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  1. Update - Ran my first 8K this past Saturday. It was the Thirsty Dog 8K in Akron Ohio and part of the Akron Marathon race series. For anybody who doesn't know, we have been having an incredibly rainy June here in NE Ohio and Saturday morning was no exception. It was pouring rain at the start of the race, but without the threat of heavy winds or lightning the race went forward. it rained for about half of the time that I was out in the race. I ran well, and kept my pace as steady as possible with 3,000 runners or so on the street. I finished right at 50:00 which is a 10 minute pace and a good time for me. I'm not fast yet, but i will get there some day. The best part is this race was sponsored by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company who were generously passing out samples of there products to all (legal) racers after the event. Mmmmm ..... Beer!!
  2. I agree. Inverted rows and incline push ups are about all a Smith machine is good for. (other than for the liability conscious gym I guess)
  3. Hi - I really like strengthrunning.com. Jason has some really good "runner specific" weight training plans that will up your strength and help your running times.
  4. I highly recommend Strengthrunning.com. Check out the dynamic warm-up and cool-down routines on this page (http://strengthrunning.com/2010/05/elite-core-and-dynamic-warm-ups-a-comprehensive-guide/) especially the "Cannnonball" routine. They do a lot of focus on the hip flexors. Once I started these it made my running feel a lot 'freer' and easier.
  5. Quick update ... My 1/2 marathon training is progressing well. I'm up to 25 miles a week, with a long run of 10 miles in the mix, so I'm feeling really confident that I'm going to conquer the distance on my 1st try this fall. So far 3 of my 5Ks are in the books. My goal was to break 28:00 this spring and I can say that on the Memorial Day 5K I did much better. I ran 27:13 and bettered my PR by 2:13!! That is with not running a 5K under 29:30 prior this spring. Adding strength training and really going after the long runs has made me feel like a much better runner. Plus, I have added strides to the end of some of my shorter runs, and it gives me the great feeling of going fast. Next up is an 8K at the end of June. it will be my first race at this distance ... I'll let you know how it turns out.
  6. Hello - I agree with everything that has been said above. The first thing a runner needs to realize (especially with C25K) is that in the beginning it is about building endurance and not speed. Most beginning runners run too fast, even when they think they are going slow. It's not just your legs, but your lungs, heart etc. that need to build up endurance for you to be able to run for 30 min. or more. The only way to do that is to go slow, and work your way up to it. In my opinion, it is all about mindset in the beginning. (when I started running I couldn't even do 2 miles) Forget the fact that this is a workout and you want it to be over as quickly as possible. That makes you go to fast. Instead try to focus on the enjoyment of the exercise. The being outside on the road, trail, in the early morning, etc. Slow down and take time to notice the things you pass in your run, make observations about the world around you. You'll find that if you do this it will naturally slow you down, and it will distract your mind for a few seconds. (i.e. - when I first started we were looking for a new front door for our house, so I made a point to look at every door on the houses as I passed. Then i would try to remember the ones I liked so I could drive my wife passed them later) I looked at it this way, if the normal 30 min. run I was supposed to take took me 35 min. That's fine. I finished the run, and I can brag about the fact that I can run for 5 minutes longer than I thought. (forget the distance) Beside, I can waste away 5 minutes in a blink in my normal day w/o even noticing, so I know I can last 5 more minutes finishing something important. Now, I can run 2+ hours at a time and cover distances over 12 miles. All while actually enjoying myself.
  7. Hi All - I'm a runner from the Akron area. If anybody else from around here is doing the Summit Country summer running spree (http://runningspree.summitmetroparks.org/) I'd love to try to set up some times to go out and do some of the trail runs. I'm training for the Akron Half Marathon in September, and it would be great to get some of my runs in on the trails. (P.S. - some of my kids will probably want to come along for some of the shorter runs, so don't let that stop you either!!)
  8. I started getting back into running about 1 1/2 years ago and I love the way it makes me feel more active. I'm lucky to live in an area (NE Ohio) where there are tons of races, tracks, trails, etc. and it is very supportive of the running community in general. I've been working hard on including strength training this year to help lower my weight and improve my running times. I usually run about a race a month to have fun and keep myself motivated to stay with my training, I'm taking my 1st attempt at the Akron Ohio 1/2 Marathon this year and I am hoping to finish with a goal of 2:15. My first 5K of the year will be the St. Patrick's 5K in March and I am looking to break 28:00. I will be running 5 X 5K's, 2 X 4 miles, 1 X 8K, 1 X 10K, & 1 X 1/2 Marathon in 2015. Wish me luck!!
