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    Has anyone used Advocare that can give some unpartial not trying to sell it to me input? I tried in the chat room and only got responses from people that haven't used the program. Yes I know that it is essentially a pyramid scheme. Much like Mary Kay and Pampered Chef and Amway are. No I am not looking for a quick fix without changing my lifestyle. I fuly intend to continue with my paleo diet(4 days strong) for the initial 30 days. And after that measure where I am with it and if its something I want to continue or if I want to try something else. With that said I know someone who personally used it and it worked for them. Knowledge is power and I am just looking from outside unbiased information from anyone on here who may have used it. Any thoughts or opinions from people who have used it would be great. Thanks
  2. Well its currently sitting at 50% off ($89) for the Max pack and I can add a discount code for being a veteran taking another 20% making the total price for the best package $71. I could also add the heart rate monitor which is normally $69.95 for $49 with the combo. Knocked down to $36 with the extra 20% off. So $107 total for the hrm and the full material.
  3. Has anyone purchased the heart rate monitor from the ddp site?
  4. Did you end up purchasing the FT7? I am looking in to getting one myself. I'd love to hear your opinions on it.
  5. Would you say that you are happy with the purchase so far? Are you seeing any changes? Are you doing JUST this or are you doing other cardio/exercise programs as well?
  6. I am thinking about getting these DVDs to do as a morning workout. How long do the sessions take?
  7. Just did my initial grocery shopping last night to start the Paleo. Hopefully I can get it going without a hitch for tomorrow =)
  8. Well i found this forum googling 'How to start eating healthy". And of course saw the domain nerdfitness and figured I'd give it a looksy. The article seemed to resonate, so here I am. I am a 36 y/0 317lb 6'2 male. I KNOW what I need to do, however historically I fail miserably at the follow through. My wake up call was hitting over 300lbs. Which happened once before about 10 years ago and I did a mad workout/eating regiment and lost 50 lbs in 3 months. So this time around I figured I'd work on granular changes that I am able and willing to actually maintain. A little history. I struggled with my weight while growing up. I was 235 lbs at 18 when I joined the Marines. Needless to say I was able to lose the weight then. 16 weeks of boot camp and I lost 51 pounds. I am sure I lost a lot more fat and added a ton of muscle at that point. After bootcamp I failed to maintain the rigorous exercise routine. I did some minor weight lifting, but mainly got my exercise running. Which worked great until I was injured. I damaged my tendons and ligaments in my foot, was misdiagnosed with a minor sprain. And in the Marines unless you are really hurt you don't get to sit out of training. So I ran around on a jacked up foot for a month before being sent to a podiatrist who said I required surgery. Which they promptly screwed up and I was medically discharged. I walked around on crutches or with a cane for about 4 years before finally getting into the VA healthcare system and having more surgery. 7 years and about 6 surgeries after the initial injury I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and had managed to jack my back up walking with a limp all those years. Fast forward to now. I've gone from the relatively healthly weight prior to my sugeries begining 10 years ago of 215lbs to 317lbs. Mostly due to eating poorly and mass quantities of self medicating alcohol consumption. I'm fortunate in that I don't have any other health concerns besides my pain issues. My cholesterol, blood pressure, all of that are perfectly normal. So I decided that this was the year I worked on my physical health. In January I cut out the 2-3 pots of coffee(with cream and sugar) I was drinking every day and the 12-15 jack and cokes I was drinking a week. And am slowly but surely working on quitting smoking. My goal is to get to 230 lbs before the end of the year. Obviously what I have done thus far has not sustained a healthy lifestyle, so hopefully this time around I can find the right tools and methods to help me stick with it.
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