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  1. First off: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT HOWEVENNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN The story: The day was calm, cool, perfect even. Conquius looks at the sky, and he knows. The end of days was near, and if he was not able to perform in this battle, to control his troops, all would be lost. He had been training his troops, of course, with a combination of strength and speed, with sessions of running and walking and walking to be sure that they would be able to last even the longest of sieges. But this battle was slightly different. This battle would be quick and decisive, with o
  2. Sounds like a test we had to do in middle school that we called the Pacer.
  3. HNNNNNG. Got a massive stitch/generalpaininmyass all up the right side of my abdomen. Combined with the new found stress of IB work, I'm going to give today a pass and try again tomorrow. On the bright side, I managed to Bench 101lbs, officially clearing my second goal! Also, I've begun commuting again, which is 11.5 miles/day of awesome cycling, and I just managed to fit my pannier onto my old bike rack! No more back pain for me on the bike!
  4. As a part of THE KEY SAGA PART III, I'm going to type out my exercises for the next two weeks. Tuesday, September 4th BB Squat 1x5 @ 76 1x5 @ 115 5x5 @ 145 BB Bench Press 1x5 @ 46 1x5 @ 66 5x5 @ 85 1x1 @ 101 Shrugs (In between sets of Benching) 1x6 @ 46 1x6 @ 66 4x6 @ 85 Clean and Press 3x3 @ 25 2x3 @ 40 5x3 @ 56 Pull-ups 2x8 1xF Wednesday, September 5th C25K Intervals: (90s Run 120s Walk) x 6 Thursday, September 6th BB Squat 1x5 @ 76 1x5 @ 115 5x5 @ 150 OHP 1x5 @ 31 1x5 @ 46 5x5 @ 60 BB Deadlift 3x5 @ 115 2x5 @ 166 1x5 @ 215 DB Bench Press 1x6 @ 15 4x6 @ 35 Friday, September 7th C25K Interval
  5. Had to do my run tonight to feel like I accomplished this Mini-Challenge. And I did. Woo!
  6. I will most definitely do that. I'm thinking of building some gymnastic parallettes to try that on.
  7. Hey man, how are your goals going? For pull-ups, instead of doing 1 set to failure, you could try several sets of 5-8 pull-ups. That helped me on my chin-ups.
  8. Update on progress: I've been doing a lot of lifting, which I don't feel the need to record here other than benching. I've been doing some DB Bench on workout days that I'm not doing Barbell Bench in order to help build up my chest. I still have to do that form video. As for running, Week 1 to Week 2 is definitely a step-up, but not to the point that I'm dying. I can easily run a mile at this point with some short walking intervals, but that's not what I'm aiming for. One mile, no walking, no stopping, and possibly under ten minutes? Let's go.
  9. Got this one done. I stayed up a little later than I would've liked, but I compensated for that time. I also didn't skip or miss any workouts, did a club ride on Saturday morning that I wasn't originally planning to do, and went hard on all of my lifting.
  10. Woo! I'm also a Thespian and avid gamer, glad to have you aboard! We have some pretty specific classes that I think you'll like to help you reach your goals. We have the Assassin's Den which has several traceurs and free-runners for all of your parkour questions, we have the Monk's Dojo which has several martial art practitioners, and the Warrior's Forge, which is all about lifting weight and putting on muscle mass.
  11. We all have at least one. If you're on Tumblr, you probably have several. Just to clarify, my definition of a Fandom is a movie, TV show, book, or a series of any sort that you're a fan of past a healthy point. For example, my fandoms are Avatar The Last Airbender (and of course LoK) and Doctor Who. EDIT: Oh dear God how could I forget Pokemon
  12. I'm not too into manga or anime, but I've been told that if I grow my hair out a bit longer that I could be a dead-ringer for the Eleventh Doctor. I have the screwdriver, so now I'm just looking for a good excuse to buy a tweed jacket and some suspenders.
  13. Yeah. MMO's can be deadly. I read an article on the psychological effects that keep people hooked on MMO's. If I understood correctly, it was something along the lines that players felt needed by fellow players, and they felt obligated to keep playing for the well-being of their guild. If it's starting to become a problem (and it became a problem for me), I would say look for a community outside of your MMO. NerdFitness is a good example.
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