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  1. miss_marissa

    Lifter Mentoring - Virtual Comp Mini Challenge #1

    ~Your lifting experience level by year - 3-5 years ~Available as a mentor for PL, looking for a WL mentor.
  2. miss_marissa

    Miss Marissa

    Taken just now (so day 4) Don't know how to add spoiler tag on tapatalk.
  3. miss_marissa

    Miss Marissa

    Thank you much I definitely did the most badass sports move ever. I did not trip over second base. Nope. Definitely not. Most excellent. Gymnastics last night was... surprisingly not bad? I was ready for a low key/chill night working on some easy things due to having a bad case of the Monday tireds and having a large wound on my leg. Started with some parallel bars and rings experimenting. Makes me want some at home rings for practicing more because they are fun, but my pullups need work. Then handstand work. Then roundoff back handsprings. Practice makes perfect I think I am getting close to being able to string along a second trick, maybe after another few weeks of practice. I was le tired so I skipped morning crossfit, but I am planning to attend 6 pm class (back squatsx10 <3). going to try again for tomorrow morning, or at least set my alarm for it and if it's running I'll do some gentle yoga instead and head into work early. 1) Bedtime routine Did the things. Was not before 11. 2) Eat less donuts I had half a small cookie. 3) Read comics did not read any 4) lift things THIS WEEK: Monday: gymnastics, sorority meeting Tuesday: crossfit Wednesday: maybe crossfit?, happy hour after work, going out for lunch Thursday: maybe softball (our team got knocked out of playoffs last week, but another team asked if I was free to sub if they needed it, haven't heard yet), if not probably just resting or maybe open gym Friday: morning crossfit, grill out for lunch Saturday: softball Sunday: company picnic, game afternoon w/ nerds
  4. miss_marissa

    The UnChallenge: Tanktimus Continues

    Happy Anniversary Tank! Hard to believe it's been a year already. I'll still have to make a trip down there
  5. miss_marissa

    A Wet Hot Raptron Summer

    Wonderful and dangerous.
  6. miss_marissa

    Miss Marissa

    Hi I'm Miss Marissa. For those who may not know me, I am a mod around here but my work has been keeping me quite busy lately so I haven't been around as much as I'd like. I've also given up on clever titles and themes and gifs and stuff for that reason. I lift things and am about 2 months into crossfit. I also do gymnastics. I also play softball now too which I guess is a thing. I have what @Tanktimus the Encourager might refer to as "Ranger Brain" and he will try to convince you I belong over there. He's only about 36% correct. Nerd cred: My job has me designing a space ship. I read too many comics (but really what is too many tho?!?!? The limit does not exist). Moderate obsession with Harley Quinn and the rest of the Batman Rogues Gallery. Goals (more details to come, but I'm in a hurry) 1) Bedtime routine Bed having a rough go with going to bed lately. Also, gives me time to brush up on my dental hygiene a bit better. Bedtime routine started by 10:30, in bed by 11. Su - Th nights teeth brushed and flossed face washed outfit picked out (and packed w/ shower stuff if doing morning workout) gym bag packed lunch packed breakfast prepped on morning gym days Log if I did the routine or not. (points) Record times (no points, but just bonus info) 2) Eat less donuts Last week I ate 8 donuts, including 3 in 1 day. Don't do that again. Log all baked goods here. 3) Read comics Try to do no TV before bed and instead read things. My stack is STILL way too high and I've been having trouble catching up because I'm not prioritizing it. 4) lift things Keep doing crossfit 2x/week, gymnastics 1x/week (min). Would like to add some other specific stretching work and weakness work, but need to figure out a new schedule once softball is over on how I want to do that. For now, just keep doing what I'm doing.