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  1. i have a question for you. did you just do ddpyoga everyday with nothing else? and if so which ones did u start out with and what was your schedule for it. i have it and i like it its fun. how many times did u do it a day/week?
  2. i start my diet, and going to the gym monday after i work everyday except weekends. im a big guy weigh around 290ish im not all the strong upper body wise but lower is my more dominate strength wise. i would love to change this. i wanna lose weight and gain muscle at the same time. ive heard stick to cardio only and maybe do some weights. but also heard do weights alot. i dont know which one to do. :/ i would love to do strength training cuz from what ive heard from one guy i work with ( he does strength training) he said strength training is the way to go cuz you build muscle and lose fat. what im trying to say is i need help making a routine. and what weight to start at and how many reps. and i know i will have to do some cardio so i cna maybe slim down a little bit faster.
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