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  1. I am definitely going to write this down into my journal. I will only follow the habits I put points into until they are fixated inside my brain
  2. Day 1: mental afffff! Work was busy and difficult and I was all over the place but, good news! I followed through my 16 period fasting window!!!! I just had tea with milk and went with on with my day Walked a bit after I reached my work place, I had to enjoy the cloudy weather and wind despite THE WORST HUMIDITY IVE EVER EXPERIENCED IN NY GOSH DARK EXISTENCE. FELT LIKE I WAS MELTING ((Updates will be provided as day goes by))
  3. That's actually not a bad idea. Focus on things and then make them a habit. Also, if you are learning a skill at home, say, kick-boxing or taichi, will it count as something I am learning? Or do I have to train under an instructor/be at a gym for it to be considered as official (it's for tags because I am learning the skills in question at home)
  4. That's actually a great question and i would love some recommendations on how to do the latter. My thought is to do as many things as I can and not feel guilty for the things I haven't done. Kind of like a game where you have many traits to upgrade and many points so you put them in as many traits whilst collecting more points to either put in the rest or upgrade the previously upgraded ones
  5. HI! It is you, wonderful human, perusing through my first challenge after a guhzillion years of not being here.... Well, well, well, welcome to you then! I am Hani and I am going to....as Carly Rae Jepsen puts it. REALLY LIKE ME (There were 7 reallys in that song and i honestly cannot be bothered to add them. I am lazy :P) Anyways! where was I? Ah yes, lazyyyyy~ Well, extending the lazy part, I am...a very lazy person. I definitely lack the ability to follow up with repeated tasks, be it habits, rituals etc; anything that requires consistency, I suck at it. Whether, it is my perfectionist nature or something else, I just know that there is something in my brain that just doesn't like cyclical actions or repetition, so naturally, me thought to abandon this site forever and continue being as I am because, what's the point, right? Wrong! I felt stuck in a loop with no solutions and exits points. I wasn't going anywhere it turns out and I felt like in order to get better, I needed support and accountability of people who get me, am I right?! Everything aside, the first thing I want to do before I begin my journey here is, give a huge shout out to this perfectionist procrastination of mine. I failed to hold into account this aspect of myself which led to me starting a challenge with the full expectations of following it up daily but down the road abandoning it just as quick due to lack of energy and enthusiasm. No more though. I want to do something. I want to say that I did something instead of everything so I want to say this to myself Dear me, you are not perfect, first of all, but you have what it takes to be better, so, please – be easy on you this time. Start as a youngin, a padawan, a fledgling hobbit, a younger time lady. Therefore, this time around my challenges will be the most basic.....BASICEST TASKS THAT I WANT MY PERSON TO PERFORM THEN WITH EACH NEW CHALLENGE I AM GOING TO PUT MORE TASKS/MAKE THEM MORE INTRICATE. *(in tiny hand writing) subject to change (you can't see this) Theme: Body Task-1 Movement of any kind daily as long as you sweat (SKIP ROPE? AWESOME! WALK? OH LOOK AT YOU GO, QUEEN! BODY WEIGHT EXERCISE? THATS FANTASTIC! GYM? You just won THE WORLD!) *darebee is included in the shenanigans as intended by the God of Nerds* Task 2: Skin care routine. Even spritzing rose water works, my dude but if you do the whole thing....oh god, you win my soul, girl (yes, I am talking to myself. My own hype queen) Task 3: Pushups, squats etc. Your morning wake up exercise routine. It's not huge, just a few to get your blood pumping and make them muscles plus you need to GET BETTER AT PUSHUPS MAYHAPS? Good luck okay, you gotta wake up and do ze movements. TASK 4: WAAAAAAATERRRRRRR!!! DRINK FROM YOUR WATER BOTTLE A LOTTTTT. IT IS NECESSARY IN THIS HEAT Theme 2: Mind Task: Meditate Task: Listen to the QQur'a, pray all five prayers Task: Taichi Task: Journal Task: Just lie down and breathe. BREATHE. (Do any of these or all of the above. Just try) Theme 3: Nutrition Task: Portion control Task: Eat well if you can't follow a strict diet Task: Intermittent fasting (16:8) Task: Record on myfitnesspal. Theme 3: Skills Task: Learn Spanish (Pimsleur, Duolingo but lingq, Busuu and YouTube are good sources to further your language journey Task: Podcasts! Listening and grammar. The know how's of the language Task: Art practice. You don't have to do it for long and give it everyday. Whatever you give, give it your best because your art skills will get better if you practice consistently) Task: Ted discussions actually help further your understanding of the world around and how you yourself function so one ted talk everyday would be great. (sub-note:DON'T FORGET TO RECORD THESE ON YOUR HABITICA APP) Task: Study what you see in the hospital/college everyday. Brush up on your medicine and surgery knowledge. Goals: To look or at least feel like the physical forms of Wonder Woman and Lara Croft combined. It do be a huge dream (Atleast Yasmin Khan or Yaz from Doctor Who)
  6. Day 1 of the challenge. It looks exciting, NGL. I hope my brain keeps up with it.
  7. It's a meeeeeee, Hani!!! Again! I have come back from the land of procrastination and lack of nerd content to join my community of nerds that I adoreeee! I have grown a lot to be honest. I mean age, work and accomplishments wise but weight & body wise, my perception is still kind of stuck so I am here to ask you for help/accountability/nerd content and yes SHOUTING
  8. I am currently looking into audiobooks. The paperback sets of it are really expensive and I hate how books are made as such to be a commodity rather than a necessity that should be accessible to all. Capitalism.
