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  1. Yay handstands! Glad I made it part of my personal challenge. I would wait on the handstands if that is the case. No need to make it worse. >.<
  2. She is incredible! Glad you joined, you'll love it here. ^.^
  3. Just for the record, silks are a serious work out and my arms are killing me! Also, I'm not very good, but I will get there and I learned that I can hang for 10 seconds underhand, and 5 seconds overhand. So, things to learn from me before doing silks: have good upper body, lower body, and core strength; and make sure you have good flexability.
  4. That is very true. The way they've been, they probably would. >.<
  5. Nice increase in weights! I'm not a numbers person so I am no help there. XD
  6. Huh, I'll have to try those too. Thank you. I'll let her know. We watched it three times because we were all so amazed. XD Everytime I start to panic I'll remember that. Those little guys may just save me.
  7. Following! Your goals look awesome, you can do it. Especially the swing dance part. I need to find a dance partner and go on Sundays to the local rec down here. It is such a great dance style. >.<
  8. What are Negatives? We watched that in our class! I was on the verge of an anxiety attack when the walking protiens came on. They were so cute and look all kinds of groovy. XD
  9. Thank you both very much! ^.^ I'll definitely come to you if I get lost, Alanna. ^.^ As for the pull up I'll start with just a hang to get used to my body weight and gradually start to pull it up. That and couple it with other upper body exercise. ^.^
  10. Hahah, I don't follow football much, but I do have to pledge my loyalty to the Bucs.... No matter how awful they get they will always be my home town team.
  11. You can do it! I'm going to have to steal the Yoga for splits picture you've got too. Very cool!
  12. Okay... so I am adding a new mini challenge to this quest. Pass my A&P class with an A. We are on cells and they overwhelm me to the point of anxiety. So I will need motivation to not panic and skip class. XD
  13. Oh my gosh! I love the story. I am definitely going to keep an eye on your story. Also, wicked awesome missions and goals!
  14. Thank you! I'll let you know how it goes. I haven't taken silks, but I have taken Acrobatics. Almost half of my friends do some sort of circus based sport(?) so I know where to go. Thank you so much. I am definitely not a techie. I can act all day and talk to anyone, but ask me to do hyperlinks(which I didn't even know it was called that other wise I would have googled it) and I am at a loss. XD
  15. Leaving her with the dagger the elf waved Dutch a good bye and vanished into a back alley. Odd looks were cast in the Orc's direction as the sea of black clad assassins hurried on their way. Dutch's moss green attire made her stick out like the moon in the night's sky, so she ducked her head and moved down the street. A large building in the center of the city loomed ahead of her and seemed to be the best place to start. As she approached the door a man stepped from a near by shadow. "Where do you think you're going?" "I'm here to ask permission to train with the assassins," Dutch stated. "We don't get many Orcs coming to train," the man laughed. "You're at the wrong building for that though. I'll take you to the school." "Do you take me for a fool? I may not be framil..." "Fine, don't take my help. Don't say I didn't try," he turned to walk away and Dutch reached slowly for the door handle. Something was odd. As her hand neared the door the faint tingle of electricity danced along her fingers. Dutch pulled back, "Hey! Where is that school again," she shouted. The door was electrified, that's what he meant. Why was the door electrified? "Huh, you aren't as dumb as I thought. Come on." Main Quest: Conquering My Body- Be able to hold a hand stand for at least 10 seconds, have a full side split(BL) and straddle split, fight my fear of the floor, and do a pull up. Missions: Weightless: Practice hand stands twice a week Boneless: Intense stretching three times a week and light stretching the other four days Fearless: Start taking silk lessons Powerful: Continue body weight training Side Missions: Go some where or do something new Pass A&P with an A (Can some one tell me how to put a link in the signatures so that it says what I want it to but will take you to a web page when clicked?)
  16. Hello you lot! I just finished my Level 1 challenge and I am happy to say that I will be joining this guild to continue working on my flexibility and body weight training.
  17. Haha, I will have to keep all of those in mind. It is such a great city! If I ever need to plan a trip there and don't know what to do, I know who to ask.
  18. Thanks you guys. Things will turn around, I just have to keep my chin up. >.<
  19. A friend and I are doing the Tough Mudder in November. We'll be going on Sunday and I wanted to know if any of you lot would care to join us. It'll be my first mud run, and I believe hers as well.
  20. Thanks for the warning! I'd say I will be more prepared now, but I probably won't be. Funny enough we went on their Vampire Tour because I am a sucker for vampire history(punintended). We had Jill, and she was a blast. I told my friends when we go back we have to do their tours again.
  21. Sounds good! I have accepted you. Spike is my favorite character, the transition from bad guy to good guy is beautiful. Especially when he gets the chip! (Fun fact, I met James Marsters at MegaCon in Orlando and he as really nice and in a band.) Hey man, Grad School is what's up! Definitely focus on that, but make sure you can have some fun times as well. We don't need you going crazy.
  22. I'm planning on doing mostly body weight training, but I'll probably throw in some cable work and free weights from time to time. I know I want to do more with the TRX Bands that my gym has.
  23. Ah, it was great! My friends and I are going back on Halloween 2015. I've been told it is like Mardi Gras but with less tourists.
  24. What happens when someone with a gypsy soul has time off? New Orleans adventures. 16 hrs of driving, and it was totally worth it!

  25. My Main Quest is to prep to be an Assassin/Druid hybrid. -Missions: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (100%) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week(100%) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (100%) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (100%) -Side Quests: None completed 1) Go to the beach and watch the sun set 2) Go Kayaking 3) Finish Season 2 of Zombies, Run! Even though I didn't complete the side missions I feel like new ones popped up. It is so strange how it happened too. I went from a 5k to a rope tower to New Orleans. This has probably been the strangest and most amazing past three weeks of my life. Of all things, I didn't expect this to be how I started to level up. Thank you, I've noticed you've been keeping up on the thread. I appreciate the silent support. I can honestly say that I think I passed. I've done things that I don't think I would have done without starting here. I actually just got back from New Orleans so I am a bit tired and decided that I won't be finishing the story right now, but pick it back up when the new challenge starts again. The Assassin guild is exactly what I am looking for and I have been thinking about what I want to do. This is what I decided: Main Quest: Conquering My Body Missions: Weightless: Practice hand stands twice a week Boneless: Intense stretching three times a week and passive stretching the other four days Fearless: Start taking silk lessons Powerful: Continue weight training Side Missions: Go some where or do something new
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