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  1. Hey kids, Looks like I dropped the ball once again, just back from a weekend with the Red Knight/Cardinal and all's good. Will try and post something from work tomorrow, need to do house chores before bedtime, 5:15 am comes early
  2. Hey kids, My trip through the magical mirrored tome took longer than I thought, and I only got back yesterday afternoon. Still trying to get caught up. Post soon-ish <g>.
  3. It's been almost a week since our little halflings adventure in the rock quarry, and he's been busy. Feeling guilty for his over indulgence with the fire water that his friend the Blacksmith gave him, the halfling puts the second one away and keeps himself busy near his home within the grounds of the ruined manor house. Maybe it's the cool bite to the early morning air, or the fact that the sun seems to be setting earlier every night, but petefeet feels an extra push helping him carry out his tasks leaving him foot sore at the end of the day. Realizing that his tiredness is making him cranky towards Mickey the Cat, petefeet reflects upon his mood and realizes that the root of his ill humor is that he misses the Red Knight. Since the weather wouldn't allow him to activate the magical mirrored tome last month, the halfling hopes that the heavy cloud cover that has been blanketing the area in mugginess for days will allow to work tonight. Making sure that Mickey has enough clean water and rabbit jerky to eat, petefeet grabs the magical tome and heads outside to wait for the stars to come out. As he sits there for hours, his mood slowly worsens as the clouds block the starlight needed to make the book work. Just as he's about to give up in defeat, a tiny break in the cloud cover allows the few stars to shine through. Scanning carefully, the halfling tries to make out the proper constellation that will activate the book, and for a brief instant the "Flowing Cup" can be made out, so petefeet lines up the mirrored cover with the stars, and with a shaky hand, traces the star pattern upon the cover.... Hey Kids, Been trying to keep my head down lately, I seemed to have pissed off a co-worker and things are tense at work at the moment. Guy thinks I'm trying to take his "on call" away from him, when in fact I just want some rules in place about procedures so he'll stop calling me when he gets in a jam. We used to be work buddies, but I think those days are behind us, oh well, it's just what I do for a paycheck. My summer's been rather full, which has meant I haven't visit the Red Knight/Cardinal in about a month, something I'm fixing this weekend. It means an early morning for me since it's a 5.5 hour drive, but we plan on checking out a local craft fair and we have reservations for dinner tomorrow night. I've been getting a lot of walks in and the scale is slowly going down, around 194 this morning. Have a good weekend all.
  4. Glad to hear you and your sister had a chat, I know it can be hard.
  5. Well she hasn't said "Yes" yet, plan on asking her at New Years with everything works out. If people would like to see the custom ring I designed (lightsaber, she wanted a nerdy engagement ring), send me PM.
  6. I guess not, I'm just concerned about gas building up, but I'm assuming the shutoff is working correctly. Since a big part of my job is making sure the boilers at my work don't go BOOM, I'm a little paranoid about things like this.
  7. I normally work shiftwork and after a 12 hour shift I rarely want to cook so I've taken to batch cooking and freezing. My go-to's are: Split pea soup (hated it as a kid, love it now) Vegan Chili (not a vegan, just like it better) Cabbage roll casserole (normal cabbage roll stuff but all mixed together) Sweet & sour chicken The best part is, I make them all with my crockpot, usually when I try and sleep during the day. They all freeze well, and by freezing them, I don't have to eat the same thing several days in a row. (hate that) I've never had much luck with sauces, so many sugary carbs in them for me.
  8. And the boiler right? or has that been fixed? Just concerned since "Winter is Coming"
  9. My Third Annual "Year in Review" As a lot of you know, on August 23, 2014, the switch clicked and I was ready to live a healthier life. My journey hasn't been without STRUGGLES, LOWS & HIGHS, and this year has been no different. Around Christmas of 2015 I was at my goal weight of 180 lbs, a number I hadn't seen since junior high. I felt good, my knees didn't ache everyday and I felt good about myself. With this new self-confidence I decided to take a leap and let a long-time friend that I was starting to think of her differently. My gesture was rebuffed and I was plainly told to stay away, that a friendship I considered important wasn't even a friendship in her mind. This heartache and the normal Christmas splurging lead to my STRUGGLES. I gained back 20 of my hard fought pounds. But this LOW turned into the best of HIGHS as it so often does in the movies but rarely in real life. I woman I met at Hal-con last fall, and whom I had been in daily communication with, expressed an interest in me, and the intelligent, beautiful, and passionate Tara Kelly became my girlfriend in February. Daily I'm amazed with the ease that we get along, it really is like we have known each other for years. We both seem to be on the same page regarding our future together and am looking forward to the adventure. With my mind at ease, I have started getting my healthy lifestyle back on track, daily weigh-ins, keeping up on my water intake, no food or booze after 8pm (most nights), and balancing my protein/carb food choices. While I'm still heavier than I would like to be (194.6 lbs this morning) I know I can reach the 180-185 lbs range again. Thank you all for your support, doing this helps keep me accountable to myself. Left is me at 267 lbs in Aug 2014 Right is this evening at 195 lbs
  10. It's been my experience that Mom's suck at knowing what to say. I should my Mom a pic of the engagement ring I put a down payment on for Red Knight/Cardinal, and all I got was "Oh". fml.
  11. Smart move Emma, take care of yourself. Also, you're NOT fat or old! <g>
  12. I wish I could sew, my Mom has tried to teach me several times without success. Thankful my gf can sew! <g>.
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