing my book that I started during November (ok, not sure how this fits in, but it's a life goal) "But, CH, where is your diet goal? Your diet sucks! And don't you have to wear a bikini in a few weeks?!" Yeah, I know. But I get too hung up on it, give in once, and that's the end of it. I didn't make a diet goal because I don't have any way of grading myself and being objective. I might start the Whole 30 this Friday, but like I said before I am awful when I give in. For the record, I had planned on starting Saturday, but got called in for overtime and had no time to prepare foods (no, really, I got called at 430 and had to be there for 630), so I bought the healthiest of choices in our cafeteria. OK, done for now. Will update soon.
  22. Sure will! They will be pinned on the main ranger page with most likely a link here in chat
  23. I am joining the no almond butter camp! Love the challenge. Will be following.
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