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  1. Just had a long weekend here in Victoria, Australia. AND the weather is warming up :) beautiful 30c plus makes me so happy!!!!!! I think I am doing the best at my life goal this time round. My days seem filled with socializing, learning and having fun which is really lovely!! Need to rethink my ftiness routine as I have a lot on in the coming weeks. I signed up for a four week make up course so cant do Shbam on Wednesdays for the next month I am signed up for the colour run in November so might start a c25k program so I'm not totally useless haha Plan for the week... Monday- go for a walk/run in the morning Tuesday- Will start a body weight routine I've found Wed- another walk/run and y make up course Thursday- day 2 of the strength routine Fri-Swordcraft Saturday-day three of the strength routine Sunday-rest, get ready for the next week!! Elody is pretty. Will need to continue contemplating. No themed drinks just a bottle of tquilla with friends haha Well I'm off to get my lunches ready!!
  2. You are killing this challenge Jothra! You are seriously dedicated and its inspiring...
  3. Happy late birthday twinny SCA camping event sounds HEAPS of fun. We just had our LARP camping event down here in Melbourne. So how are you gettign back on track for your goals after a fun birthday? I also have to try and do this!
  4. Oh! love a photo shoot. That sounds like an awesome shoot as well, how big will it be? lookign forward to pics cosplay nerds for lyf haha
  5. Hi everyone, sorry for the absence! ComicCon was awesome!! I ate as well as can be expected but did slip up on the sugar a little bit, but didnt binge so that was great. My biggest downfall was alcohol... Most importantly I had a great time with some great friends, earned some money and created a new LARP character So I need a name for my new character!! Suggestions greatly appreciated. She is a perky, silly young elf who like to be silly. Well back to reality I guess ; ; Gym tomorrow :) The manga I am reading is Rosario Vampire, a very cheesy high school romance one.
  6. Loving your story Also love the program you are doing, looks liek it keeps it interesting
  7. Oh where do you get your meat from? I get mine at simply free range. What a great week for you, really getting into the challenge! Good luck for the coming week xx
  8. Great first week Meesa! Congrats on the loss already, always a good motivation boost
  9. Week one seems to have gone really well!! Pity your boy isnt in on it this time. I can relate, I am married to the laziest skinnyest gut who drinks nothing but coke -.- Not oo bad a start to this wek either
  10. Monday and Tuesday down Still no sugar, will be a week without it on Thursday. I went to ShBam yesterday but wont be going to the gym now until next Wednesday Too hard with the travel. I will make sure I wear my fitbit for the four days away. I have also packed myself snacks ect for the road trip~! As far as my life goal goes...yesterday I spent time with my family and tonight I am going to bed to read a new Manga which should be fun.
  11. Aww thanks guys, love the support of this place Stats for Monday week 2 Weight: 85.6 Waist: 84cm Stomach (at belly button) 98.5sm Bum:120cm Thigh: 65.5 cm Arm: 35.5cm I have put on weight but I think it's hormonal, hopefully I can smash it this week
  12. Wow! great week!! Good luck improving even more this week xx
  13. Sounds like you are traveling a bit better now, Hope the anxiety continues to cooperate
  14. Hey sweetness how did you're week go?
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