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  1. Lil bit is super cute. Keep the cute pics coming. Greek twice in one week!?!?!
  2. I'll try not to enable you. No promises I'm going to sign up for a 3 month 3x/week membership at the gym. It's actually fairly reasonably priced for what I'm getting. Also, 3 months will be beginning of May, where summer sports spool up, so I'll probably drop down. I'm hesistant to sign a 12 mo contract, not because I don't like it, but I think I just need more time to evaluate. I've gotten caught into multiple conversations this week explaining complex corners of the rabbit hole of DC canon to unsuspecting people and I think I might need to tone it down just a touch. In other news, I hear that there is something exciting coming for the next challenge 🤔
  3. Hoping things are better today Anything good on TV?
  4. Glad you went to that class and had fun. That's awesome! Can't wait to hear more! Also great job on that first 2 weeks of successful cutting. Please rest up and take it easy on your back. Hope it heals up soon.
  5. Big fan of this video. I remember stumbling on her website a while back and being impressed. 🙋‍♀️ Samesies
  6. I have done it before!!!! I did gymnastics a little bit growing up until about 10 or so. About 4 years ago I found a local gym that does adult classes and signed up immediately. I was taking classes weekly up until I sprained my wrist last winter. Right when I was getting ready to come back to classes toward the end of last summer, they cancelled adult classes for insurance reasons. The gym was recently able to swap insurance policies and restarted open gyms in December and restarting adult classes in March I quickly learned it's hard to make progress only going once or twice a week. I mostly stick to bars and floor, as I have no interest in being a competitive gymnast, just having fun and learning new tricks. Bars and floor seem to translate most to "what would be a cool party trick". Beam and vault have less translation there, and I don't have enough strength to do anything worthwhile on mens apparatus (p-bars, rings, pommel horse). My instagram (linked in my siggy) has a few videos of some of the stuff I had been working on before I hurt myself. The strength and body awareness I built up lifting the few years previous made a lot of the skills come pretty naturally for me. There is great translation from gymnastics to lifting, and vice versa! Nice! Yea none have us have ever done a book club before so we'll see how it goes? alternating would be good, I think most of us are sci-fi readers, so it would be cool to switch it up. If you have any recommendations I'd love to hear them! Our book club will be over BRUNCH as all of the best things are. 🐼 (I've missed this.)
  7. HI RP! Been a while popping in to a few threads I don't normally frequent. Sorry to hear about the thing, but it sounds like you're handling it as well as one can be expected. Good luck at your talk tomorrow.
  8. Hi Mistr! Been a while since I've popped around these parts. I also struggle with counting calories/macros. It's not for everyone and that is ok Cool that you are enjoying the barbell classes! Sorry to hear about Elf's breakup, I hope they are doing ok.
  9. Love that Sontag! Great job! Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
  10. Real actual update on my goals 1) I am lifting some things. I'm going to keep going to this gym once my trial is up. I've been doing 4x/week which I think right now is too much. The mobility mini is making me think I will be better off with 3x/week and then some yoga and mobility work 1-2/week. This also lets me pick up gymnastics come March (HEYOOOOO ADULT CLASSES MAKING A COMEBACK) or ultimate come whenever ultimate starts. Which I'll probably need to reevaluate at the end of spring how many workouts to do anyways. Unsure what time/length of contract I can sign with the gym and how flexible that is. 2) Reading more books. I'm nearly done with Broken Earth book 3. I also set up the first meeting of our Book Club coming up. That will be on Feb 2. We don't have a lot of the details fleshed out yet on what type of book club we will be and what we'll be reading, but I'm looking forward to it I also need to devour some comics soon. 3) Decided on groceries tonight instead of yesterday. I had enough to get through the work day today so no harm there. Used the app and looking forward to the recipes coming up this week. A few neat ones for breakfast that I am excited to try.
  11. Very important. Ugh, so sucky to hear about all of the restructuring of the show. Are you still doing a lyra duet? or something else? But also... you hit all your goals for the week, and your leg is feeling better so YAY! *HUG* hoping she gets to sleep easier tonight. I can imagine that is so difficult and frustrating. PARENTING IS HARD YO!
  12. Congrats on the MOST EXCELLENT PR!!!
  13. Skating sounds SO FUN!!!!! I'm so jealous! Have the absolute best time!
  14. ^^TRUTH. sounds delicious. did you mix it all up in one pan then? Or did you serve the eggs/bacon over the potatoes?