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  1. OK still falling behind on this progress posting - either you guys get me addicted to all the awesomeness you are describing or I'm forgetting to log in - I need a happy medium of 30 minutes at a time instead of oops 3 hours! @myrlien I haven't been using my fitbit lately decided I wasn't comfortable with something electronic that close to those certain parts when I was playing and I know I easily get 10,000 steps on game days and when I walk certain routes like going around the lake. I'm not sleeping any better @cheerful dame so I decided not to track how bad it is and pretend I'm getting
  2. Whew, my stamina needs some work in warm weather! Last Wednesday 8:00 pm game on turf under the lights with a wonderful breeze - no problem playing the whole game (90 min) with one sub; we didn't have our regular keeper so we lost - ah well. Last Friday night 8:30 pm game on turf under the lights with a wonderful breeze - no problem playing the whole game (60 min) with one sub and we won! Sunday in the heat of the day, no subs for our 3:30 pm soccer game (60 min), I played striker and mid - too hot for me. Luckily we were winning and I was able to slack off in the second half. I'm good fo
  3. Thanks for the inspiring nerd posts @elsefaire, I have many similar life challenges with my 19 year old son. Family meetings are important and knowing we are doing the best we can at any given time is all that matters! And then there is math to make everything better! I studied Statistics at University and want to help my math nerd son with a few challenges he is having ... but, I remember I wanted to do it all by myself back then ... and he will be fine with that decision too. http://ownposters.com/images/r2ll2f9in2k2opw7.jpg
  4. Latest stats - down to 152lb and 35% and down half an inch on my waist ... had the mother in law here this week showing us how to make perogie (ugh, I never want to see another perogie - white flour, lots of butter in the onions and potatoes, mounds of cheddar and more white flour and more white flour and more .... you get the picture. Balanced mind - needs work My husband gave me the option of buying a condo in BC instead of renting ... then we can rent it out later ... too many options!!! I can't decide if I want to take a job offer (53-75% of what I was making before) so we can get a lar
  5. Well I am not the nerd I would like to be when it comes to posting - sorry for the gaps and I must have my notifications set wrong as I didn't see this reply from you @elsfaire. For trying to get more sleep I have been reading that a few more carbs before bed might do the trick. It hasn't made much difference yet. I'm a light sleeper and every time my husband starts breathing heavy or snoring I find I am waking up to roll him over. But the best thing that makes me get more sleep is to get ticked off with him for some "male" thing he did. I don't recommend it, but, I know if I'm really ti
  6. All right, another challenge. Sorry I was late with my summary of the last one, but, the time away was amazing! We will keep this one simple! Starting Stats 154 lbs at 5'7" but stupid scale (checked on 4 different ones) says 36% body fat due to 31" rib cage supporting a large chest. New goal is to go from 35" waist down to 30" by my birthday in October. Balanced Mind - I am stressed about being self employed as it makes it harder to get a new mortgage in a new province. I also am hating my FitBit as it shows me how little sleep I am getting in the 8-9 hours I am trying to sleep. I res
  7. Glad your mind listened to your body! Rest is one of the 5 important elements of fitness, without it, you will not be in balance! Your workouts inspire me!!!
  8. Nice work @elsfaire, that is an impressive driveway! Kudo's to you for your driveway fractals
  9. Math is Magic in itself! How long is this driveway? Or how steep? I am picturing quarter mile with 100m incline @elsfaire of the high road!
  10. Wow, Kaxxy! That is one amazing workout session for soccer practice! I need to talk to my managers about this ... oops half of that is me! I guess I need to take notes on how to run a real session. Perhaps I can get past run, score, wheeze, repeat! Cheers!
  11. Hey Potatoace, nice work with the chocolate seduction reduction and the minion mentoring! Continue the great Soccer strengthening program and I will be watching for great news! We will all get to say we knew you when ... Cheers!
  12. Hurray for soccer defenders! I play striker and I appreciate everything you do to not make me run all the way back to help the keeper! Good luck with your application and way to go on the guys fitness tests! Cheers!
  13. Yay soccer practice!! I think I will put that in my next mission. Keep the ball away from the guys at my co-ed games. Too often they try the fancy footwork and I steal it ... but, they seem to be able to steal it back ... without my feet doing anything fancy!
  14. Sorry for the long hiatus - went down to CA and learned sooo much! Came back with a fitness certification for a new program call Fitness Brigade found at www.sunfit.com part of Sunrider's new product line! Main Quest: Lose 3% body fat - that is about 6 pounds and will put me under 150. The pounds are going down, but, still not the percentage!!! grrr I really need to get in the habit of working on something every day. So with that said: Quest 1 - Stoke the magic cauldron - good food in the cauldron equals good spells - spend 150 min each week planning and preparing healthy meals - less su
  15. Welcome @maigrey, I like your quest idea to say hi to everyone! I make a personal challenge to see how many people I can get to smile or say something back to me (like "good morning" not "get out of my way"! haha) when I am on a walk. It really makes my day to see others smile! Cheers!
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