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  1. Haha thank you. It was absolutely terrifying! After about 45 minutes though it got better. I know the lot of us want to go again. XD I won't lie though, I got stuck on the first course I hit with nothing to hold on to. It was just oddly angled wood planks and your harness and about two planks in I started losing control of my breathing. I legit just stood there with my eyes closed and tried to remember that I wasn't 3 stories up. XD It was so much fun though!
  2. Over an hour had passed when the Orc finally pulled herself to the top of the cliff. The height was dizzying and she swayed as she looked down. She wasn't certain how she would manage getting back to the river if needed. Taking a breath she backed away from the edge and took in her surroundings. Another river turned into the waterfall next to her. There seemed to be nothing other than trees for miles. Suddenly an elf came bounding from the forest on the other side of the waterfall. It jumped from stone to stone with ease as it crossed the edge of the cliff, not once hesitating or slipping. Once it reached her side it sputtered to a stop. "Rather far from home, aren't ya?" the elf questioned, hand close to her dagger. "Don't really see how that's any of your business," Dutch barked back. "What are ye doin' out this way? Yur in assassin country after all." Dutch perked up looking a bit shocked, "Then I'm close? Would you point me in the direction of your headquarters?" "Why should I do that? Your kind are notorious for not gettin' along with the assassins after all," the elf scoffed. "I want to train with your kind." Taken aback the elf smiled, "You think you can keep up? Tell ya what, if you can keep up with me I'll take ya to the 'headquarters'. Get ready to run, Orc!" With that the elf ran to a nearby tree and slung her sack over a vine that lead back to the ground. She pushed off and sailed down. Mid Week findings and triumphs: Went zip lining and did a rope course Oh god, rope courses are terrifying Like seriously! Also, doing weapons training starting next Thursday Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (56% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (50% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (48% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (33% Complete) So, fun facts: 1) I decided I wanted to go rock climbing after writing the last update, but the rock climbing place was closed so we went to MOSI where we did their 3-story rope course and zip line thing. 2) I am terrified of heights. 3) Half way through it started to rain and we were at the very top of the course. If I weren't with friends and the nice supervising guy weren't there I would not have survived the event. BUT! I did it and it was a blast and now my body hurts.
  3. Ankles sore and body heavy, Dutch followed the river west. She hurt much more than she'd like to admit, but still she trudged on. The first week had reached its end and she was still uncertain of whether she was headed in the right direction. Gradually she neared the river's end and stared at the towering wall of stone before her. Two options dawned on her, one she could climb the wall and get a better lay of the land, or two continue walking aimlessly and hope to find the right path. Climbing seemed to be the only logical option, but night was quickly approaching and Dutch could use the rest. Week One findings and triumphs: Ran a 5k! Adductor muscles have begun loosen. Weight for arms/pecs/traps- 25lbs Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (33% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (33% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (33% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (33% Complete)
  4. Good luck with the trainer!! I might have to try early mornings, I have been going after my classes at night (around 10pm) and I started bringing a friend, so that has helped. I checked out the body weight exercise and it looks like a great start. It'll help with form before I get carried away. Haha! That is an excellent idea! I think I'll have to try that.
  5. Thank you very much. My flexability is no where how I want it but I love stretching. So if you want any ideas for different parts of your body let me know. I'm currently at 25lbs that I am able to lift with some difficulty. I do a combination of weights and body weight workouts. (I'll usually transition from standing stretches to seated with the crow pose... or attempt it at least.) I'll definitely have to check out the Beginner Body Weight workout though. I've also found that when I go to use free weights or kettle bells I forget all the techniques I had researched and feel like a fool. I need to figure out how to over come that as well. ^.^
  6. Haha you guys are all so sweet. Thank you. I'll keep trying my best!
  7. Pardon my fan girling, but *clears throat* I freaking love that series!!! Oh my god! Talk about a great role model!! Almost no one has read those Alanna! I need to read the other series as well. Ahhh!! You made my day, Ms Lioness. *clears throat again* Sorry about that. Yes, you will do a damn good job. Yes! Keep up the hard work.
  8. I'm digging the story line thus far! Can't wait to see more.
  9. Welcome! You are going to do great! I am definitely going to have to check out 30 Day Yoga Challenge. That sounds wicked. Once you get downward dog you will love it. It is a great way to stretch your calves too. If you need or want more incentive to tracking your meals check out gympact. you can make money off of eating healthy and exercising. It is super worth checking out. Have fun! I'll try to stop by from time to time.
