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  1. Hey STK! How is your challenge going? Are you on holiday yet? I call those days - active rest days! Lol Just checking in BBC this week. Doing the mini's too. My wife hasn't been well and got admitted to get hydrated. So sleep suffered, when that suffers so does my diet. Missed a training session, that day went home sick. Slept and felt better. Son took ages to sleep last night, so struggled getting up for run today. Did 4x6 of pull ups and leg raises today. Run tomorrow before work! Hope you are all ok!
  2. My motivation is my son and unborn child. Once the ball was rolling I found all the other benefits; feeling better, less aches, better skin and I think people treat me better! I'm struggling a bit this week, and remind myself why I started. Hopefully thAt will get me out if bed tomorrow for my early run. I work in healthcare and enjoy service improvement so I think being 'fit' sends a good message! What's the next mini guys? All the best Wolfie
  3. Hey STK! Indeed I am. It took a fair bit of effort to get out of bed yesterday to go for a run. Glad I did it though. Run Zombies took a smashing too! The thought of reporting a failed run to a buddy would have helped me spring out of bed. PM me or feel free to post if I go quiet. How is your challenge going? All the best Wolfie
  4. Hey, So a cold has put a dampened on this week. Only two training sessions. But today I skipped a run...ended up putting stuff up in the loft and carrying a bed upstairs. Diet hasn't been great either because of cold and lack of sleep. My son hasn't been well and he has some bad nights. B for training B/C for diet C for sleep. 13 stone 1 lb. I just want to shift at 1lb! Hearing back from job interviews this week. Could do with some encouragement with the training, an accountability buddy or something. Anyone up for it? #30rockemojiquotes was trending this week. I took part naturally. "I am gonna make you a mix , do you like Phil Collins?" "I have two 's and a ⤠don't I?" Later Wolfie
  5. Horizontal rows on Monday after a Run Zombies session, then pull ups after another run on Thursday. A cold has me on the ropes and I didn't run this morning, thinking I should rest. 3 trips up and down the ladder into the loft carrying things, bringing my sons new bed up the stairs and it's assembly....this is rest day? Lol I think the challenge is done. I want to run tomorrow before work and flip some tyres. Any advice regarding the cold?
  6. Hi all! So this week has gone ok. A for training. B for diet B/C for sleep (my little boy isn't well). Completed week 6 day 2 today. It was a good run. Run Zombies made it interesting. I got caught! Argh! Been to the gym twice too. Pull ups, dips, squats, handstand, hip bridge and leg raises. Even managed to hold a crow pose today. The interview went ok. Got another one on Monday. I have to do a presentation on flow in unscheduled care and how to achieve it. It's going to be interesting because I will be presenting their own programme back to them... Buzz words include....DMAIC, stakeholders, lean thinking, six sigma, high process mapping. Jacky ad would be proud. I have managed to get on a free Project management course on Wednesday too. All steps in the right direction. I managed to finish my presentation and reading materials for the course today. Hope you are all doing ok. Wolfie
  7. Hey Coop, I hope your challenge ended well. Let me know if you have started another, so I can support. My 3rd one is in my signature. Later Wolfie
  8. Just checking in on the mini's. This is my first challenge with the rangers. I did about 40 floors on Monday, so with work and going up and down my own stairs, I'm sure I have done it. Been for three runs this week too in hilly Wales. Looking forward to the next one!
  9. Challenge 3 - OneEyedWolfie's 30 Rock challenge Hi all! The first challenge helped me get focused. The 2nd challenge really helped with my running. The 3rd challenge I hope, will help me combine running with the gym. That's why I want to join the rangers! I am studying Lean and Six sigma, like my hero Jack from Tina Fey's 30 Rock. So I will throw out some 30 rock references as I go. This is my project charter, there are many like it but this one is mine! Main Quest: Jack Attack! Lean mind, lean body ....be a ranger! 1. Train using a Convict conditioning hybrid. I am following convict conditioning now, but find I can focus more in the gym. I am moving through the steps and using Paul's suggestions, throwing in an alternative workout on top of the training to keep things fresh e.g. as well as push ups, I do dips or bench press. Going to complete C25k ( on week five) and have Run Zombies running at the same time. It's synergy people- don't fight it, it's bigger than all of us! I will then progress to 10k. I will score this using my HEART. Hard equations and rational thinking. A = 3 workouts a week and complete C25K programme for the week. B = 2 workouts and miss a C25K session C = 1 workout and miss 2 C25K sessions F= no training that week. 2. Eat paleo meals twice a day and vary my third meal with carbs. Almost carb cycling to aid in fat loss and muscle growth. I get one cheat meal a week, any more and I take points. I will score this as A = 3 meals a day as described B = 2 meals a day as described but 1 was a 'cheat' C = 1 meal a day as described but 2 were a 'cheat' F= diet went out the window that day 3. Get more sleep and recovery. Remember to relax Last challenge I had an injury that I tried to work around, in the end I couldn't. I learnt a lot which is why my wisdom is quite high. I will aim for 8 hours of sleep. I need to get to the gym for 6.30 for a 45 min session or wake up at 6 for a session at home / outside. My little boy is 2, my wife is 23 weeks pregnant so I need to sneak around like Nixon, the wire tapping bastard. I will score this as A = 8 hrs as described B = 7 hrs C = 6 hrs F= 5 hrs or less Life Quest Get a secondment! I am actually going for a job interview today but my goal is to get a promotion for 6-12 months to get the experience in improvement and innovation within my organisation. To do this I am studying for my black belt in service improvement. I don't see a module for handshakingness though. By the end of each week I want to complete and pass a module. Ok Wolfie, it's the bottom of the 9th. What you gonna do?! Your mommys fancy boy! You're a lion! Take it, it's yours! Wish me luck
  10. So the conclusion to my challenge. I have awarded myself 7 points. I don't think I can award any from the mini challenges as I wasn't consistent enough. But my main goals apart from diet were on track. The holiday really helped my running even if my diet had to suffer. My next challenge won't be far from what I have done but more running. So I might be off to the rangers!!
  11. Hi all! Hope your all well. I now have internet!! I know the challenge is coming to an end, but I am please ld how it's gone. I took part in most mini challenges apart from week 5. Moving week and with no internet I had no idea what the challenge was this week. I will work out my points later but I know for the time in France most days were an F for the diet with a few C's but sleep and exercise was A's. The last few weeks I have either been in the gym or running everyday with a single rest day. Lost my holiday weight and feel leaner then I did before it. I think I will need to trsck BF % next challenge and have 3 weeks left if C25K. I have been ultra paleo since I have been back and incorporated carb cycling. I am 13 stone 3 lbs. lost 2 stone since December. Suggestions for the next challenge welcome. My life quest is to become a project manager. In the styling a of Alec Baldwin in 30 Rock as Jack Donaghue . Later! Wolfie
  12. Hey Coop. It's going ok. Don't have wifi in new house yet and reception for mobile is pretty poor. But all moved in! Whoop! Missed a few workouts the week of the move but lifted heavy boxes etc Back running in my new mountainous neighbourhood. Back at the gym and back on paleo! Put on 1/2 a stone on during the 3 week holiday but trained every other day so hopefully some of its muscle. Gym yesterday and smashed it and running tomorrow before a 12 hr shift. Let's get back on track!!
  13. Checkout what my sisters got me for my b'day. Plenty of pull ups done on that tree while I was away. After the move, I will have to find somewhere new to hang these bad boys!
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