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  1. Good luck! I love the goals. A lot of people here have been slaying the smoke dragon, congratulations on your decision to stop! Will be rooting for you! PS this is post 777 for me....only good things can come of that.
  2. I like the ambition with the goals! Good luck
  3. Challenge hasn't been posted and there are already 20+ memes.
  4. Everyone! many many excellent threads here! I am doing a daily yoga this time I think! Definitely. We're just working out the kinks now. It was hard last time when half of us got our mod-power half way through the challenge and were in different guilds...but this time should be good (and I know I can commit a lot more).
  5. Challenge ends Monday (two days from now!) so we will soon be posting a thread with a small window to report your progress! Next challenge starts Monday, February 25! Start getting your goals ready!
  6. Welcome! I double majored with chemistry but found I was too social to work in a lab Good luck with your goals!
  7. Congrats on the weight loss! Looks like a successful challenge. Also, good luck with nursing school apps! It'll be nice to have another nurse on the boards. Ignore all of my past posts on how much nursing school sucks, it's worth it in the end
  8. I roll of shame quite frequently. It was scary the first few times I did it (practiced with light weights) but you quickly get over the embarrassment...and usually there isn't anyone around because if there was they could have been there to spot you
  9. Tell everyone how you really feel Seth...we know you prefer cardio to everything.
  10. Wednesday, Jan 30: Squats: 45x5x2 55x5 65x3 75x2 80x5x3 OHP 20x10 40x2....couldn't really get the second without push pressing it, so I went to dumbbells: 15x3....issue with the left side 12.5x5 No DLs, think I might go tomorrow morning just to deadlift. Felt tired (had just worked a 12 hour shift, and I dislike going after work). Hung from bar for 10 seconds x 3, attempted pull ups but didn't get half way up. I'll get there
  11. Haha I wonder if it counts if I make the dog do all 100 burpees. *holds tongue* I'm thinking I'll be a heavier-lifting ranger, especially since I'm now your assistant guild leader I think Spezzy knew my goals better than I do when she asked me to be with the rangers!
  12. I haven't been timing myself, but every time I go to the gym I do some kind of grip work. Holding the barbell after a heavy (for me) DL, hanging on the bar, etc. The challenge made me think of doing it every time.
  13. OK warriors...don't be offended. I miss CrossFit and have decided that I'm going to go back sometime soon. I set a personal goal though that I have to be consistently in the groove of working out, even while on night shift, before I'll sign a contract. Saturday: Got out of work a tad early, so I got to the gym. Squats: 45x5 55x5 65x5x2 -Not feeling it. Probably because it was just after working overnight. Just played around with negatives and inverted rows. Didn't do much else, I had that end-of-the-workday nausea. Sunday: Dog walking + training Monday: Squats: 45x10 55x5 65x5 75x5x3 Bench: 45x5x3 My shoulder is slightly bothering me. More of a slept on it wrong than an injured it, but because I've had two shoulder injuries to date I didn't want to risk it. DL: 45x5x2 65x5 95x5 115x6--on the last two reps (hence why it's 6 and not 5) I held the bar as long as possible (not very long...5-10 seconds) to work on grip. Body weight rows/pull-up practice Hung from bar, negatives x 2, body weight rows 8 reps 2 times Life goal: taught puppy how to do burpees. It's freaking hilarious and awesome. I'll attempt to upload a video later...but careful, it's too cute. Plan for tomorrow...sleep, dog walk, more dog training and work tomorrow night.
  14. Congrats on the PRs!! Definitely because of the shirt. I can definitely see the difference great job!
  15. At Planet Fitness years ago the personal trainers were only allowed to teach clients how to use machines in a simple circuit. The smith machine was too much of a "free weight" so they wouldn't even teach that (I no longer go there). *Insert comments about how many people dislike PF below*
  16. Absolutely! I've had challenges where I only make it like, three days. Great job, keep it up more than half way through! (I think)
  17. Failed Whole-30, can't remember the last time I lifted well and tracked it, and keep making excuses. Challenge restarts after this line: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OK HERE WE GO! 1) 100% for the rest of the challenge. I made a bet with Loren Wade and Klaymates. Instead of doing what I have been (when I cheat I have to re-start the 30 days), every cheat means 100 burpees. 1 beer = 100 burpees. Going to Las Vegas mid-February, so this should be awesome. Decrease caffeine intake is a necessity as well!! 2) 2 days a week of lifting and 1 day of BW circuit. Or reversed (2 of BW and 1 of lifting, if necessary). I'll be doing a mix of the beginner and advanced bodyweight workouts (mostly advanced but scaling down some things). 3) MWODs 7 days a week. 4) CLEAN the apartment! It's disgusting. Beginning measurements: 144.4 lbs Waist: 31 in Hips: 38 in
  18. And chances are some stranger did not enter you in to win a free cruise or one million dollars.
  19. Welcome! There are TONS of paleo recipes floating around. Check out nomnompaleo.com and paleomg.com...they are two sites I frequently visit. An awesome book for paleo recipes is Well Fed. What kind of exercise are you thinking about? Are you into strength training (weights or bodyweight), endurance training, or anything else? PS...love the thread title!
  20. Welcome! Sorry to hear about your stepdad. No one here will give you a hard time for doing something to improve your health. Many of my friends have had great success with WW (I didn't, but that doesn't mean anything ) Different things work for different people. If you have any questions feel free to ask!
  21. I chew gum once in a while. When I'm at work sometimes I get nauseous (hospitals have gross stuff and I can't prevent it) but peppermint seems to help. I had been having peppermint mints, which worked much better, but since those were definitely not paleo and I was ingesting sugar I went towards gum, which has few calories, if any. Brushing my teeth or mouthwash would work just as well or even better but there isn't always time, and gum is a quick fix.
  22. Ahhh thanks for the dog tricks! Love it. Pup and I are still dealing with some separation anxiety...actually my neighbors have complained a few times it's been so rough. We are trying a few more tricks this week. Ended up losing on the Whole 30, but restarting this weekend. I have been having having issues with my wisdom teeth (again) and ended up not being able to chew, so I gave into yogurt, mashed potatoes (not homemade), soup, and ice cream (felt soooooo good). I didn't feel worse after eating non-whole 30 foods, but I had only been on it for 12 days. I will restart by Monday, maybe sooner if I think I can eat more solid food. I have delicious foods in the freezer that are whole 30 approved that I've actually been craving (delicious chicken and some Moroccan meatballs from Well Fed) but it's all too rough to chew right now. Made it to the gym a few times, working mostly on form. Daily walks for 30-60 minutes with pup. Additionally she likes my bodyweight workouts because I make them into games with her, like I squat to pick up her ball to fetch, sprint around the apartment with her (really breaking a sweat when we go for 20-30 minutes!), and planks are her favorite because while she is harrassing me I try as hard as possible to not go down on my knees. Surprisingly enough, I'm failing on the mobility! For a while all I was doing was MWODs, but I haven't done one in like a week. Tonight that shall change.
  23. Woooo glad to have KW updates! Sorry about the laptop. Not fun at all
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