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  1. TiffanyD - Stays Home, Loses Weight... What!?!

    My hamstrings got DOMS just reading this.
  2. Blocky does Secret Agent things!

    Black tea? Or when I was doing a whole 30 I was putting coconut cream in my coffee, not sure where that falls on the carb scale.
  3. Miss Marissa just do it

    Mostly to improve my cardiovascular endurance. I find myself getting winded easily doing things like gymnastics and I'd like to be able to do that more easily. Not so much for the calorie burn or fat loss or anything like that. Real food <3 Feels so great to get back to it. I think so too! The week 3 wasn't impossible, I think working back from the beginning will be better though and hopefully won't have to repeat days like the first time around.
  4. Miss Marissa just do it

    I tried to challenge last round and then things got hard and I bailed. And then last week I tried to start a new program up (again) and then I got sick immediately. (of course) This is like the third time I've tried to start a program over the past few months and gotten derailed within a week of starting. This challenge there is one goal: DON"T QUIT. I can slow down or modify the timeline if I need to (bring it down from 4x/week to less if necessary) but I can't just stop doing things. Doing the Bigness Project to work on my weak ass noodle arms. Ideal schedule: Monday: PM gymnastics Tuesday: am Day 1 - Quad dominant Wednesday: Day 2 - Chest & back Thursday: rest Friday: Day 3 - Hamstring dominant Saturday: Day 4 - Shoulder & arms Sunday: Makeup/Rest Also, looking for someone willing to be text/fb message buddies as extra motivation and accountability?? Any takers?