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  1. I just like more asanas in one session. I followed yogaschool for a year were we sometimes had shorter yogasessions in combination with meditations. This just didn't feel as good as the yogasessions with more asanas. That is why I want to do longer yogasessions. Overview of the week: Goal 1: drinking 1l of water/tea went well, most of the time I drink more then 1l Goal 2: drinking no alcohol 5/7 had a glass of wine yesterday and now I am drinking beer Goal 3: cold showers every day 1/7 > next week I should try to at least take 4 cold showers. Goal 4: follow the warrior diet 4/7 couldn't say no to my cravings every day. No I wasn't really hungry the times I began eating. I just craved food. I will try to stay on the warrior diet next 4 days, longer if possible. Goal 5: Walk for 1 hour, at least once a week. Done, went shopping this week with a friend. I know this is probably not the walking speed I would walk if I would wlak normally, but considering I stood up for two hours and walked around. I feel like this is already a better upgrade than the couch. Goal 6: Do at least 1 1-hour yoga session every week 0/1 Goal 7: Core workout once a week + when running 0/1 I feel bad about those last two, next week better.
  2. Couldn't do the warrior diet yet because I still had to take some medication which have to be taken with food. But from tommorow I'm almost meds free. At least untill the evening. Drinking 1L every day went well, most of the time I drink even more. Certainly know I don't drink alcohol, if I go to a bar I order some tea's or healthy juices. Yoga was to hard to do for an hour because of a strain in my leg. Can't do much poses when they hurt that much. And then there is a small change in my workouts. Since I took the time to write down the whole planned routine. And I guess I won't even be able to do it totally. I feel like the hill sprints are just to heavy to add with the workout. So I change that goal in trying to walk 1 hour every week. The planned workout I will try monday. Still have to find a system to write it down so I can see my growth etc...: WARM UP: 2 ROUNDS: Walking Deadlifts (Drinking Bird) x 10 Groiners x 20 Donkey Kicks x 10 Mountain Climbers x 20 Leg Swings x 10 Lateral Leg Swings x 10 Iron Cross x 10 Front Lunge x 4 Lunge with Twist x 4 Lateral Lunge x 4 Back to Side Lunge x 4 Backwards Lunge x 4 2 ROUNDS: Donkey Kicks x 10 Scorpions x 20 Push ups x 5 Donkey Whips x 5 Lower Body Crawl x 10 Iron Cross x 20 Australian Crawl x 20 Side Pedestal Leg Lift x 5 Groiners x 10 Hordle Seat Exchange x 10 Leg Cycle x 5 Hurdle Leg Forward x 5 Hurdle Leg Backward x 5 Leg Swings x 10 Lateral Swings x 10 1 ROUND: Front Lunge x 10 Lunge with Twist x 10 Lateral Lunge x 10 Back to Side Lunge x 10 Backwards Lunge x 10 (optional run) WORKOUT 2 ROUNDS: (hold ever pose for 60 sec, minimum rest) Modified Bicycle Plank Leg Extension Side Plank Modified Bird Dog Supine Leg Lift 1 ROUND: Lateral Leg Raises x 30 Clam Shells x 30 Hip Thrusts x 25 Side-Steps x 5 Pistol Squats x 10 Hip Hikes x 20 Iron Cross x 20 (Already sweating....)
  3. I always splash cold water on my face so I know the feeling I am really good with cold temperatures. Only thing that bothers me is cold + wet weather, makes my back totally stiff. But I love cold weather much more than warm weather.
  4. Following because I like your goals (and your spreadsheet is so cool )
  5. Thumbs up! Love your challenge! I think it 's weird how diet or feeding/eating times Work. How easy it comes to thers etc... The earlier I eat in te day means that I have more cravings for bad food, if I am hungry its actually easier for me to choose healthy foods. I also wish you a lot of luck on the running, I am also looking into it. Where do you find tour information? And can you give the name of the app you are using? nothing difficult about that, just heat the pan, put it in, turn it around untill you cooked it at prefered taste, done
  6. Hey Guys, Sorry for starting so late with this challenge. Previous challenge didn't went well because of some mental health issues. And now I have liver problems thanks to the medication I need to take. I felt to bad to start a knew challenge, but all is well now. I'm going to keep it simple, a few goals are things I will try to do everyday. Building some kind of ritual and/or lifestyle. Also trying to start doing a few active things to get some physical exercice structure in my day to day life. Goal 1: drinking 1l of water/tea Pretty much what it says, just looking out that I don't drink to much cafeine or theine while doing this. Goal 2: drinking no alcohol I went this summer without alcohol for three months. I will do fine, I will just miss whiskey from time to time. But since my liver is this bad I decided to try living without alcohol until my liver is healthy. Goal 3: cold showers every day I start with 15 sec cold showers and try to build up to 60 sec cold showers Goal 4: follow the warrior diet I've been doing it on advice of my therapist, its really just a combination of paleo diet and intermittent fasting/OMAD with only one main meal. I already tried it out and the heavy feeling and bloated feeling I get when having two meals when intermittent fasting is something I don't get here Goal 5: hill sprints once every week I have never done those, but I am just going to jump into it, or rather run.... Not over extending or stuff, just exploring it. Next challenge I can go more in depth. Goal 5B: Walk for 1 hour, at least once a week. Goal 6: Do at least 1 1-hour yoga session every week Just time 1 hour I guess and if I have time over I can do some meditation and try to add an asana more for the next sessions Goal 7: Core workout once a week + when running I stumbled on this routine via a post for runners I saw on the nerdfitness blog. Seems very good to build a strong core. I want to try it out on its own and also when I will do my hill sprints. http://strengthrunning.com/2010/05/elite-core-and-dynamic-warm-ups-a-comprehensive-guide/
  7. Hey sorry guys, I had a psychotic episode. I have been in hospital for a few weeks. I honestly don't know how long, a month I guess? But I'm back now. I can think clear now for a week, allthough feeling numb (meds). The good news is that I could start doing IF again and have been doing yoga every day since I'm not in psychosis anymore. I also will go for the next challenge this month. Still thinking what I'm going to do.
