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  1. Yup! I plan to stick around for a good while this time. Gratsi, it has been my motivational quote of choice through all of my fitness endeavors.
  2. Ah man, the combo can be an absolute slog. 🤣 Thank you! I stream a few different things. I've been playing Hellblade and replaying Fable for solo content, as well as The Forest and Phasmophobia with friends.
  3. The set up for your quest is absolutely masterful and straight up goals!
  4. Day 4 &5: This week has been so amazing. Before I go into it a progress report: Absolutely killing it with gluten free! Next week I'm going to get a food list together for healthier eating choices and decreasing my Starbucks addiction. Hitting my minimum movement requirement which means tomorrow I have to do a full workout no excuses. Today was a fun one though, cause I took my cat on a walk in his new kitty backpack. Trying to get him to associate it with good things rather than the vet or car. Journaling has been sporadic and where I'm falling flat.
  5. Even if you didn't like the baklava it still looks really pretty. 😍
  6. Thank you! I've worked hard to deal with my brain. Day 2 &3 Yesterday was so good!~ I accomplished tasks on my weekly todo list, worked out (leg day was brutal and glorious), and I had the best stream yet! I'm still on a high from last night. Just an absolute blast. Today I've been preoccupied with a lot of busy work (the joys of owning your own business) but I'm breaking up today's movement to stretching before and after my clients tonight. I need to get into the habit of doing so anyway. On the gluten front I've been doing surprisingly well. Removing that o
  7. I definitely feel you on the low energy/mental health front, but keep up the awesome work. Also kudos on 6-7 hours of christmas shopping. I hope marking things off your list has eased some anxiety.
  8. DAY 1: Woke up with mad low mana and the cloud of "BIG SAD" (tm) hovering overhead. I would not be stopped though! Today has been about finding ways to complete my goals while also boosting serotonin. Did I have cookies for breakfast and pizza for lunch? Yes I did! Were they gluten free to keep to my goals, also yes. (May the gods bless cauliflower pizza.) Did I buy a squishmellow that made me smile and lift some of the cloud away? Yes, her name is Alessi, she is a sleepy fox that teaches gym classes and is going to night school to become a nurse. I also grabbed a mana
  9. Time got away from me the last couple of days for posting. My full workouts are either a bodyweight HIIT set or using my Ring Fit. I've been on top of my gluten intake which has been awesome, but the withdraws are a bitch. I've been tired and depressed, but I can recognize that it is temporary. Haven't really worked out since my walk, but again tired and depressed. Definitely glad I started early so I can get this annoyance out of the way. Also haven't journaled as much as I would like, but still better than before.
  10. While technically this doesn't start for a few days I went ahead and got going. Not only was today incredibly productive, between cleaning and long over due errands completed, I also hit my daily goals. Took a short walk (22 minutes) on a new hiking trail, avoided gluten all day, and organized my planner. I even got some reading in. I've decided to start streaming "bedtime stories" on my twitch allowing me to work on dictation and my mild (self diagnosed) dyslexia. 10/10 good day.
  11. Thank you. Financially I've been very lucky, but it's still a bit rough. Preparing for another shut down tbh.
  12. I'm constantly on the wagon and off the wagon with fitness, which frustrates me to no end but the best I can do is keep trying. This time last year I had started really getting into working out and eating right and by the time the pandemic hit I was going to the gym and doing group classes 5 times a week. I felt amazing, I was so proud of my work, and then I stopped. I'm a traveling massage therapist so my income came to a screeching halt and with it all of my forward momentum. Since then I can't hardly convince myself to go for a walk and I've been eating like absolute shit. All
  13. I'm back! Life got all life-y but I'm back! Want me to take up beater or seeker?
  14. Hahah very true. I honestly don't. If anything I eat seaweed chips or (if hunger presents itself) uber eats.
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