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  1. Bahaha sometimes I wish I was male, it would be soooo much easier to dress myself & I'd be pretty comfortable in pants & a t-shirt, don't have to worry about my underwear showing through or too much cleavage or camel toes.... hahahaa Thanks! It's easier for me this way than my first attempt. I'm not overly good at maths ;P
  2. Bahaha that's what I do too! Eat it and burn my mouth =/ How are you finding yoga?
  3. lol I love your stories! & your guitar is awesome Good luck with the handstand prep!
  4. Yes, I prefer buying gym clothes because I know I'll wear them more than anything & they're comfy! haha. Maybe one day I'll buy real people clothes ;P
  5. Yes, sore exercise butt = happy butt... I don't know what kinda butt stuff you guys are up to! lmao
  6. The Lasses of The Queen O' Swords bid you welcome! I am a-wishin arrr cook would be a cookin' as scrumptious food as yew. Ah, nevarmind, the rum keeps a'comin!
  7. The lasses of The Queen O' Swords bid you welcome! & Just remember... 'an don't you go a-forgettin that! We look forward to seeing more from you and how you go
  8. You're so awesome I love the colour of the dress too! I feel sorry for your butt, but I always love the burn of the next day when you can't walk properly cause your muscles are so sore. At least you know it's working haha
  9. Yeah it will be hard without a partner in crime. Although I found out a good way to set up a camera on your phone - you pretty much stick your phone in a glass and put the timer on (you have to make sure the glass is lower than the camera on the phone though otherwise it would end up funny looking So maybe you won't need a partner? Ah! Raises definitely help ;P lol. Still awesome though! Yes, I need to do more practice. And I always struggle with stretching so I need to focus on that a lot more too. Yes! Definitely a good idea! I know, it's a bad habit of mine D: I need to believe in myself a little bit more than what I currently do
  10. Do I add the stat later or now? I'm still very new to this whole thing..
  11. Yay!!! I love following your threads And all the weasels are so cute! We don't get weasels in Australia I think.. we have a Tassie Devil though Does that count?
  12. Pole tricks Week 1 Please ensure you warm up before attempting any moves!! Beginner - Fireman Spin Quick tips - Remember to PULL with your arms - One leg sits on the front of the pole, one goes behind - A good way to build up strength for this trick is to grip the pole with one hand and drag yourself around, leaning outwards and in a spinning motion - Keep your shoulders and arms engaged, along with activating your core. No rounded backs! Keep shoulder blades pretty much touching Intermediate - Reverse Attitude Spin/Reverse Stag Spin Quick tips - Twist & push! - Ensure you gain a bit of momentum by swinging your leg out a little bit Advanced - Inverted V Spin Quick tips - 22 seconds on the video - Do the V Spin only - no leg hook yet please! - Remember to pull yourself up in to the Invert rather than jumping into it, if you are advanced you should know that it is not necessary to jump into it & you can hurt yourself. These can be done on static or spinning pole depending on your preferences. Although I find them easier to learn on static in the beginning. Let's see some pictures/videos!! I will post mine soon. Week 2 Watch this space next week!
  13. Bahahaaha I like the cardboard cutout idea, maybe not of khal drogo, probably the dragons instead ;P hahaha. I think I will be rewarding myself with new pole clothes I am always in need of pole clothes but I seem to put it off until I really really need them so it will be a good idea to make myself buy more so then I feel more confident going to classes and doing pole at home by myself. And yes, I will definitely try not to burn myself out. I know my limits (as I have a back injury which flares up if I do too much or if I don't do enough) and I am confident I won't push myself Thanks for the encouragement
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