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  1. 31 minutes ago, Rurik Harrgath said:

    A new(er) face!  Thank you :D it's been a labor of love for several challenges now but I think I've found something that really works for me now!


    I love the line in your signature by the way.  "I want to be dangerous" is so epic!  And you're damn right.

    Yup! I plan to stick around for a good while this time. 

    Gratsi, it has been my motivational quote of choice through all of my fitness endeavors. 

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  2. Day 4 &5: 



    This week has been so amazing. Before I go into it a progress report:

    Absolutely killing it with gluten free! Next week I'm going to get a food list together for healthier eating choices and decreasing my Starbucks addiction. 

    Hitting my minimum movement requirement which means tomorrow I have to do a full workout no excuses. Today was a fun one though, cause I took my cat on a walk in his new kitty backpack. Trying to get him to associate it with good things rather than the vet or car. 

    Journaling has been sporadic and where I'm falling flat.


    Now for the exciting news! I HIT AFFILIATE ON TWITCH! I know it isn't that exciting, but the state of the world makes my job both risky and less than secure (traveling massage therapist in a pandemic struggles). So, I figure while I'm still okay if I build this up and need something to fall back on it might as well be something I enjoy. I have been on the edge of tears all day with just utter happiness. 

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  3. 22 hours ago, Manarelle said:

    Dang. Way to turn that day around - very impressive. Here's to the next day(s) being better. 

    Thank you! I've worked hard to deal with my brain. 


    Day 2 &3



    Yesterday was so good!~ I accomplished tasks on my weekly todo list, worked out (leg day was brutal and glorious), and I had the best stream yet! I'm still on a high from last night. Just an absolute blast. Today I've been preoccupied with a lot of busy work (the joys of owning your own business) but I'm breaking up today's movement to stretching before and after my clients tonight. I need to get into the habit of doing so anyway. On the gluten front I've been doing surprisingly well. Removing that one thing has been surprisingly easy. Other than a few mosquito bites no strange itchiness and my bloating has gone away. So progress. 



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  4. 2 hours ago, Heidi said:

    Food today: 

    2 c brown rice cooked in broth with an extra dollop of  olive oil, then seasoned with rosemary-oregano-salt-pepper and red wine vinegar. Milk of course. And I have a bowl of raw almonds nearby for snacking (it really needs some black mission figs but this is enough for now).


    I see a kale salad in my future. Edit: probably after a post-meditation nap

    That sounds delicious!

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  5. DAY 1:




    Woke up with mad low mana and the cloud of "BIG SAD" (tm) hovering overhead. I would not be stopped though! Today has been about finding ways to complete my goals while also boosting serotonin. Did I have cookies for breakfast and pizza for lunch? Yes I did! Were they gluten free to keep to my goals, also yes. (May the gods bless cauliflower pizza.) Did I buy a squishmellow that made me smile and lift some of the cloud away? Yes, her name is Alessi, she is a sleepy fox that teaches gym classes and is going to night school to become a nurse. I also grabbed a mana potion and practiced some staff spins. In doing so I busted my lip and was reminded that all of this sadness and tiredness is temporary. I still saw my clients. I still worked out. I am still taking care of myself and if that isn't a good first day I don't know what is. As for reflection I definitely think this counts. It isn't a silent void because there are so many people on here cheering for each other and offering comfort and support, but it is a place I can open up and be honest about where I'm at. It is nice. 

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  6. Time got away from me the last couple of days for posting. My full workouts are either a bodyweight HIIT set or using my Ring Fit. 


    I've been on top of my gluten intake which has been awesome, but the withdraws are a bitch. I've been tired and depressed, but I can recognize that it is temporary. Haven't really worked out since my walk, but again tired and depressed. Definitely glad I started early so I can get this annoyance out of the way. Also haven't journaled as much as I would like, but still better than before. 

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  7. 443830830_catload.gif.bb04a5d44b8543a1d72db2ac5e56c42a.gif

    While technically this doesn't start for a few days I went ahead and got going.  Not  only was today incredibly productive, between cleaning and long over due errands completed, I also hit my daily goals. Took a short walk (22 minutes) on a new hiking trail, avoided gluten all day, and organized my planner. I even got some reading in. I've decided to start streaming "bedtime stories" on my twitch allowing me to work on dictation and my mild (self diagnosed) dyslexia. 10/10 good day.

