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  1. Another quick update, really pushed myself on Thursday with rowing, burpees, and single unders. I even surprise my coach with the jump rope. Then, I got my first unmodified situps that I had ever done. We had been modifying them for a month and I just decided to try them. two sets of three is all I managed in the tabata timing we were doing but it's a start
  2. I have been moving so many rutabagas this week that I forgot to update you guys on it! This perfectly fit my workout schedule as the next day I went to the box we were required to do med ball carry runs. (The penalty was ten burpees if you dropped the ball/rutabagas. We became very close on these runs!) And then a lot of lifting this week as well on top of carrying the ball around but I haven't looked back to get my exact numbers. But I've moved a lot of weight around this week!
  3. Popping in quickly to say that I made it to the box today. It was exhausting and I might have slightly pulled something in my shoulder. Will update later though. Hope everyone is rocking their challenges!
  4. Stats and grades for the first two week of the challenge are updated in the first post!
  5. Thanks for the chuckle with the picture lol and for your support! I still find it hard to believe that you enjoy burpees! That's awesome about the jump rope, it's good trying something new and realizing that you enjoy it. I don't mind jump rope but I have a long way to go there. The first time we did it, I was practically skipping like a little kid because I couldn't do both feet off the ground at a time lol now I'm up to around ten single unders before having to stop. And I totally agree about not saying you can't do something. I said that a lot in the beginning, I couldn't do a burp
  6. Congrats on getting your first chin-up! Keep pushing yourself and you'll be doing them like a pro before long!
  7. I'm really excited that you've decided to join and push yourself alongside of me! Just make sure you aren't trying to change too much at once because that gets exhausting. And try to be active on the forums when you can be, getting support from other people really makes it that much easier to feel accomplished. I know you can do this!
  8. Ouch! I hope you didn't hurt your ankle too badly today. You can't seem to get any good luck your way but I love that you aren't letting it stop you. Good luck on an intense week! Keep being awesome!
  9. Remember that you're only human and you're going to slip up some on the games thing. I totally get the slippery slope thing though. You're making lots of positive changes right now and pushing yourself in a lot of ways. Keep at it and don't get discouraged if you aren't perfect every day; you'll get there!
  10. I completely understand about family drama draining you. My family has been going through some stuff with my sister for a couple of years now. In the end, there's usually not a lot you can do about difficult situations except focus on your part of it (if you have any). I've had to learn to let go of other people's issues as their own. I can't fix them, I can't make them want to fix things, and therefore there is no reason to chose to be miserable by letting them affect you. Not sure if that's the kind of family stress that you have going on but I hope that things get better for you soo
  11. I don't think I've ever met anyone that liked burpees lol I want to get there though. I'm thinking about possibly making burpees part of my next challenge to improve on them because I want to get proper form. My box is new (only a month old!) and right now as long as we're getting a chest to the ground and clapping overhead they aren't too strict on form yet. But I want to be able to do the movements well and not feel like I'm going to die! That or maybe lunges . . or running . . . who knows. Still have a few weeks to improve on those skills before the next challenge so we'll see. h
  12. Keep up the awesome work! You did great helping build our shelter. Hopefully that different workout will help you level up in the angry birds workout!
  13. So I'm not doing so well on the mini challenge. I mean to make time for writing, I really do but I've only managed it one night out of the last four. =/
  14. How is it that I missed your threat until now friend? Congrats on the great grades that you've gotten thus far though I'm not all that surprise. You're awesome with your school work! I think you're taking on a lot this challenge so just be sure not to beat yourself up if you mess up something. Focus on the good things that you are doing instead of on something where you might not do quite as well as you wanted to do. You're doing great!
  15. Subscribing and catching up from the Renaissance Rebels thread. Looks like you're setting yourself some pretty big goals for this challenge. That's awesome! Be careful not to beat yourself up too much when you make a bad decision. So many of us notice the tiny bit that we fail and don't recognize all the things that we do right. Sure you may have gotten the garlic knots at the restaurant but you didn't garlic knots and pizza so that's a win. Baby steps all the way and then they'll get easier and easier. Hope the new job is going well and you'll be back around with updates soon!
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