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  1. Another German nerd here, who would love a camp in Europe!
  2. Oh, and I've managed to develop a f*ck this mentality when it comes to relationship stress. Usually I'm a really emotional person and I never managed to deal with this kind of situations. But this time whenever I feel like it's dragging me down I just go on NF and check out a few people and how far they've come already. It makes me want to be hot/strong/successful like them and helps me to suck it up and go on with what I'm doing instead of... you know, drowning in self-pity and empty ice cream buckets. So, thanks again Nerds!
  3. Uh-oh.... little problem over here. I'm afraid I got used to 85% chocolate. Usually I'd only eat a tiny bit of it and then be satisfied or not in the mood for more because it's too bitter. But Yesterday I thought "Well, on second thought it's not too bad." and almost binged on it. :/ Fortunately, I had enough willpower to hold back.... this time. What do you think would be another healthy alternative that's not too delicious?
  4. Actually, I've already thought about starting Kung Fu. A couple months ago I bought a book on Qigong and started to learn it with the help of the book and youtube videos. Unfortunately, there are no martial arts schools offering Kung Fu lessons in this area. But my goal is to do both, Kung Fu as the active/strength part and Qigong as the regenation/stretching part of my training. Maybe I'll find a place to learn it for the next challenge. And a short update on my challenge. I've managed to eat clean for most of the days. Last week I only slipped once. Same for going to bed early. The study
  5. alienjenn: I wouldn't be so sure about that..... Hey there, sorry for not updating my thread for a while. But believe it or not... I actually had no time for an update because I'm doing pretty well on my challenge. For the last 9 days I've spent my afternoons and evenings with working on my thesis, working out, preparing healthy meals and going to bed early. So unfortunately, there wasn't any time left to lurk around NF. And since I have to get up early tomorrow as well, that'll be it for today.
  6. Yeah, if that damn panda can do it, why not give it a try? ;D
  7. And... I've decided to grade myself with an F for the first week. I ate way too much junk food, went to bed way too late on 3 out of 4 workdays and only worked out twice. And I did next to nothing for my grad thesis. BUT I did alright last week, I guess. I've worked out 3 times and went for a run twice. I've only had ice cream once. And I managed to go to bed early on workdays (still working on the weekend though). Also, I've studied a total of 26 hours, which makes an average of ~3,5 hours every day. So this would be A for goal 1, A for goal 2, B for goal 3 and B for my life goal. Not too
  8. Thanks for all the support! And sorry for not responding to your answers right away, but this week was quite busy. I had to do some extra hours at work and some couchsurfers over as well. BUT: I didn't lurk around on nerdfitness long enough to respond to your posts (sorry again) because each of your posts got me motivated and made me shut down my laptop to do a quick workout or cook a healthy meal instead of sitting on the couch with a bag of crisps. So, thanks to everybody for helping me to get back on track. @B00024228: I started to grade myself daily after reading your post and it reall
  9. Hey, sorry for the late answer. I actually like the part where my arms hurt like hell. It's more convincing as a punishment that way.
  10. Oh no... that sucks! Just take it easy for a couple days and then hopefully, you'll feel better. Maybe you shouldn't work out or you might stress your immune system even more. I really hope you'll get better soon! Btw... your picture is awesome. Go rebel time lord!
  11. And btw... the push ups almost killed me. It took 20 minutes to do them and my arms were nothing but pudding afterwards... so, pretty good choice for a punishment, isn't it?
  12. So... thing's didn't go well for me this week. Since I kinda had a rough week, binging was my best friend. Which is great for the doggies (donations went up 30%) but not so good for my ongoing challenge...
  13. That are great goals! And I totally get where you are coming from with the non-supportive boyfriend. So, let's support each other instead!
  14. Hey, I just dropped by to tell you how amazing it is what you achieved in the last six weeks! Seems like you're going to rock this challenge as well. Keep up the awesomeness!
  15. Thanks for all the tips and support. It makes me really happy to finally have found a place with people supporting me. In real life most of my friends don't get how important this is to me. Even though they aren't actually making fun of me or anything, there's always someone saying stuff like "Come on, it's just one night out. It won't hurt to eat nice things/stay up late and not work out once in a while, life's too short to restrict yourself all the time.". And usually I give in and feel miserable the next day. Well, I know that the first week isn't over yet, but I'm struggling to keep it g
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