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  1. Hmm, this is interesting information. I guess I always just assume that I'm making a big deal out of nothing. I told a trainer at a gym once and she said it was because my knees were simply weak. Well, that didn't seem right, so that's when I went to the PT who said it "wasn't a big deal." But you're right, they called it crepitus. I will try to find an orthopedic doctor. Thank you!
  2. Those are all very good points. And an interesting story about your mother.. I wonder why she felt she had to lie? It seems like when you get a breast augmentation to 'fix yourself' there's still always something else about you, or even your breasts, that you aren't happy with. Maybe you even become self conscious at that point BECAUSE they're fake? Trying to figure something like that out as a child would definitely be confusing.. I think that honestly, most people get plastic surgery because they find themselves lacking somehow, or to "fix" a problem. But some procedures are more acc
  3. Oh, yay! A hoop thread! I'm taking my first hoop fitness class next week, and if I like it, I'll be moving on to a dancing workshop. I'm kind of scared that I'm going to spend the whole hour dropping the hoop and embarrassing myself. Any advice for a complete noob?
  4. So, JPrev, how should we log if we're doing Steve's BBWW workout verbatim? The amount of lifting involved is probably <10lbs (a milk jug filled with water or sand/backpack filled with books). Seems like it's a bit more legit than the workouts in the fitness magazines you're describing, but maybe not quite as involved as lifting heavy.
  5. [EDIT! Apparently this is not always true about Strength training! -->] Strength training generally doesn't burn a whole lot of calories, so I think MFP just doesn't even count it in your calories burned. If you don't have another way to track your stuff, maybe go ahead and log it anyway just so you can see what you did. But other than that, I don't think it actually affects your MFP numbers. The only thing I'd say is that the BBWW includes jumping jacks and things, so that's probably closer to calisthenics? Either way, I think the amount of calories burned will probably shake out to
  6. I stopped eating most meat a few years back. Now if I eat it, it's mostly fish. Every time I go back home, my mother tells me I am going to die very soon because I do not eat meat with every meal. (Fried bologna is a staple in her diet, and it's worked for her for 68 years, dammit!) I also get "Well..what.. DO you eat?" or the people who want to say "Oh, I couldn't live without ____" as though that's supposed to convince me that I can't either? My best friend is the healthiest beast I know. When she sits down at lunch at work with her spinach/kale/chicken salad, her coworkers scoff at
  7. My friends used to go out to a 24 hour diner after long nights of drunken karaoke. I often found myself there too, either as a designated driver or as a fellow drunk person who was stuck carpooling. After a few ill-advised tuna melts, I started eating right before I went out for the evening. It helps keep you from being ravenous at the end of the night and helps keep your liquor settled too. In my experience, if you just tell people you ate before you came out or you're more interested in getting a drink (gotta stay hydrated), they'll get distracted and won't ask too many questions! I
  8. Hooray for dance! I used to bellydance with a tribal-fusion style troupe in Denver, but since moving to the South Suburbs of Chicago, I haven't really found anywhere to dance. I did find a studio near me that does hoop dancing classes, though, and I'm going to drop in next Tuesday. Has anyone here ever done anything with hoops?
  9. Hmm. Well, I'm definitely not a physical therapist, but maybe you should consult one? My partner was a runner for years and learned that if you don't rehabilitate an injury properly, it can lead to a snowball effect. He injured his quad during his freshman year of college and never rehabbed it. He pushed through the injury instead and then injured his hamstring. After he graduated and gave up running, he was getting injured at least two or three times a year, either from a game of pickup soccer or just standing up weird at work. The last time he was injured, he saw a therapist and got a
  10. Heyy! I'm a Southerner too! (Well, I was born/raised in Mississippi/Memphis) It's always a challenge when your partner is not on board. Just be honest and tell him how important it is to you! Of course, even if your husband understands, your kids probably won't want to give up those cinnamon rolls. I agree with what other posters have said. Make dinner like usual, but maybe just make yourself a salad or steamed veggies for a side instead of the mashed potatoes or noodles or whatever. Steer away from breaded meat and things like that. Seems like you've got a plan! Good luck!
  11. Catan is great! Zombicide has been a group favorite lately. I was just recently introduced to Shadows Over Camelot and Dixit as well.
  12. Oh my gosh, Disco is adorable! I love his little face! I think I'm going to do my personal tracking on a spreadsheet, and then start a 'battle log' like I've seen when the new six weeks start. I think if you browse some other logs, you might be able to get an idea for something that works best for you.
  13. Nice to meet you! What kind of board games do you play?
  14. Ugh, all my weight is on my belly too. You can do it! Good luck!
  15. Hi, I'm Jess. This winter almost killed me. Not literally, but after work and class I would just stay in the house and binge-watch Supernatural while eating fast food. Why would I go out in -10 degree weather? I used to get to the gym a couple days a week, and do some really non-commital exercising that I never logged. As a result I usually maintained my weight, but gained no strength and saw no real changes to body shape or anything. Well, the other day I went to the doctor and discovered I gained ten pounds this semester. Ten lbs since January. I'm tired all of the time, I'm weak, I
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