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  8. I'm constantly on the wagon and off the wagon with fitness, which frustrates me to no end but the best I can do is keep trying. This time last year I had started really getting into working out and eating right and by the time the pandemic hit I was going to the gym and doing group classes 5 times a week. I felt amazing, I was so proud of my work, and then I stopped. I'm a traveling massage therapist so my income came to a screeching halt and with it all of my forward momentum. Since then I can't hardly convince myself to go for a walk and I've been eating like absolute shit. 


    All that to say...


    I want better for myself! I want better habits and I want to be proud of my work. So for the 20 days of this challenge here are my goals:


    1) Rework my diet. I'm going off gluten for this stretch as well. (Mostly because I've been experiencing some odd symptoms and I'll be doing elimination diets to figure out the cause. Starting with gluten.)

    2) Moving 5 days a week. 3 days of general light activity (walking, stretching, dancing to music) for at least 15 minutes. The other 2 days will be full workouts of at least 30 minutes that are reported here.

    3) Journal daily. Whether it is planning the next day or writing about my emotions I need to get back into doing that. 


    Since I am starting again from what is effectively zero I need to start light so that my strictness isn't overwhelming. I know that if I put too much pressure I'll cave and fall flat, but not enough and I will slack and lose track of everything. I know I am better than where I'm at currently, and I can prove it.  

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  9. 2 hours ago, Mad Hatter said:

    I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles, but I'm really happy it's getting better. Depression really is a bag of dicks as you so eloquently put it. ;) 


    Food is both so important and soooo hard when you're in the hole. Do you have any super simple go tos? 

    Hahah very true. I honestly don't. If anything I eat seaweed chips or (if hunger presents itself) uber eats. 

  10. 49 minutes ago, WhiteGhost said:

    Nice!  I think we picked the wrong targets, you are doing way better than me so you should have been the one to cover Mu.

    C'est la vie. I was actually wishing I could switch to chaser and try to get some points on the board. XD

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  11. 4 hours ago, @mu said:


    Yes resting is part of training, it is sometimes the most difficult part :P It's not like you're slacking around anyway!

    Good call on resting the shoulders, it's one of the worst body part to injure as an Assassin. They are SACRED.

    True, and rotator cuff injuries are devastating! I try to make sure to muscle strip the shoulder girdle fairly regularly out of fear. XD

  12. 8 minutes ago, Elennare said:

    I'm really sorry, but I can't do it.  With the way things are going for me right now, I wouldn't be able to do much (if I managed to do anything) and then I'd feel bad for letting my team down.  Keeping up with my own goals is turning out to be way harder than I thought it would be this go round... :(

    Hey, we got you. No stress. Everyone that can will just have to pour one out for you... err rep one out for you? Regardless you'll be there in spirit. ❤

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  13. Things have been difficult lately. My depression has been just awful, but I'm feeling better. Still not happy, but I no longer want to die so we are climbing out of this hole. I finally took a day off this past Sunday. I like to think it helped a little. I also realized how important food is(not that I didnt know before) Monday when light weight training almost killed me.


    Anyhow! I'm back again. Yesterday marked the first of many early morning session with an old friend. 


    Monday> Quidditch 

    3 sets
    -15 TRX pull ups
    -(15 TRX push ups)
    -(5 minutes rope climb)
    -5 assisted pull ups (-130)
    -15 later pull downs (65lbs)
    -15 cable bicep curls (20lbs)



    Athena's Playbook>History of Magick

    Day 14(Combat) & 15(Yoga) [42 minutes]

    Combat- 3 sets

    20 combos(cross+jab)

    20 combos(cross+jab+squat)

    20 combos(back fist+ front kick)

    20 combos(squat+side kick)


    Defense Against the Dark Arts

    7 minutes tumbling 

    2.5 minutes handstand (entire shoulder girdle is tired from pulls yesterday. T.T)




    20 minutes (low back and hips)

  14. Depression and anxiety are a bag of dicks, and it seems like it has been going around something fierce lately. You hit the bottom though. It feels cold and lonely, but the only way left to go is up. So keep looking after yourself and being amazing. ❤❤❤

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