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  1. Bwah! We near the end of week 3! Quest 1: keeping my diet clean Hahahaha....well I've managed to steer clear of protein bars, but I definitely haven't been saying 'no' to beer with friends or the occasional off-paleo snack. I went back to eating more protein but still eating lots of veggies and fruits, and steering clear of foods that I've found to disagree with me. I've also learned a bunch about my cravings and what causes them, when they are likely to happen, and been practicing lots of healthy forgiveness for having days where I am not eating a deficit. I'm gonna give myself a solid B t
  2. I very much miss my lack of fear as a child lol Used to be able to swing to the highest point and jump as far and as hard as I could without batting an eyelash Or roller blade like a champ without holding onto stuff How do y'all get over that while fear of dying stuff
  3. Lol I feel you so hard tho Tbh I probably should be completely resting my arm longer, but 2 and 3 days of little to no exercise was so hard. So I've been using it sparingly and icing it down just to keep my activity level up but I can still feel a slight twinge whenever I'm doing pulling type things with it. My rock climbing friends are telling me if it doesn't actually hurt it's probably fine but I have a feeling it's gonna get there soon if I'm not ultra careful or resting. I'm gonna go to the gym today lol for maybe 30 min depending on what my arm starts telling me. Here's hoping I'm not
  4. Alrighty, a little into week 3. Still no protein bars and kind of bounding back into smart macros, lower calories, and tbh more instead of less meat just because I've found it's been way more satiating than other things I've been trying. I was so hungry all the time last week it was a little disconcerting, normally I've been feeling much more full even though I've been cutting because of cleaning up my diet, but last week I was just craving all the things! The feeling got better this week so I assume it's just partly a cyclical thing with my body, but at any rate...gonna try somefink new. Go
  5. Yay over achievers club I'm one of those now One of those Overworking tendons instead of eating loaves of bread and watching tv Success
  6. Love your goals and motivation keep at it gf
  7. Cool beans! Thanks for reading I try and have time to support other nurds and check out your goals but I like your signature already, happy healthy strong. Let's do it! Anyway things have been alright challenge wise, went to a coupla parties this weekend and drank a decent amount haha, but got back on track with healthy eating yesterday! Still no protein bars but I'd say I'm doing a little less than well on the overall idea of cleaning up my diet since I've been indulging a lot, but on most regular days I've been doing well and since my cravings have passed it feels easier than ever to stay a
  8. Thanks for the encouragement y'all I guess that it is good, and that I had a lot of friends/resources around me to tell me what was going on and that I should rest. I'm glad this happened an it's a very mild case, so even if I learned this lesson the hard way I didn't really hurt myself very much and won't be out of commish for long. Know better learn faster I just probably shouldn't do it for this week and *possibly* next week...I know the instructors semi-well so I could probably go anyway and if I feel a twinge just do a stretching session for the hour. I probably won't go at all unti
  9. Week 2: going so hard I tendonitis 3 days straight of rock climbing without a smart warm up or stretching in place made my elbow angry and the pt at work said its prob tendonitis LAME LAMEST So pd only once this week :( :( :( Also I guess I have to rest this forever SUCKS but as a formerly very sedentary person, I'm a little impressed that I have enough drive to go hard enough to injure myself at all But was I was foolish an didn't do enough rest in between or stretching SO blahhhhhhhhhhh
  10. Y'all could not be more impressively awesome right now
  11. Tbh I nuke it since I don't have the patience for the oven http://nomnompaleo.com/post/7080566496/microwaved-spaghetti-squash Typically I go 1/2 at a time, covered in Saran Wrap, for 5 min then 3 min then one or two more sets of 3 depending on how it feels. Once the squash is soft to the touch it's good but for the most part 8-12 minutes'll do ya If you wanna go oven then really just follow other instructions; I haven't messed one up yet but some have tasted a bit better than others, don't know if that was how long I cooked it or the quality of the squash itself
  12. Sounds like a plan happy cooking! Tell us how it goes!
  13. Nice idea what really sold me in the end on the diet was that I could feel very satiated eating lots of good tasting but obviously healthy things, like gigantic servings of spaghetti squash and veggies with some protein cooked the right way. Paleo pad thai is one of my favorite things to eat ever. I served that one to my friends and they didn't know the 'noodles' were spaghetti squash until I told them!
  14. Hey y'all! Hope challenge is going well So I've been noticing that I very rarely get sore anymore, but sometimes my arm joints feel slightly burny/jiggly (usually my elbow and shoulders) if that makes any sense. It's not painful but it's constantly noticeable and slightly annoying. It's usually gone after a 24 hour rest period but I was wondering if anyone knew what this vague feeling was and if it means I'm doing something wrong. Just FYI I do body weight exercises, and regularly pole dance and rock climb. When I'm mostly poling I feel it more in my shoulder and just this week I've been fee
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