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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to all the veterans, active military, and the families that support them. Happy memorial day, rebels.
  2. You did great! Your next goals look awesome, and pull ups are so hard, but you can do it. Also, swing dancing is incredibly fun! If you use myfitnesspal you should add me (I've been trying to keep track of what I eat, but I often forget until the day is over). My username is mkdutch. On a side note: Bonus points for using Once More With Feeling. One of my favorite episodes, right up there with Buffy Vs. Dracula. If you in Tampa in August my friends are doing a shadow cast of Once More With Feeling and Dr. Horrible.
  3. Yay!! Welcome aboard!! You are going to rock this! Just you wait.
  4. So, I just decided to go to New Orleans tomorrow and wanted to know who all is up there.
  5. Hey, you did a good job nonetheless! Next time make an alternative to the stairs. So instead of "take the stairs" do "take the stairs once a day, or jog around the apartment twice". Great job though!
  6. Hey! Welcome to the Rebellion! You can do it, it'll just take work. How old is your daughter?
  7. Looks like you killed it!! Keep it up! Only 3 days left of the challenge.
  8. I just wanted to post this before I closed up this challange on Sunday: I had the session with the personal trainer yesterday and he taught me an alternative to burbees that are just as aweful, but easy on the knees and ankles. I think he called them walkouts. Basically you crouch and touch the floor, walk your hands out to a pushup, then you walk your hands back, and stand up. Rinse and repeat! My legs are killing me, but it is a great exercise and I needed to share.
  9. I can relate! Roller coasters and drop towers are no problem to me. Ropes? I might die... just something to conquer. Whoo! I'll add them at the end of the week. ^.^
  10. I suddenly thought that the week was over because Tuesdays are my Fridays and my schedule is all kinds of wonky. I am late to update my story so I'll have to get on that huh? Also that guy looks absolutely petrified! I think I'll stick with rope when I hit the ceiling. XD *Clears throat* Now, without further ado, we check in on our hero. Dutch clutched her knees and tried desperately to regain her breathing. The Elf laughed from a tree branch seemingly unfazed. It was one thing running through the woods at her own pace, but zipping to the ground on a rope and sprinting after the tiny creature, Dutch thought she would die. "Hah! Ya'll never make the assassins like that," the Elf spat. "That's. the. good. thing about. us Orcs," she struggled through her breathes. "We're stubborn. as mules." "Well, you kept up this far," the Elf hopped down from the branch, "so I guess I have no choice but to help you. Come on, I can't bring a newbie and not give 'em some lessons." The Elf drew a dirk and tossed it at the Orc's feet, "let's start with some weapons training." Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (66% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (66% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (66% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (66% Complete) Nothing exciting happened the rest of the week, but this week I have an hour with a personal trainer, weapon training, and a parkour class. I also may be going on an adventure on Sunday. So much stuff going on!
  11. I won't lie, the bread isn't great alone. It is actually a brand called "Paleo Bread". If you pile stuff on it though(like the above) it is quite good, and helps sate in bread cravings.
  12. Thank you, everyone is definitely supportive. I couldn't be more greatful for this place.
  13. If you are really craving bread and have the paleo bread it is really awesome on that with a tomato. A little less paleo add some swiss cheese on top and toss it in the oven for a couple minutes and it is heavenly.
  14. I do have friends, but I don't like burdening them with my problems(even though they don't mind). I actually had a friend last night that just messaged me out of the blue and asked to hang out just out of sheer luck on my end. Unfortunately I was in such a bad funk because of it I ended up breaking down in front of her, and now I may be moving in soon. Crazy how things work out. That is actually a really cool way to think of it. I like that thought process. Thank you ::hugs:: Thank you both for your support. :3
  15. This community is such a support for me. I am new to it and know that at every corner of this forum I can find answers, but right now I just need to talk (and maybe a hug). Some things to know, I go to school and work full time while living in America so needless to say, money is tight. I had to move back in with my parents this month and currently find myself laying on a folded up futon mattress in the corner of my old room. Meanwhile their girlfriend is sleeping in the bed. Mind you she doesn't work and treats my mom like shit. So I am paying to live on the floor of my parents home while some girl, a year younger then myself, sleeps soundly in a bed. I feel like I'm garbage and don't know what to do. When I confront them they respond with "well she was here first," actually no she was. I was and I am their daughter. Right now they are all out watching Godzilla and I am left feeling like Cinderella. It sucks and yes I am jealous and I feel like I have the right to be. I try to be nice to this girl, I am kind and caring and clean up after myself. I don't understand what I did to be treated this way. I'm sorry, I just really need to talk. That's all.
  16. So, I am looking for an adventure sometime Memorial weekend(or the Wednesday before). Only problem being, I am tight on cash and I don't know what to do. Okay, that is a lie, I've looked up horse back riding and kayaking/canoeing but I don't know if I have anyone to go with, and I don't know if I want to adventure alone. So, if there is anyone looking for some fun times this weekend that isn't too expensive and around the Tampa Bay Area let me know.
  17. If you ever find yourself in Tampa sometime you'll find me there.
  18. *deep breathe* Nothing is more empowering then telling someone "No".

