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  1. Okay! Got some riding, and got some updates about Logistics and Bike Assembly. 6/30/22 Ride Log (Commute) Commute In: Distance: 12.81mi Time: 1:05:32 Avg. Spd: 11.7mph Elevation: 509ft Commute Out: Distance: 12.92mi Time: 1:03:42 Avg. Spd: 12.2mph Elevation: 364ft 7/1/22 Ride Log (Just down to the train station) Distance: 5.92mi Time: 0:36:44 Avg Spd: 9.7mph Elevation: 161ft 7/3/22 Ride Log Distance: 27.67mi Time: 2:24:32 Avg. Spd: 11.5mph Elevation: 866ft My brother took my partner and I on a route around some nice trails in the city. Mostly road, some gravel, some singletrack. I handled it easily with the new bars, my partner had a little rougher time, but handled it easily enough. I'll check the numbers a little more closely when I get home, but I'm pretty sure I'm over 300 miles down. That leaves ~160mi to tackle over the next two weeks. If I do one commute each week, that means I'll need a 50ish miler on the weekends. If I do two commutes each week, that means a 30ish miler on the weekends. I'm shooting for two commutes, but one way or another I think I have this one in the bag. Chart The Course: Met with my fellow riders on a Zoom call earlier this week. Three of us are geographically close, so we're going to travel together. There were no train tickets, and we don't want to deal with flying, so we're going to drive! Everyone is willing to take shifts, split gas, and chip in for some of the wear and tear on my car. Consider that goal done. This is My Bicycle, et cetera. Given that we're driving, I don't have to worry about disassembling and packing my bike! And since I've already swapped my handlebars, this goal is also done! Since we're taking my car, I'm going to preemptively get an oil change and some basic maintenance done.
  2. Whatever is stress relieving! Seconding this! Ive been getting really into listening to fantasy audiobooks, and that's how I spend my lunch breaks mostly.
  3. Okay so the plan for this week is pretty loose-woven, and depends on how some plans with visiting family shake out. I've got family visiting from Ireland, namely my cousin loves to cycle, so we're going to go for a ride on - I think - Sunday. Plan for this week: Thursday: Commute. ~26mi Friday: Ride to the train station. ~4mi, barely counts. Sunday: Ride with my cousin. Distance undetermined. Might come out a bit low this week due to travel, but that's kind of why I've been racking up the miles for the past 2 weeks. In other news, my handlebar swap was a success! - Removed my old handlebars, disconnected the cables from the brifters, brakes, and derailleurs. - Installed the new handlebars onto the stem, brake levers and shifters onto the handlebars. - Ran new cabling from the brake levers and shifters to the brakes and derraileurs. Took a few test laps around the complex. Shifts like a dream, rear brake needs to be tightened, though. Other than that, all I have to do is wrap some bar tape where I want to put my hands, and reattach my accoutrements! Progress Pics! Before-Cockpit Handlebars, Shifters, and Brake Levers installed. Cabling all done up (out of frame) Where I'm planning on wrapping tape:
  4. Could certainly be the case. Having the saddle higher up makes more efficient use of your leg muscles in your pedal stroke. Having under-inflated tires can also suck a lot of power out of your ride. I don't know what kind of bike you ride, but I might suggest finding a local bike shop and have them do a quick fitting.
  5. Another win from this week is my roommate (nickname Del) showed some interest in getting into biking as a means of getting around the city. Thankfully where I live has plenty of rental bikes, and my partner had a spare helmet, so on Saturday I planned a test ride for her. We grabbed a rental bike for her and hopped on a nearby multiuse trail so we wouldn't have to worry about cars. The trail went for about 4 miles at a slight downhill, and ended at a coffee shop we both like. If Del decided she hated riding, or at least that she didn't want to ride back, we could return the rental bike at the coffee shop and metro home. Otherwise, we'd ride back home. Well within a few minutes of getting on the trail, Del was like "I get it. I get why you would want to do this across the country." Which was (a) a great sign that she was having a good time and (b) super gratifying. The ride down was nice, we enjoyed our coffee, and she decided she wanted to ride back up. The ride back up was hot, but she handled it like a champ. Del is pretty fit, like she likes to run and does some strength training, but I was still super impressed that someone who - by her own admission - hadn't ridden a bike in ~10 years managed to crush like 8 miles on a rental bike. TL;DR I got to share something I love with my roommate and one of my best friends, and she had a good time. Might eventually turn into her buying her own bike ? Who knows.
  6. Sunday 6/26/22 Ride Log: Apparently there's a Vegan Society where I live, and one of the social events they have is a bike ride. Found out about it yesterday, rode it today! Cool folks, and lots of fellow Software Engineers so I got to do some Networking. Pace was gentler than yesterday, so it was a good opportunity to just kind of spin. My partner also came along, which was really nice, because we don't often get to cycle together. Distance: 29.32mi Time: 2:50:41 Avg. Spd: 10.3mph Elevation: 1368ft Also by my calculations, I'm at 246 / 468 miles to ride for RAGBRAI! More than halfway there! Thatll be nice since I'm traveling next weekend to see family, and won't be able to do a ton of riding.
  7. Saturday 6/25/22 Ride Log Calling this one the Greenwater Scramble. Did some portions on a local canal towpath, which is gravelly and the adjacent canal had some sections with algae bloom. Distance: 50.26mi Time: 4:15:49 Avg Spd: 11.8mph Elevation: 1033ft Start of the towpath: Great Falls
  8. Ah yes, GAS, my partner told me about this. With bicycles we call it "N+1". When determining the number of bicycles you need, the answer is always N+1 where N = the number of bicycles you currently have.
  9. Welcome! The NF Blog has a ton of great resources, and the Forums have a ton of friendly folks. I hope you have a great day, too!
  10. Gonna have to use all that spare electricity somehow.
  11. I think this is a good approach. You mentioned cycling . What kind of cycling do you like to do?
  12. Nice. Do you feel like that's enough rest? You'll know yourself better than anyone, but 6 on / 1 off sounds brutal.
  13. A thunderstorm rolled over when I was supposed to ride my bike home. Just a Commute In today, no Commute Out. Commute In: Miles: 12.89mi Time: 1:01:48 Avg Speed: 12.6mph Elevation: 486ft Getting faster bit by bit. If I hit 50 miles on my Long Saturday Ride, I should have 89 miles for the week. With my Baltimore trip putting me ahead of the game, I'll be on track to hit my goal by the end of the Challenge.
  14. I used to eschew apps like Strava, thinking it was just for weight weenies and people who cared too much about KOMs, but I'm finding it very useful to track miles. Additionally, if you do the same route over and over again (like, say, a commute ) Strava will create a graph comparing the average speeds of identical rides, which is great for tracking improvement over time. Becoming my own little KOM, if you will.
  15. Plan for Week One: Monday: Commute. ~26mi. Wednesday: Commute. ~26mi Saturday: ~50mi ride Should come out to >100 miles for the week. The rest of my bike parts should get here by Friday, I think I'm going to try and swap the handlebars on Sunday. Other than that, I want to get better at on-the-bike hydration. I usually hydrate before I ride (good) and once I already feel like crap (bad). So first is getting down the timing, next is figuring out adequate refueling that isn't just buying Gatorade and Mtn Dew at gas stations. I've got a triathlete friend I met on the TransAm who carried hydration / refuel mixes who should be a good person to ask. Essentially I want to be able to ride RAGBRAI without stopping at every gas station for sports drinks. For one, they're expensive; and two, tons of other folks are probably going to be doing exactly that, and I'm afraid of the gas stations running out
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