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  1. Of course! Hope this challenge goes well for you!
  2. Thanks - I'm well on the way. Now that I have things sorted out, I'm back under the bar and actually making gains again. Hope all is well with the family!
  3. Don't go too hard on the soft tissue work - if you're bruising like that you probably need to work with lighter pressure, for less time, or with a softer device. Be careful, ok? wildly unattractive proof of my quest to attain epic mobility - IT band, mostly.
  4. Hey warriors - just checking in after another random and lengthy absence. Hope all is well with all of my old friends! Had some health issues that I'm finally getting in check and might be back for a future challenge (definitely not this one though). Good luck to all with the present challenge
  5. Day 28 Sleep 18/42 (Gah! This turns around tonight...) Paleo: 24/42 Limits (chins): 26/42 Life: 28/42
  6. Well, it seems clear that you are still the food champion of NF... For serious.
  7. I point these things out to people who make fun of "snow in the south" pretty much every time this happens. I also understand that there was a bit of a goof-up in the forecasting, in the sense that the weather people "updated" the forecast after everyone was out and about (the implication being that if they'd gotten it right in the first place, everyone would have just stayed home the day of). Also the prospect of EVERYONE that's driving being 1) unaccustomed to the conditions and 2) without winter tires is a recipe for chaos. On the flip side of the coin, it does sometimes seem like those of us in the northeast have to put up with 11.86 months worth of winter, and some of that bitterness *might* just come out when these things happen to you of the warmer climes.
  8. On the upside, you managed to use "churlish" in a sentence, which is worth some extra points. Also don't get too bummed about gaining weight again - it happens and you've been through a rough patch lately to boot. Just keep at it and you'll get to where you want to be. On that note, 1000cals with beer in there seems pretty low (will be watching you to make sure you're not too far under maintenance too often).
  9. Day 25 + 26 Sleep: 18/42 (Note the lack of change here. I have a feeling this will be making another appearance next challenge) Paleo: 23/42 Limits (took the week off to get back to 100%): 24/42 Life: 26/42 Day 27 Sleep 18/42 (No comment) Paleo: 24/42 Limits (prescribed training): 25/42 Life: 27/42 (A+ on this so far) Despite the failures, I'm feeling pretty good about life. Starting to plan some time off work for the coming spring/summer that doesn't revolve around obligations and illnesses, which is a nice switch. It looks like we'll be taking our first real vacation in over three years. On the docket so far: - a week of cottage time on Lake Huron with some friends - gun course with my crazy survivalist friends / certification for firearms - a week of surfing in Maine (admittedly this won't be until fall, but can't even describe how pumped I am for this - it will be the first time that the chambered wooden board I built from sticks gets to taste the ocean)
  10. No - I'm definitely back on cycling as of today. Honestly, I don't think I'm sufficiently advanced to *really* benefit from cycling carbs. It's more of a way for me to manipulate my daily calorie intake (i.e. higher on training days, lower on rest days). It's huge struggle for me to overeat without consuming starch, and since I'm trying to shed stubborn fat I want to eat under more days than not. I could probably eat average macros most days, but I often lack the self-control to keep things average Yeah, it's the sensible way to go. Maybe if I was training for something on a timeline I'd push through, but I'd much rather be back to full steam sooner.
  11. Errg. I feel like I really need to follow this advice as well. In addition to feeling this way in general, it's (very) recently come to light that my organization is involved in some things that are very much against my core values. Thing is, I have a three year old and I'm responsible for providing for her (both now and for her future). I can easily see myself becoming your dad 20 years from now. It's a tough problem to solve. I think the key is to avoid getting stagnant - once you give up on doing something else, it's over (so far I've managed ok at doing this, but have come close to 100% soul death a couple of times).
  12. I kind of feel like it is magic for the average unhealthy person. Much less so for those already interested in fitness/health. A matter or perspective maybe?
  13. So much I can relate to here - just found out that I have a non-celiac gluten sensitivity. HUGE pain in the A. Also, it's good to see that you're being smart about what you can handle - I've recently come to conclude that there's no use in dogging yourself under the bar if your recovery capacity is compromised. The best case scenario in that situation the best outcome you can really hope for is NOT getting sick... Better to take it as it comes and get back to it with vigor when life allows. Of course being dilligent about eating (which it seems you have to be with this damn gluten thing) does a lot to offset the lack of activity. And... Sweet poop on a kaiser - is that a Frenchie? Our last dog was a Boston Terrier, but we're seriously thinking of making the switch when our daughter is a just bit older.
  14. I've done a little bit of stewing, mainly to go along with some meat. Never tried the anise/vanilla combo, but I can see that being really good.
  15. Day 23 Sleep: 17/42 Paleo: 20/42 Limits (more rest): 21/42 Life: 23/42 Day 24 Sleep: 18/42 Paleo: 21/42 Limits (took the week off to get back to 100%): 22/42 Life: 24/42 Just ate "average" macros for the whole week rather than carb cycling. Recovery was much improved vs. previous attempts to stick to a diet/workout while under the weather. As a case study, I skipped a total of three sessions, and probably could have hit the weights today. Contrast this to past efforts I've made to plow through or "be disciplined" and I ended up with a lingering illness that lasted a month (or sometimes more). Valuable lesson learned.
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