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  1. Yo Yo Yo!!! Ok, back to the regular stuff! My name is Akkina, I am 25 year old witch(literally) whose gotten a bit...fat. Ok, I lie, I've always been fat, and I've always been out of shape. I got married on August 6th of 2016, and in the 8 months since, I've ballooned up to my official highest weight of 280 lbs and I am appalled with myself! I hadn't planned on joining this challenge, but I popped onto the forums to browse for cycling threads and saw that the new challenge started tomorrow, and well...fate! My Quests for this Challenge- So some of these might
  2. I ended up picking up a Fitbit charge HR on a black Friday sale and I can honestly say I love it. It blends seamlessly with Myfitnesspal, which I use to track my calories and I am super impressed with how it all works. Sent from my LG-H900 using Tapatalk
  3. So, after an agonizing debate about where to even put this topic...I picked here! So onward with my question, I have a Polar Loop fitness tracker that I love,as it buzzes at me if I'm inactive for over an hour, which is great cause I work in an office, and I use MyFitnessPal to track my food. So my real question/wonder/pondering is how does a person really use a fitness tracker to help keep you losing? Let me know how you use yours, or ideas or thoughts!
  4. So yesterday and the fay before (Wednesday and Thursday) were pretty rough, while I did sort of work out, I'd pretty much spent my whole weekend laying in bed watching Game of Thrones (2 seasons in 2 days) and...eating. I fell into my old standby of munching. I am back to work today, and despite having Taco Bell (courtesy of Ghost's boss) I picked something fairly low in calorie for fast food. I did have a thought though of prepacking all my snacks and meals as much as possible for my days off so there is less room for error on my part. Also exciting news, I will be converting my extra bedr
  5. Hey guys! I hope there is still room in this group, as I am in desperste need of some support, and this, by far is the most well suited for me. My goals for this challenge are to get back to basics, counting calories and watching my food as I let it go way too far. I've been having a ton of trouble with my days off work thoguh, either not eating at all, or binging hard core. My thought was maybe to prepack myself all my food and snacks maybe? I do great when I pack lunch at work, just not so at home. I am also working on Zombies, Run 5k for my working out. I do keep a log sheet that I'm terri
  6. Hello there!!!!! Akkina is back, and this time I am not dropping out! It is a tragic thing, but I am really, really bad about finishing my challenges, or really any activity I set out to do, but this time I have a secret weapon...*insert dramatic background music here* my fiancee will be joining me! I haven't quite conned him into starting a thread yet, so I shall possibly just tack him on with mine. My main focus of this challenge is going to be food, it has been my biggest struggle for the longest time, so I am going to really focus on it this go around. So for that: Quest A) Omnomnom Eat
  7. Waaaa! I love your goals and I totally know you can do it Presea, totally subbing right now! Also, way cool on the Japanese bit, I took it for nearly 3 years in college and haven't touched it since.
  8. My Monday did not go as planned! Work attacked which kind of sucked, though I got myself caught up today! Ran today, not my best time, but it felt good to be active again which was nice, it's cold out, and icey but not terrible, made it a bit sketchy though. I'm running along, being chased by zombies and then all the sudden I'm slipping a little on a patch of black ice on the pavement, got the adrenaline up that's for sure! But I did pretty good today so far!
  9. I normally eat really healthy so food is easy, and my life quests are easy too cause I write and read ALL the time lol!
  10. Subbing for sure! I'm working my way through Zombies! Run 5k this time around, have fun and I"ll surely be back to give you some support and see how your doing!
  11. After a frustrating last challenge that I bailed out of after two weeks, despite having good goals and a good support system here at home, and online here of course. I discovered after frustratingly enough not having any physical changes, and a balloon in weight almost 10 pounds after the second week that I was suffering from a mild thyroid issue, my levels were low, but not low enough apparently for them to prescribe me medication so I went with a natural alternative and have had great luck so far, so now that I’m more under control with supplements and natural remedies I am back with a ven
  12. Thanks guys! I finished the first week of Zombies, run! 5k, and got some super exciting news, I am participating in a 5k in August for work, I am soooo excited!!! I opted to take two days off of tracking, I had a party for my coworkers last day and then a big dinner tonight, though I've kept a mental tab, and I have been tracking water and steps still though. Also found out that Six to Start has a new app out called the 7 minute Superhero work out. It sounds super fun so I bought it, it ran me about 2.99. Have an awesome rest of week 2!!!
  13. Less than a week ago I was being flown into Abel township on a helicopter for a mission, though I did not know the specifics. During our flight, just as Abel came into view, and over a small forest the helicopter was struck by a rocket and we quickly went down. When I came to I was the only survivor, the woman who had been piloting and the other man were dead. I could hear Zoms nearby and managed to drag myself free. The headset I'd been wearing during the flight managed to pick up a signal from Abel and a young man named Sam Yao was able to help me escape, though the other residents were far
  14. So I've had a good start for week 2- Did awesome on food today! Had an awesome dinner of tilapia, wild rice and veggies! I've kicked ass on water yesterday and today. And my run, woot woot!!
  15. That is really helpful, I was more curious, it's something I'm going to continue to do so that's good.
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