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  1. "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly Plants." - Michael Pollan

  2. Hi, Ninja, and thanks for the welcome. WW is a good system that works, but I need to "level up" my fitness goals, so I'll be looking closing at those parts or the forums. And, of course, geeking out. Ernest Cline is a cool dude. He gave away a DeLorean after Ready, Player One was published; he hid Easter Eggs in the print versions pointing to an online puzzle similar to the ones in the book and the winner got the car. I believe he was also involved with the recent dig that unearthed all those Atari E. T. game cartridges that was just in the news.
  3. Ah, the dreaded introductory post. Here goes. I'm 54 and have been around the weight loss block a few times, most recently losing ~130 pounds on WW back in 2006-2007. Since then I've gained about 2/3rds of it back, and while I've made the commitment to going back to WW, this community seems to appeal to my geek side much more. I've been playing with computers since my senior year of HS back in *mumble*1978*mumble* and have built all but a couple of the desktop PCs in this house since the mid-1990s, including my current Linux rig. I'm also a big reader, mostly of science fiction but I try
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