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  1. Tuesday 1/19 Today was a GREAT day at work, I was very productive. My incomplete tasks went from 15 to 6! (specifically those assigned to me for approval in the engineering software). The only other noteworthy thing to mention. Over the weekend I bid on a few things in a silent auction to raise scholarship funds for local POC and I ended up winning a gift certificate for 2 private yoga lessons! So I'm looking forward to cashing in on those at some point 1) Walk outside - It was snowing pretty heavily so I skipped 2) Yoga - Going to do day 15 n
  2. I supposed I felt much the same as you, but maybe less enthusiastic at the end? I'm kidding myself if I think I won't keep watching, but I wasn't left particularly wowed or curious for more. Good job on the step target!
  3. Very nice on the homemade bowl! Looks delicious! Lots of other great stuff going on here too with adulting, projects, and yoga. Well done!
  4. I like scheduling it in Another idea is to maybe find some 5-10 minute flows and try to do them first thing in the morning (or before bed, or whenever makes sense). And that way it's something so easy that you have to be embarrassed to skip it.
  5. I feel like I have an unpopular opinion here. Does anyone actually read the 5 pages of backstory that come with an online recipe? Looks like the Ring fit will make do? Glad you were able to get a long walk in!
  6. Sunday -Monday 1/17-1/18 Sunday I honestly cannot remember what I did with my whole ass day. I know I baked bread. We have also been discussing remodeling the bedroom acting as a home office to make it more functional, since it seems like we'll be in this position at least part time for a while. So I was searching for interior designers and looking at ideas. Today was a semi-productive day at work. Went back to the gym today. Dynamic Warmup Activation - body saws, side lying leg lifts, shoulder activation Power - med ball circuit Strength circu
  7. What is preventing you from doing the yoga? Time commitment? Mental hurdle? Something else?
  8. Happy birthday! How has gymnastics been with being off for some time?
  9. Glad you were able to enjoy some family time! The bacon mac sounds delicious! Also glad that you were able to talk out your feelings with your boss and that he was supportive. Hopefully you two can figure something out to reduce the load.
  10. Very nice! Crushing your goals this challenge HARD SAME. Idk who's idea it was to give me tree trunk legs and spaghetti arms but I'd like to have a word with them 2/4/6 is an awesome goal! I like the thought process
  11. Yes! First time doing any of her videos. I was struggling to come up with goals and then saw a few posts here about it and said "ok sure why not?" I can tell already the benefits 😁
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