  9. Hello – My name is Jack and I’m ready to begin my first six week challenge with the awesome people from Nerd Fitness. Here is why. I’ve been reading Nerd Fitness for about six months now and have been inspired by so many of your stories. I need to join in. Here is my story. I’m 44 years old and I’m from Stow Ohio. (a little north of Akron, a little south of Cleveland) It is a great place to live with my wife and four kids ages 9, 7, 5, & 2 ½. Because of having kids (no time & no sleep) and working for a major US food company (there was always free food around) I had gotten up to 235 pounds and was in the worst shape of my life. I switched jobs and decided I needed to make a lifestyle change as well. About a year and a half ago, I decided to train for a 5K and see if I could get into running. I half-heartedly trained for 6 weeks, and finished the 5K in 34:40. But, fortunately the running “bug†took hold. I ran 10 races last year (9 5Ks and 1 4-mile race) and got down to a low time of 28:33. I was up to running 4 times a week and completing a 10K run every Sunday. Fast forward to this past May. Out on a regular run I torn a muscle in my right calf. It was a minor tear, but I knew this was something that was going to shut down my running for a while. I decided to not run at all until we returned from a family vacation at the end of June. I’m working back into shape now, but realize that I need to incorporate other exercises into my routine to avoid “over use†injuries that come from pounding the pavement. I want to get stronger, and more fit so I can run farther and faster. Also, I’ve gotten to the plateau in weight loss that running alone will give me. I need to add other exercise and get serious about changing my eating to drop some weight to be healthier and help my running goals as well. Enough long back-story, here’s what I came here to do. Stats: Age: 44 Height: 5’11†Weight: 205 Current running distance: 3.1 miles Current running pace: approx. 10:20 per mile. Quest – Gain Strength and Endurance to help my running. (I’m signed up to run a 5.5 mile leg in the Akron Marathon at the end of September, and signed up for a two-man relay (6.55 miles each) for the Buckeye Half Marathon at the end of October) Plan – Add the Beginner Bodyweight Workout and Biking to my weekly plan. (This will diversify my training as well as make me stronger to enhance my running long term.) (Just a note – with 4 kids and a full time job, I workout/run at 5 am in the morning while everyone else is asleep. (6 am on weekends) I have my plan set up for 7 days a week because if I let myself sleep in for one day it is way too easy to sleep in the next day. I need that consistency to avoid bad habits) Monday – BBWW – 3 sets Tuesday – Run – 3-4 miles Wednesday – BBWW – 3 sets Thursday – Run – 3-4 miles Friday – BBWW – 3 sets Saturday – Bike Ride – 10+ miles (1 hour ride) Sunday – Run – 5-7 miles Grading – This is my basic plan. BBWW – A-3 days of 3 set / week, B-3 days of less than 3 sets / week, C-2 days / week, D 1-day / week, F-0 days / week Run – A-3days / week, C-2days / week, D-1day / week, F-0 days / week Bike – A-1 ride / week, F-0 rides / week Side Quest - Get better habits around how I eat and how much I eat. Eating Plan – This quest will be a little harder to grade but I know I can make improvements. I don’t really eat that badly, and I enjoy all of the foods that I know are good and healthy for me. (fruits, veggies, etc.) I also am not a big-time snacker generally. (I’ll explain more in a minute) So here is the problem, when I sit down for a meal “all bets are offâ€. I’m one of those people who will eat as long as I am at the table. 2nds, 3rds, … no problem. I also have small kids who tend to leave a lot of food on their plates. Raised in a house where waist was not permitted, “somebody has to eat that!!†Usually it’s me. Consequently one turkey burger and ear of corn, turns into 3 or 4 of each after 2nds and cleaning kid’s plates. This is the behavior I need to change. Also I love to cook, doing probably 60% or so of the general cooking in my house. But, I’ve noticed lately that I graze the entire time I’m in the kitchen cooking! I’ve almost consumed a meal by the time I have the meal ready for my family … then see above. The plan is to recognize the behaviors above and keep you guys up to date on how I am doing at correcting them. I will possibly give some arbitrary grades to this if I can, but I’m not sure at this point. Life Quest – To take better hold of my job Life Plan – Again this is a little different. I have been given a new role at my company to drive a global change. It is a newly created position, and thus never existed within the company before. That being said, there are a lot of people who feel they know what the position should be, and what it should look like. I need to establish the fact that I was given this opportunity because I am seen as the expert in this area. I need to make some of my colleagues realize that it is my role to make this job in my image. It will be difficult and political, and I hope some of you understand what I mean? I will keep you up on the progress. Whew! Sorry this was so long, but honestly I feel better just writing it out. I’m ready to get started and will do my best to give you timely updates on progress on all of the above. Thanks for reading!! Here we go!!
  10. Hello - In Ohio here too. I'm in NE Ohio between Akron and Cleveland. I run a 5K or so a month, among other fitness activities. I'd love to meet up with some other members in the area.
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