  9. *getsdice* *yeetsthem* NATURAL YEET! Yeah, epic sads and mad. After the shitty week i had i was looking forward to it
  10. Omg! Please dooooo! It'll be fun and if you need a player holler me up!
  11. Sad side note: Our DM had to cancel our Thursday session because of the heatwave down in Europe and that news made so, very sad. Also, because of her busy schedule, we are gonna skip play next week but I am sincerely that doesn't happen and she finds time for a session next week. I am so itching to play the damn game! Talk about bad luck D:
  12. I see DND, I see TARDIS and I see dancing; a combo to Wahoo over.. I am instantly following your challenge. Omgomgomg, I've recently started playing dnd and it's the best thing everrrrrr but sadly both of my games are slow as heck which i am pretty sad about D: HOPING TO LEARN A LOT FROM YOU<3 [I really love dnd, can you tell?]
  13. I SEE DNDOMGOMGOMG GO QUEEN! I had a game on Thursday but we had to sadly cancel because our dm wasnt feeling so good because of the heatwave in Europe and I am so so sad. D:
  14. Day 6, 7, 8:- Wins:- Tai chi: Looking good! I think my form still needs a bit of work but atleast my practice has not stopped despite all odds! [Reviewed all moves on Wednesday and Thursday. Learned a new one pm Tuesday] Language: I am so proud of me for continuing my Spanish on duolingo and listening to YouTube lesson and, despite my better judgement, I have also started German [already have gone through the alphabets] Breathing: Done and done also keeping my thoughts and mood in check Studying: Still needs work but i am doing it! Gotta make notes doe. Workout: combo of skipping rope Hiit workout, 3 rounds of combat hiit darebee and yoga on Wednesday. Walking: I am proud of myself for not stopping despite my body screaming at me to not move yesterday and the day before. Reading: Good omens is a really weird book to digest. The sentence structure and flow, sometimes, just loses me. Green tea: Last tea bag used on tuesday and 2 cups on Thursday, so, YAY, got more of them Hydration: 7 glasses on tuesday, 6 glasses on Wednesday, 10 on thursday. Overall time tracking and journaling practice has really helped me a lot these past few days. Thank you, internet! You keeping me on my toes and a pretty productive parrot! [I am not a parrot. It just flowed with the sentence] Losses:- I deliberately didnt call the folks at Rozan--which is an organisation that focuses on Mental Health. I really need to do this to, not only, find out more about whether i have anxiety or not but to alsoget advice on how to cope with this whatever i have in my brain Someone VAGUE blogged about me and I let them affect me. Literally, it stayed in my head and I let them control my mood for the whole day. Been slacking on my workouts because of my mean thoughts for the past few days. Social media IS AN EVIL ENTITY! I literally waste too much of my time and energy on it instead of studying, reading or sleeping. Sleeping schedule is mucked up pretty bad. Lack of proper food intake and timing
  15. Holy crepes! crow presses look bad ass. GOOD LUCK WITH THOSE!
  16. *OOOOOOOOOOOOHBOOKSPRECIOUSBOOKS* I actually love the concept behind Audio books but, a couple of things ruin it. One: idk why I keep losing focus? I'd be listening to a paragraph then all of a sudden, I'd lose track of time and when i refocus, I find myself, lord knows how, on the fourth page?.. I dont know when it happens? Two: English and audio quality. As a non native speaker, I find that speech without any sort of written transcript hampers my experience, since, the audio quality makes accents so much harder to catch, obscuring some words or phrases. Hence, I always need subtitles at hand. Any suggestions on how i can make my audiobook experience better?
  17. I actually did do pretty great! Thank you! Also, I tried to resubmit but my official exam profile didnt have an edit button? So my information is all permanent now. :/
  18. Day 5 Wins:- despite having a shitty day yesterday, I ran on the treadmill for 30-31 mins. Taichi for a few mins Breathing exercises also for a few mins because of a weird panic attack that happened [oridkifitwasanattack] I practiced my Spanish! Started a book after my run! Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchetts, "Good Omens". Losses:- Did not eat well. I dont know what happened yesterday though? All i know that not eating breakfast and stress combiningly contributed to my lack of control. Did not journal Should've spent more time on Taichi. No walking
  19. Day 3 and Day 4 Sorry for not updating! I've been busy trying to collect info on my exams! Ugh, so much stuff out there, my god. ANYHOOOOOOT! Wins:- Tai chi practice? Check that on day 3 Breathing exercises were a check! Both days, did that! Yas Spanish: duolingo and audio lessons on day 3 and Day 4, so it's all too good! Journaling: Updated my habit tracker and recorder my day on both days. Hydration: 7 glasses of water. Pretty good! Going to the bathroom so often should be considered an exercise, I swear. Walk: WALKED CONSISTENTLY ON BOTH DAYS SINCE SOME PERSONAL MATTERS HAVE MADE ME GONE BAT SHIT CRAZY AND I NEEDED SOME FRESH AIR. Please send positive vibes, thoughts and prayers my way. Exercise: My day 3 consisted of jump rope complimented with Jordan yeoh videos and Day 4 had running. I almost didn't run yesterday but i didnt procrastinate one bit and forced myself up! Luckily, playing zombies run and listening to critical role passed my time really quickly? Danced a good bit yesterday! It was a fun mini workout. Loses: Just was overwhelmed by the moves so needed a breather from the new moves so nothing on day 4 No reading since I've yet to decide but during my running I kind gave a listen to the Good Omens audiobook? Made an incredibly huge mistake while submitting my exam forms. Apparently, I submitted the wrong certification papers.
  20. I forgot my username lol. Send yours via private message and I'll add you.
  21. For a book that sounds super serious, it does not have a lot of pages. Wait, your lotion has urea? Isn't that dangerous?
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