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  1. Thank you for checking in!!!! In short, it hasn't. lol I don't think that is the fault of the system though, I just think my desire to eat what I want to eat is overwhelming my desire to lose like 8 lbs. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I think it could work, but I don't think I have the bandwidth and motivation to make it work at this time. Therefore I think I'm dropping this goal (which is why I've been neglecting checking in on my challenge.... funny how that works). 1) I haven't really done anything tangible to get to the root of my burnout yet, but I've done a bad job of taking PTO this week, but trying to today and tomorrow actually take PTO and not turn my computer on! Looking forward to just hanging out at home watching DuckTales. 2) Goal dropped 3) I have done 3 gym workouts and 1 hike each week except last weekend it was raining all day Sunday so I didn't get out for a hike when I planned, but I did go for a walk around the neighborhood instead (and got sunburnt -_-) This week I'm at 2 gym workouts so far, and the gym is closed the rest of the week for the holiday, so I'm going to sub the 3rd with an at home workout. 4) I haven't done any landscaping, but I did start removing the gutter covers and cleaning the gutters which has been on the project to do list for a long time! Also, I am getting wrecked by seasonal allergies. Consistently for the past month, this is awful, how do people live like this.
  2. That is so unfortunate. I've found vegetarian products to be very hit or miss. Typically the best ones are the ones that aren't pretending to be meat, like a black bean patty for a burger. You know what you're getting and it's black beans.
  3. oh very nice on the new gym! that's excellent! Makes it hard to skip when it's so convenient
  4. Unfortunately I am also in the all the snacks arena. hahah the last thing I need is more on my plate! ooo thanks! Thanks! Thank you for the resource I will check it out. Great to have an endorsement! My company does offer EAP, so I will start there to attempt to find a therapist. Thanks for the suggestions and tips everyone! Original Post updated w/ more details + tracking which took me way too long to write
  5. Ha. Well if it works for you keep going! But if not I second some sort of list. Even if it isn't a full ingredient list, but more like this week I'll have oatmeal, stir fry, salads, and chili and then getting ingredients that feed into those as you shop.
  6. One thing has become abundantly clear and that is the due to the events of the past year I definitely am suffering from some sort of burnout. 1) Try to recover from burnout - Probably go to therapy or something (how TF does one do therapy???? The last time I saw a therapist was in college when it was as simple as walking to the student health center & seeing someone for free) - read this book about burnout that I already own a kindle copy of - figure out some boundaries around work hours - probably do something for fun or that I enjoy just because This goal will be tracked by writing here what steps I've taken to do better here. I will also track pages read from the book (out of 275). 2) Lose weight / nutrition It is almost shorts season and my shorts don't fit as comfortably as they did last year. Weight has definitely gotten higher, haven't stepped on a scale in a while, but I can just tell. Will weigh myself in AM which will help further direct this goal, numerically. This will be the first time I am intentionally trying to lose weight in a few years and I am a little nervous about it. I kind of have the itch to get back into some sort of loose tracking, but worried about putting that on my plate or doing too much. I think maybe doing a rough tracking like precision nutrition method of XX thumbs of fat, XX palms of protein, etc. I do eat a lot more vegetarian/vegan meals than when I was strictly tracking, so I'll need to do a bit of research on this to figure out how to effectively incorporate vegan protein sources. A big thing for me will be reducing the snacking/junk foods as I have a major sweet tooth. I've had success in the past with carb cycling, but I think maybe just loose tracking for one challenge would be good before I try to attempt that again. OK. I weighed myself 5/5 and 5/6 in the morning coming in at 158.8 and then 158.6 lb. This is about where I thought I would be. For the record, when I first decided I needed to start losing weight ~7 years ago, the number on the scale was 161. This is the closest I have been to that number since, and honestly, I'm not as worried about it as I thought I should be. My body composition is vastly different from what it was then. My lifestyle is also vastly different. Back then I did barely any exercise maybe a few short walks/day. My idea of a healthy lunch was a lean cuisine. I drank way too much and ate out way too much. Alternately, somewhere after that I started that journey when I was at my lowest (~126 lb) I was obsessively counting and weighing my food, spending any free time I had in a gym, working out 4-5x/week, not having any semblance of a social life or hobbies outside of the gym. Now I'm somewhere in the middle. Up until the past ~6 months, I had been pretty comfortably weighing in the 150-153ish lb range for the past probably 3ish years. I think I'd like to aim to be somewhere in the 140-145 range. I'd like to target 145 lb by the end of July. The precision nutrition method says that puts me at ~1700 cals/day which seems reasonable. They also translate this to the following quantities daily: 5 palms of protein, 4-6 fists of veggies, 4 cupped handfuls of carbs, 4 thumbs of fats. Since this is my first time back into any sort of tracking in a long time, I kind of want to just see how it goes the first 2 weeks and see if this is sustainable before I hold myself to these targets. I will also weigh myself no more than 2x/week. 3) Move (Ended up adding as a goal because could be an easy win, so why not) Have been generally consistent with 3x/week workouts with the exception of the 1 week where I had my first COVID shot and was suffering from seasonal allergies and only got 1 workout in. I do have my second shot next week so anticipating some side effects. - 3x/week gym workouts, 1x/week doing something outside (hike, bike, golf, ultimate, etc) 4) Gardening/Landscaping project(s) I have many including wanting to build raised beds for veggie gardens (we have a lot of squirrels), landscaping edging and some other stonework surrounding trees. I'd like to get one of these projects done by the end of the challenge. As you can see I have some finessing of my goals before they are trackable, but I figure hopping back here and setting an intention is a start. Daily Tracking will look like 1) Burnout Journal ##/275 pages 2) ☐☐☐☐☐ 5 palms of protein ☐☐☐☐☐☐ 4-6 fists of veggies ☐☐☐☐ 4 cupped handfuls of carbs ☐☐☐☐ 4 thumbs of fat ☑ completed check for copy/paste ease in the future - ok it's going to bug me this doesn't match the same size as those above, but I pasted this from a previous challenge. Anyone have a good blank one I can steal that is the same size? lol 3) ##/3 gym workouts, #/1 outside 4) Landscaping project updates
  7. Do you have a dated planned for your defense or graduation?
  8. 74 challenges is awesome! you should be proud of that
  9. Agree. I even think about my weight when I first starting my fitness regimen 6/7 years ago and my low weight then even seems unreasonable now (~130 lb) due to my muscle mass.
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