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  1. Howdy! I've been doing okay in spite of going dark. I've been doing manual budgeting via spreadsheets. It's pretty satisfying. I've got my December one set up with improvements over November. I burnt out pretty quick on morning workouts, and I've been generally struggling with my Wake-Up Time. SAD hitting hard. Working on it in the next Challenge. Lots of wins this Challenge. Happy overall.
  2. I was going in to work exhausted.
  3. Adventure Updates. I mentioned that 50-miler I went on with Keeliope last weekend. Well I met a couple who rides on Rail Trails on their E-Bikes, and they told me about Pine Creek Rail Trail in north central PA. I'm going to ride it this weekend with Da'Vi. It's supposed to be this really gorgeous, remote trail, with one section called the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. Main challenge is going to be the cold. We got a motel to stay at, so we won't have to worry about camping. It's supposed to be around 40 degrees, so I'll be layering up. Will post pics.
  4. Monday 11/14/22 Chores After Dinner. Last night was Calypso's night to do dishes, but they had to leave for a work trip early this morning, so I did the dishes while they packed. Bed On Time. A little late to bed. Get Up, Get Out. Up at 530 to drive Calypso to the airport. AOTSW. No workout bc was driving Calypso to the airport. Weekend Updates. Traveled to my hometown for the weekend. For the sake of consistent fantasy naming, we'll call it Richmount. Calypso got a tattoo from an artist there, and I drove them & tagged along. Got to see some of my Richmount friends. Two of them bought a really nice house in the countryside, and I might help them do some house projects in the future. Made off like a bandit at a bike shop that was having a 50% off sale. Got some socks, reflective leg warmers, a base layer, and a new helmet for Del (very highly rated by the VT Helmet Lab, only $20 since it was on sale). Challenge Updates. I'm reconsidering the parameters of the workout part of my challenge. Waking up at 6 to lift, then going to work is not working for me, but I still want to use that time productively. I've considered using that time to write for my D&D Campaign. I came to an odd realization recently. It's common DM advice to steal and repurpose as humanly possible, but I realized that I've been relying on that too much because I don't believe in my own creative abilities. I've been afraid of starting my campaign back up because I'm afraid I either won't be able to keep up with it, or it won't feel worth the 2-year hiatus we went on due to COVID. I feel kinda dumb writing that out, but it is what it is. So here's my Challenge Update: I'm going to get up morningly at 630 to do some D&D writing. No structure yet. If any of my fellow writers have exercises or practices they like to do to get going wrt writing, hit me up.
  5. Howdy, dropped off for a bit. Got in 70ish miles on my bike over the weekend. Did a 50-miler around the city with my friend from the TransAm on Saturday, then did a 20-miler with Del (helped her set a distance PR!) on Sunday. Del flipped over her handlebars at like mile 6. Grabbed the left brake while going downhill with a front-heavy bike. Dented her basket and scraped up her elbow, but she finished the ride like a champ. We found this cute cafe / thrift shop at our turnaround point, and got to chill there for about an hour. Got sick on Monday. Sore throat & sinus headache, so I let myself sleep in Monday & Tuesday. I've got some updates on how I want to use my mornings, because lifting in the morning before work is not working for me.
  6. My night to cook dinner. Made a baller Massaman Curry with a sauce I found on a random trip to While Foods. Served it over Basmati Rice.
  7. Friday 11/4/22 Chores After Dinner. Took care of dishes after work. Came back around and finished the dishes after dinner. Bed On Time. This one was um.. complicated. Won't get into it here. Get Up, Get Out. Up at 630, started my morning routine, sat on my bed for 15min. AOTSW. 175lb Deadlift 3x5
  8. Thursday 11/3/22 Chores After Dinner. Not my night to cook or do dishes. After I got home from work, I unpacked my bike bags, took a shower, and started laundry. Bed On Time. Not sure what happened, wasn't in bed til nearly midnight. Set my alarm for 630, got almost 6 and a half hours of sleep. Get Up, Get Out. Got up at 630, sat back in bed for a solid 15min AOTSW. Wasn't feeling 100% so I did my main lift and called it. 25min. OHP 5x5 at 80lbs. Feeling kind of wiped going into work
  9. Rebalanced my budget a bit. 40% Essentials, 25% Discretionary, 35% Savings. I added line items in Essentials for Bike Maintenance and Clothes. I started shopping around for a new bank. I found some credit unions with good rates on savings accounts. Similarly started shopping around for a new credit card. Seems like a lot of the ones I found had a really high APR. If I don't intend on carrying a balance on my CC month-to-month (i.e. I pay off my Credit Card in full at the end of each month), how much do I need to worry about APR? Felt good to make some initial progress.
  10. Wednesday 11/2/22 Chores After Dinner. Grocery night. I stayed behind, meaning it was my night to do dishes, set out the bins, and clean the kitchen. Started after I signed off work, and was done before 6PM. Took a bit longer to get my bike commute stuff together. Bed On Time. Headed up to bed around 930 because I knew I had an early start today. Get Up, Get Out. Got out of bed, turned off my alarm, sat back in bed for about 15min. Not bad, not optimal. AOTSW. Bike commute today. 50ish minutes taking a hilly shortcut through a fancy neighborhood. Much better than the 1h 10m that the scenic route takes.
  11. Not a clue, unfortunately. Everything I'm finding online says yes, and to freeze it into like ice cubes.
  12. Tuesday 11/1/22 Chores After Dinner. My night to cook dinner. Threw together a homemade vegan pad Thai with some side broccoli. Crushed it, Calypso & Del loved it. Truly homemade Pad Thai sauce with tamarind puree is a huge step up. Bed on Time. In bed around 11, which was a little late, but enough time to get my z's Get Up, Get Out. Set the alarm for 630 so I could guarantee 7+ hours. AOTSW. Squat Volume Day - likely to be my longest day. In the gym by 7, under the bar for my first warm up set by 710. Set my stopwatch, 44 minutes passed by the time I finished my last circuit. I was diligent about setting timers between work set timers, so that was good. 175lb squat for 4x5. This weight felt good and challenging. Didn't get a chance to review my budget last night. After work I immediately started on dinner, then I had to drive Del home from her mom's house, then it was basically bed time. Tonight is grocery night, I'm staying home and taking care of chores, so I ought to have extra time.
  13. Took half of Monday off to get some extra sleep and ended up feeling better. Tomorrow is Nov 1st, which means I'm tracking my purchases. Tomorrow night is also Grocery night, and I'm not planning on doing anything different. I'm going to take another pass at my budget tonight, adjust my percentages, and include bike maintenance and clothes as a line item under Essentials. My brake pads on my bike are running pretty low, so I think I'll use some of my budget to replace them.
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