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  1. miss_marissa

    Brogo Stops Being an @$$hole.

    How was the pork though?
  2. miss_marissa

    Miss Marissa

    Keep opening a tab with intent to type up a challenge and then don't have the time to do it. I'll stream my thoughts and activities here
  3. miss_marissa

    Bigm, here, again

    I like your goals. I think they are pretty global for many of us
  4. miss_marissa

    Grumble Finishes Strong In Story and Song

    Yea the first grocery store trip was super stressful, I easily took twice as long to look at all the ingredients on everything I bought. I was amazed at how many hidden ingredients were in everything that came in a package. Trying to find a can of olives or a package of bacon without maltodextrin or some other hidden sugar was damn near impossible. But it was also super eye opening to realize just how much hidden sugars are in things that you think don't have them. (First whole 30, worth doing, but definitely not worth stressing over if you are repeating)
  5. miss_marissa

    MikeWazowski: Keep on Chugging

    Do you and your dance partner have one person do the traditional female steps or is it fluid between the two of you.
  6. miss_marissa

    Grumble Finishes Strong In Story and Song

    YUP, most people I know haven't found anything though and just use it as a jumpstart or restart for healthy habits again. The special treats turn a bit more into daily indulgences and you need a reset on "here is what a healthy meal/diet looks like". But then again most people I know who do it are nerds, I'm sure the general population is different. ^^^ALL OF THIS (w/ clap emojis) Couldn't have said it better But also, poptarts are delish and you will pry them from my cold dead hands ^^ same. I've been tossing around the idea of whole 30 again but checking labels of coconut cream for surprise sugars is not going to be a part of it. Thoroughly enjoyed that conversation. You are a stronger human than I running a marathon.
  7. miss_marissa

    CM in year 7

  8. miss_marissa

    Brogo Stops Being an @$$hole.