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  1. One thing has become abundantly clear and that is the due to the events of the past year I definitely am suffering from some sort of burnout. 1) Try to recover from burnout - Probably go to therapy or something (how TF does one do therapy???? The last time I saw a therapist was in college when it was as simple as walking to the student health center & seeing someone for free) - read this book about burnout that I already own a kindle copy of - figure out some boundaries around work hours - probably do something for fun or that I enjoy just because
  2. Do you have a dated planned for your defense or graduation?
  3. Agree. I even think about my weight when I first starting my fitness regimen 6/7 years ago and my low weight then even seems unreasonable now (~130 lb) due to my muscle mass.
  4. Do you plan your meals before you go shopping? or do you just try to shop with recipes in mind or as you go?
  5. Glad you're able to return to the gym! That's a lot of deadlifts for your first time in a few months
  6. One thing with CF gyms too, is that yea you can get a non-class membership, but typically if that is the case the coaches/owners will push you to then get programming through them, otherwise it's considered rude. Maybe dependent on the gym, but I've heard it from a few people
  7. Glad you are finally able to visit again! The morning walks sound like a nice change of pace
  8. I'm not counting, but I've had the past 2 days off work and done some major decluttering. The kitchen got downsized with a brown paper bag with of stuff going in the trash/recycling and another getting donated. I also packed up duplicate pots and pans in a box and labeled in the basement. Should help keep the kitchen tidier. Yesterday the focus was my closet. I went through all clothes and bags and have 2 laundry baskets to sell/donate/trash. Still need to go through jewelry and a couple of non clothing boxes in there.
  9. I think I'm sitting this one out and just going to be a cheerleader. I reserve the right to change my mind in the future though lol. THANK you! Shrimp squats look fun I'll have to give them a try
  10. 2 cups per day seems reasonable. I'm not sure I think the first step for me is counting my current intake. I've been having various GI distress and I can't imagine caffeine is helping
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