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      Or useful for your life!

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      Haha, that too!

  19. Hello comrade. I'm sorry to hear about you feeling depressed (I know that can be the most difficult thing to overcome) but you are picking yourself up and that is incredible! Keep up the hard work.
  20. Thank you! If you get the chance I recommend trying a rope course. It is wicked fun. I am definitely going rock climbing some time though. I don't know what style I want to do yet. The place near me has both. I know eventually I'll have to do ropes so I can climb across the ceiling. XD
  21. Haha thank you. It was absolutely terrifying! After about 45 minutes though it got better. I know the lot of us want to go again. XD I won't lie though, I got stuck on the first course I hit with nothing to hold on to. It was just oddly angled wood planks and your harness and about two planks in I started losing control of my breathing. I legit just stood there with my eyes closed and tried to remember that I wasn't 3 stories up. XD It was so much fun though!
  22. Over an hour had passed when the Orc finally pulled herself to the top of the cliff. The height was dizzying and she swayed as she looked down. She wasn't certain how she would manage getting back to the river if needed. Taking a breath she backed away from the edge and took in her surroundings. Another river turned into the waterfall next to her. There seemed to be nothing other than trees for miles. Suddenly an elf came bounding from the forest on the other side of the waterfall. It jumped from stone to stone with ease as it crossed the edge of the cliff, not once hesitating or slipping. Once it reached her side it sputtered to a stop. "Rather far from home, aren't ya?" the elf questioned, hand close to her dagger. "Don't really see how that's any of your business," Dutch barked back. "What are ye doin' out this way? Yur in assassin country after all." Dutch perked up looking a bit shocked, "Then I'm close? Would you point me in the direction of your headquarters?" "Why should I do that? Your kind are notorious for not gettin' along with the assassins after all," the elf scoffed. "I want to train with your kind." Taken aback the elf smiled, "You think you can keep up? Tell ya what, if you can keep up with me I'll take ya to the 'headquarters'. Get ready to run, Orc!" With that the elf ran to a nearby tree and slung her sack over a vine that lead back to the ground. She pushed off and sailed down. Mid Week findings and triumphs: Went zip lining and did a rope course Oh god, rope courses are terrifying Like seriously! Also, doing weapons training starting next Thursday Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (56% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (50% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (48% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (33% Complete) So, fun facts: 1) I decided I wanted to go rock climbing after writing the last update, but the rock climbing place was closed so we went to MOSI where we did their 3-story rope course and zip line thing. 2) I am terrified of heights. 3) Half way through it started to rain and we were at the very top of the course. If I weren't with friends and the nice supervising guy weren't there I would not have survived the event. BUT! I did it and it was a blast and now my body hurts.
  23. Ankles sore and body heavy, Dutch followed the river west. She hurt much more than she'd like to admit, but still she trudged on. The first week had reached its end and she was still uncertain of whether she was headed in the right direction. Gradually she neared the river's end and stared at the towering wall of stone before her. Two options dawned on her, one she could climb the wall and get a better lay of the land, or two continue walking aimlessly and hope to find the right path. Climbing seemed to be the only logical option, but night was quickly approaching and Dutch could use the rest. Week One findings and triumphs: Ran a 5k! Adductor muscles have begun loosen. Weight for arms/pecs/traps- 25lbs Mission Status: 1) Build Stamina! Use the Elliptical 3x a week (33% Complete) 2) Conquering Body Weight! Lift at least 2x a week (33% Complete) 3) Limber Up! Stretch everyday (33% Complete) 4) One with Nature. Practice Yoga 2x a week (33% Complete)
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