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  1. Mad Hatter works for me! I'll add it to the doc.
  2. Switched to Beater: 150 reps today 3 sets 15 TRX pull ups (15 TRX push ups) (5 minutes rope climb) 5 assisted pull ups (-130) 15 later pull downs 15 cable bicep curls
  3. Gym workout> Quidditch (300 core reps) -3 sets- (1 min plank) 20 Bridges 20 Crunches (20 Kick backs) (20 Mountain climbers) (20 Clams) 20 Oblique crunches BL 20 Partner Crunches 20 Medicine ball pass
  4. Next week is against the Puffs. Likely gonna be a good fight. Does anyone want to take up seeker position. I dont mind switching to Beater.
  5. Oh gods, it is so easy to feel inadequate and like you should just quit. Brains are dumb sometimes but you can totally overcome this!
  6. mkdutch

    Hufflepuff this

    Don't hurt yourself! I'm coming for you guys next week!
  7. The last few days I have honestly been doing bare minimum. The first couple days of a period always knock me out between pain and fatigue. Wednesday Defense Against the Dark Arts> 15 minutes of headstand practice History of Magick>20 minutes Athena's Playbook (cardio... I still dislike burpees) Thursday History of Magic> 12 minutes Athena's Playbook (lower body) Transfiguration> 30 minutes (frog pose became painful at some point recently. Need to focus on flexors for a bit) Today History of Magick> 18:00 Walk/Run/cooldown (.99 miles) // 14 minutes Athena's Playbook (abs, separate from Quidditch) Transfiguration> 20 minutes lower body stretching Defense Against the Dark Arts> 20 handstands Quidditch> 180 reps 3 sets -20 standing oblique crunches (BL) -20 standard crunches -20 straight leg raises
  8. That makes a lot of sense. It's easier to shift balance in smaller or larger increments because of how hands are designed.
  9. I actually had the idea that they would be less stable. I'll have to try that next round.
  10. Yeah... after this I moved to the wall, set my myself too far back on my head, and rolled over my neck. Bright side my UT only seized up and I'm a massage therapist. So, it won't set me back much. Gotta be careful though. ^_^'
  11. mkdutch

    Hufflepuff this

    Watching the parallettes progress is inspiring. I'm excited to get stronger with basic things so that I can start doing stuff like this.
  12. Yeah, it's foam squares, so it isn't a big deal. I order a gymnastics mat yesterday though. That on is not getting left out.
  13. I'm not done with today's work but I'm excited. Sometimes progress isn't graceful. A lot of progress is falling and looks like failure. I can't kick up into a handstand yet so I started at a headstand to get used to the feeling. I did it, I flopped immediately, but I did it. Also, I can tell a difference in my strength, things are easier. It's rather exciting. Keep flopping till you succeed guys!
  14. Adjusted my standing obliques from yesterday~
  15. A friend and I are looking at Unis out there. it is a lot of fun! It's less scary now.
  16. Adding a new personal challenge. Looks like I may be moving to Germany come 2020. I need to study the language daily.
  17. Good! ... didnt see all the other comments. XD Good to it being intense.
  18. 120 added! Knocked out 3 sets of 40 standing oblique crunches (20 each side) on my break. ❤❤❤
  19. The struggle is real, my friend!
  20. mkdutch

    Hufflepuff this

    Hahah I never even thought of that. I guess you could. It is really useful for trigger points and getting into the low back and glutes though.
  21. mkdutch

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    Yeah! They are great. We use them on ourselves at work all the time. XD
  22. mkdutch

    Hufflepuff this

    You can also look into massage canes. They have more pinpoint accuracy and good for releases.
  23. mkdutch

    Hufflepuff this

    How are you using the peanut? Floor or wall?
  24. Haha yeah, I struggle with kicking up into the handstand and still trying to get used to being upside down. Also my ceiling is super low. XD
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