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  1. This challenge will take place in 3 parts. Part 1: Now - July 3 Part 2: July 4 - 12 Part 3: July 13 -25 This is because I've got vacation that week of part 2, so it will be a little different and focused on house projects (and maybe travel? TBD). I also anticipate at least a partial return to the office after vacation, so that schedule will be a little bit different than my relaxed WAH set up - unfortunately returning to the office will be a lot of time at the test site, which is about 40 minute drive vs the actual office which is less than 10. I've found that I've gotten pretty complacent with my goals over the past few months (years? lol). It's been some aspect of lift some things, eat some things, and read some things. I've gotten good/consistent at all those, but I haven't really stretched or challenged myself in quite some time. At least since before I sprained my wrist in February 2019. This challenge I'd like to work to actually push myself and have some stretch goals, instead of just easy peasy goals. I've been spending some time over the past few days to try to figure out what that looks like for part 1. Ok so in the past I've come up with a list of things I'm interested in doing/being in a future version of Marissa. They generally fall into these categories: Relationships Work/Volunteering Mindfulness Health Environment I've actually been crushing it at a lot of the goals in work and environment over the past yearish. And right now relationships are hard, because what even are other people?!?! So that leaves mindfulness and volunteering. Mindfulness has actually been pretty good with me staying off social media lately (forums are another story 🙄). So this will be reading books and doing some yoga. Health has a lot of factors, but the key thing it comes down to is me being the best athlete I can be. Be strong, fast, flexible, agile, have endurance and coordination. I've got a list of goals that I think could get me there and include things like run a 5k, certain strength benchmarks, do a muscle-up etc. Which basically just involves putting in the work. FOOD (health) 1) Eat a meal every 4-6 hours a meal contains protein, fruit and/or vegetables, carbs (optional), and healthy fats a meal can be a protein shake/smoothie if it contains all the relevant ingredients a snack is not a meal a meal should be eaten within an hour of waking up, unless a workout is done first thing, in which case a meal should be eaten after the workout MOVEMENT 2) Do a yoga every day (mindfulness) 3) Over the course of part 1 complete: (health) deadlift 2x 🔲🔲 squat 2x 🔲🔲 upper body press 3x 🔲🔲 🔲 handstands 3x 🔲🔲 🔲 pullups 3x 🔲🔲 🔲 LISS 4x 🔲🔲 🔲 🔲 metcon 3x 🔲🔲 🔲 READ (Mindfulness) 4) Read at least 1 page every day Newspaper does not count. Because yes, I've started getting a PHYSICAL newspaper delivered to my house like I'm retired or something.
  2. I'm not a creative writer, but if someone wishes to write up a fun description for this space I welcome it. Otherwise, feel free to discuss whatever you'd like here with your fellow warriors