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  1. I present to you, a preview of the Aerial class. There was no silks, but that's okay because Lyra is always a painful blast! I call this, Majora's Woman in the Moon. I am a graceful swan~
  2. Thank you! Just an update for the weekend: SO! Here are the missions: -Go to parkour classes every other week (this will start 1/12 since I went last week) -Do yoga 2x a week 1/2 complete - Meditate 3x a week 1/3 complete - Hit the gym 2x a week 1/2 complete Also, my Speech is written and approved, I am half way done with a wedding gift for this Saturday, and attempting to mentally prepare myself for Aerial after all of that. Wooh! Go team!
  3. So, I wanted you all to be the first to know that I was just asked to speak at my graduation! So, I have until Saturday to prepare a speech! (Yay sub quests!)
  4. If you live in the states I can ask some of my Ninja Warrior friends if there are any training areas in your area. They are seriously all over the place, and I live vicariously through them so I know those feels. XD
  5. Ooh! Have a blast! Ireland is beautiful from what I understand!
  6. Those are the best! You will be good to go then!
  7. ^///^ Thank you! I'll be sure to not disappoint.
  8. Will do! My burlesque troupe is doing a show on Valentines, and I am singing Funny Valentine as Jessica Rabbit. Super excited! The workshop is Lyra and silks, and the instructor is a lot of fun.
  9. Thank you! There will most certainly be pictures, especially for the Aerial workshop. I will not, but we get to dress nice, which will be fun.
  10. Love the Lion King theme! As always you can do it! You are going to be amazing!
  11. Wow! Have a blast traveling and I hope your flights are speedy, safe, and quiet!
  12. God speed, or Assassin Speed! You can definately do it! Hand stands are hella cool, and will be totally worth it!
  13. The New Year has not started out in the best way possible, but because of this I have already made some important life changes. One of which is to stop drinkng alcohol, and the other is to become stronger in body and mind. I've sort of been flaky the former as of late, but (regardless of New Years) now is the time to kick things back into gear and drag myself out of my hole. SO! Here are the missions: -Go to parkour classes every other week (this will start 1/12 since I went last week) -Do yoga 2x a week - Meditate 3x a week - Hit the gym 2x a week Some side missions that are already planned: -Graduation ceremony 1/10/15 (This will be known as "The Day Everything is Happening") (Sub quest for above: Present a graduation speech) -Attend an Aerial Acro workshop 1/10/15 (which if you are in the Tampa, Florida area and wish to go to the workshop message me) -Enjoy my birthday, because I made it through another year! 1/24/15 - Make a Jessica Rabbit costume for Valentines Day The Main goal for this 6 weeks is to create a healthy routine for myself and to for good habits. So I send you all well wishes and can't wait to see us all progress!
  14. It has been a crazy couple weeks! I've been at the intersection of internet time, social life, sleep, and exercise where I can only choose 2 things. So, outside of work and school I have been preoccupied with my social life and exercise. Last week I managed to combine my social life with exercise when at Howl-o-Scream, but needless to say I am wiped and rambling. So, yeah. Hitting the gym and walking has been good, but the climbing has been a bust. Two weeks ago it was just complementing strangers for my good deeds, but last week I volunteered at a library for a fun zombie event. :3
  15. UPDATE TIME FOR LAST WEEK!!! 1) Work out at the gym twice a week. Completed 100%! I ended up stalling until Sunday for the second gym visit, but I woke up around 4:30. Enjoyed a lovely breakfast and then hit the gym before work. I will not lie, I was none to pleased at being awake at such an hour, but it was done and I am proud! 2) Go for a relaxing walk once a week. Complete! Went to a park on Thursday just before sunset and walked around. I should have taken the time to climb some trees but... 3) Climb something once a week. Not complete. I just didn't do it. There are no excuses why, I just didn't. 4) Do something nice for a stranger once a week. As previously stated I purchased cookies for the new freshmen. I also stated giving random compliments to people I encounter at work. There is really something lovely about telling someone their hair is awesome or their clothes look nice and seeing their face light up.
  16. Oh darling, Sean of the Dead is beautiful! It is a comedy and you simply must see it. I had one of my classmates do some compression on them. It certainly helped as my legs are hardly sore at all today.
  17. Mushrooms are amazing and I am super jealous! I need to go to the Saturday morning market over here and see if they have awesome deals like that! Also, heck yes to ice skating!!
  18. Tea is truly a wonderful thing, and I can tell you are embracing the UK. The zombie part makes me want to watch Sean of the Dead by the by. Despite the protests I made I did, in fact, drag myself to the gym. Today I am enjoying the ever so lovely DOMS though, but it is worth it.
  19. Thank you everyone. Update: 1) Work out at the gym twice a week. (1/2 complete after my classes tonight) 2) Go for a relaxing walk once a week. (not complete) 3) Climb something once a week. (not complete) 4) Do something nice for a stranger once a week. (COMPLETE: Bought cookies for the new freshmen to welcome them to the school.)
  20. You can do it!! Knock this challenge out of the park!
  21. Thank you, I wanted to have fun with it and not feel overwhelmed. At this stage in my life I really can't go over board.
  22. Haha, I am and I do. It's been rough. Glad to see you are still around!
  23. God speed, my friend! You can do it. I'll be watching.
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