  8. Sorry, I was busy on thursday and friday with working in my atelier from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM. But it was worth it. and yesterday I bingewatched Stranger Things . I have been fasting everyday untill 12:00PM. On saturday I even fasted untill 2:00 PM. Only today I took a break as Sunday is my cheatday and had some breakfast early in the day. This is officialy my longest time I have been doing intermittent fasting. And I'm ready to keep this going! As said before I will also make a mini challenge with goals for next week because I have a lot of free time. I will just make a list and see everyday what I will work on, some points will be goals for every day (based on my challenge). drink 3l of water every day IF untill 1:00 PM every day do yoga every day (morning or evening) clean my room unless it is raining I will go anywhere by foot (getting active) read a book for my literature class, I'll try to make +/- 1 hour free every night to read in bed. finnish my summaries for the last 4 books we have seen in Literature class ( 2/day) finnish my summaries for the 3 artists we have seen in art history (1/day) visit Extra City (art gallery) for my philisophy essay (possibly on saturday) visit the zoo to draw animals at least once draw ad sculpt for one of my next works: "glory hole" (if you don't know what that is, don't google it!) draw for my next series of paintings
  9. I'll be joining this batlle!
  10. 25/10 - Fasted untill 12:30 PM - drank 1.5 L water - I feel to wrecked to do something active though, just going to watch some movie or serie and hit my bed. I made a painting today so my day is productive enough. - I'm really tired, so I'm not going to try to wake up at 5:00 PM untill next week. It's also fall vacation then so I have more time to focus on my goals - I'm also thinking about making goals for every day during my vacation, since I don't have really much to do this seems like a good idea. It's like a mini-challenge for this month
  11. Hmmm, i might try it, but won't fix anything immeditaly, I have my physical condition that makes evrthing so goddamn hard
  12. I know that version, but I find the original version better. If I do it a few days in a row my back is more flexible and can take it. Also in my yoga warm up there is a certain move in which my back makes a lot of cracking noises. Since I added the cobra it doesn't make those noises anymore after a while. I didn't really prepare for the longer fasts. It just started as my normal IF but I just wasn't hungry untill I had dinner. So then I just ate dinner. I had to be carefull not to eat to much though. But that's really my problem, my stomach is really to big and I can always eat insane amounts of food. I wasn't working out during those fasts though. I guess that if I workout early in the morning, and then use the tehcnique I described in another post - in which I would wait with drinking coffee for three to four hours later - it wouldn't make much difference for me. Apart from being big, my stomach can also take it a lot before my internal alarm goes off, which isn't really usefull. I really don't know proper amounts or my limits...
  13. Hey man, love your thread! Very nice goals, covering a lot! Some advice on the push ups though, its better to do incline push ups instead of knee push ups. Reason 1 is that your body is more alligned like in a regular push up, this means that you can change easier to a regular push ups, because certain muscle are worked out differently (like your abdominals) Reason 2: you can start very easy, like wall push ups, and then always go down with the angle or height your pushing on, untill you get to the normal push up! I noticed, that drinking water first thing when you wake up, waiting for three to four hours before drinking coffee, and then just drinking coffee untill your break the fast is the best way for me to keep hunger at bay. But most of the time I start drinking coffee the moment I wake up, I like it to much
  14. Woke up (3h to late, but I couldn't fall asleep), and did my yoga. I only did three asanas: upward tree pose: basically standing upright, with your arms and hands as high as possible in the air: stretches the spine very well... standing forward bend: felt I was really stiff and to much rounding my back, not bending from my hips. But hipflexibility is one of my main isues, and I never got it perfect before. Who knows, in time... cobra pose: basically like a push up position but with your lower body (hips, legs feet) on the ground round your back... I couldnt take this long because my back felt very stiff, felt some pain when coming back out of the pose, probably because of lack of flexibility... Hmm, I don't think I have many questions, I did intermittent fasting on and of the last three years... And some days if I'm very busy I totally forget that I want food (so clearly I'm not hungry) and just don't eat for 24 hours without noticing. Thng I lack is consistency, and not doing it for two or three days and then gorging on food for the next month. I once did a 20hour fast, three days in a row. This had great effects on my body and my mind. I think I want to strive for this.
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