  10. Thank you. It is great, 'cause I have no idea where the character is going. By the end of it all I might just have a legit story. Haha! The 5k just kind of happened. I signed up for it back in March (maybe April) and then things fell threw. When I started this journey I didn't think I would be participating. I've done 5ks in the past, but I was in slightly better shape than I was this time, so it was most definitely difficult. My main goal was to keep moving (which I did successfully). I start my stretches standing feet hips or shoulders width apart and touch my toes until I am comfortable. Then I move my feet together and repeat. From sitting I do single leg stretch and then stradle stretch and follow it with butterfly stretch. Honestly stretching is my favorite part. >.<
  11. Welcome! You'll like it here I am sure. As for tips, stores like Aldi's and Save A Lot are awesome! You can get cheap meats and dairy as well as frozen products. If you buy frozen food make certain it isn't a microwave meal but frozen chicken breast or frozen fruits. If you have any produce stands or farmer's markets those will usually save you tons of money. Also, planning your week ahead of time helps and don't buy what you don't need. I hope that helps.
  12. A loud crash sounded behind Dutch. Spinning she caught a glimpse of creatures surging around her. They were heavy footed things that towered above her. Without thought or hesitation the Orc sprinted from them. With all her will she pushed forward hitting her wall much too quickly. Though she didn't move as quick as the elves or halflings she soon found that the creatures were slower. She could stop to walk from time to time without much fear, but remembered to keep her breaks short. She took quick turns and changed direction, but for nearly forty five minutes they followed her. Finally, not quite an hour had passed and she had lost them. Finding a stream she collapsed gulping down the cool water. She strained her ears listening for the heavy steps but none came. She was safe for now, but suddenly realized she was completely lost. Easter Egg Mission: Run, Run, Run as Fast as You Can! Run a 5k Mission Complete// Time 58:49// Times stopped: 0 I knew there was a 5k today, I had even signed up to do it. Unfortunately the person that was supposed to fill in for me told me a few weeks ago she couldn't cover and I couldn't get anyone else to cover. Until yesterday that is my boss told me that if I wanted to go she would cover the desk and I could just come in to work when it was over. So now I am sitting at my desk with nasty hair and loving every minute of it. (Now to just work on my speed and stamina and kill it next time.)
  13. The Orc leaned against the thick oak tree breathing a heavy sigh. She had impressed herself during her runs, continuing for a half hour straight the past two days. The only trouble was she found she needed to slow her pace frequently. She had concluded her stretching earlier and found that much of her childhood flexibility had diminished. She bit into the rabbit she cooked earlier and stood. The Assassins were another two and a half weeks away and sitting around was getting her nowhere. It was time to press on. Mid week findings: Lost my back bend, but can still get half way there in a hinge Adductor muscles are very tight in legs Sitting straddle is close to 100 degrees, maybe a bit more Can use the elliptical for 30 minutes solid, but have to slow to a near walk about 15minutes in. Can manage to regain speed after a few minutes. Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (22% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (0% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (14% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (0% Complete)
  14. Hello to you too. Thank you, and that is true. I'll have to keep an eye on you as well.
  15. Loving this community!

  16. Thank you. I mostly play table top, but I do play Secret World. Awesome, thank you. I appritiate the support. What? That is too cool. I'll have to check it out. I am a novice so at the moment I am trying out different types. Like tonight I am going to give kettle bells a shot. Not quite strong enough for the big stuff yet though. I am so behind, it isn't funny. I used to keep up with it, but you know how life is. I am a little more than half way through season 2 though. Thank you again!
  17. Oooh, Foundation Training sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing.
  18. God speed! You can do it!!
  19. Finally got to edit it so that it was a bit more exciting.
  20. The sun beat heavy on the Orc's brow. There were no war cries. No songs. Those she once called family hid in their homes in shame. Their daughter was meant to be a warrior. Tall, strong build, and stubborn she was expected to be powerful. The eve before last she told her parents she wanted to train with the Assassins and Druids, only to be thrown from her tribe. She had but a day to gather her belongings and leave. Now as she set off into the woods she bid her final fairwell. Her tribe's war cry bellowed from deep in her chest and echoed off the trees and across the valley. There was no response, and she walked on knowing she would never return to her family. My Main Quest is to prep to be an Assassin/Druid hybrid. -Missions: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week -Side Quests: 1) Go to the beach and watch the sun set 2) Go Kayaking 3) Finish Season 2 of Zombies, Run!
  21. Hey you lot, MK from sunny Florida here! I'll be starting up my first challenge soon and I'm definitely stoked! Who else has the pleasure to live in this lovely state with its bipolar weather? My Main Quest is to run a 5k completely. -Missions: 1)Use the Elliptical 3x a week 2) Use the Treadmill 1x a week 3) Train with Zombies, Run! 5k Trainer -Side Quests: 1) Save $100 2) Start on "Fan-Girl Handkerchiefs"
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