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  1. Hey everyone! I'm from Boulder! Didn't know there were so many coloradans around these parts! fun! I've been studying abroad in france this year, but will be moving back beginning of june! anyone who wants to go on some fun hikes hit me up! I've been deprived of mountains for a year so i'll be taking full advantage this summer!
  2. Getting a lot better! almost practically not sick anymore! got really bad again last weekend, even needing to skip class because i solidly couldnt sleep for a night..... BUT! I went on a 5k run yestrday! without stopping! AND! i did some leg work! like lunges and squats etc on top of yoga! winning! let see if i can make this a regular thing!!! Got a full restful amount of sleep last night! the first time in a while! i feel like i'm getting back on track! Gotta finish strong! i can do this! thanks for the support!
  3. Hey! progress is slow but sure. got really sick for about a week there (that really needs to stop happening!) but ran around playing soccer for about an hour yesterday, with out much problems so looks like i'm back at it! been doing calesthenics the entire time i've been sick so been trying to keep the momentum going! sleep schedule was really bad there for a hot minute, but went to sleep before one last night and got up at 9 (normal people time!) so i'm getting there!!!
  4. love the sugar part of your challenge! trying to do something similar too! SO much harder that you first expect it! Keep up the good work!!
  5. Love this! I've also always wanted to be a ninja! I've been working towards it doing To Shin Do for the last two years! alf way to black belt right now!! If that's your kinda thing you should totally look up and see if there's a Bujinkan or To Shin Do dojo around. Its really fun to feel/be ninja I love your goals! especially cleaning and stretching goals! Be ready for anything! Love it! might have to adopt it! Good luck!
  6. Update! Went to bed before one both monday and tuesday! went on a run yesterday morning and did yoga both mornings!! YAY! Already done the back strengthening exercises once this week too! gonna do them again today and probably go on a jog!!! YAY!! i feels so nice to be on track!!! Thanks so much for your support this far!
  7. Oh! thats cool! i'll look into that!
  8. Thanks! yeah love her! same here.... still too weak to feel comfortable with parkour, but working on it!
  9. Haha yeah. it does sound that way... but its only 2 hrs by car, which is only 30 euros round trip i'm lucky!
  10. Hey! love your goals! totally gonna check out that yoga site! been needing to get back into it, but here in france theres too many people in the classes that it's hard to get in your zone if you even get one of the coveted places so that site sounds great! good luck!
  11. Heya! This my third (!) challenge here! sweet! I'm in the process of trying to make some drastic changes to some lifestyle stuff so thats gonna be the focus of this challenge for me! I've been loosing weight recently! i was even able to fit leggings UNDER the jeans that are genrally too tight on me! WOOOOT! but i'm still feeling too weak for my liking! i'm generally a strong lady cause i love sports so much! Anyway so health problems have kept me inactive for th last month as well as the month of november so this is my chance to change that and become the strong badass i like to be, except even stronger! just for your viewing pleasure: this is the idea: BAM! can i be that badass please?! oh. and those abs! anyway! Main quest!/ overall goals! I need to work on sleeping better, not forgetting about eating so i dont end up eating whatevers closest, and running more than once a week (but hey! at least i started and it was a 7 km run the first time! i was quite happy with that!) Mini quest one: turn off all electronics by 10 pm on weekdays so that i can be in bed with the lights out by midnight - 1am! A: 18 times B: 15 times C: 12 times Mini quest two: Run at least three times next week (7k +) more if possible so that i'm exhausted enough to sleep! A: 3x B: 2x C: 1x Mini quest three: Do 4 sets each of the back strengthening exercises that my parkour dudes gave me so that I can start feeling less frail during class! do those 4 times a week! A: 4 times a week B: 3 times a week C: 2 times a week Life quest: Write SOMETHING in my journal EVERY DAY. even if its just what i've been thinking about or an observation i made, or a good quote! Rewards are a beautiful thing so i'm gonna motivate that way! Rewards: A average: Weekend trip to San Sebastien! YES PLEASE!!! B average: A massage! C average:I get to buy another beautiful lipstick color from LUSH cause they always make me feel a little extra sassy Anyway! thanks for following along! Hopefully i'll b able to send post cards from san seb in april!
  12. Haha i love this! you're aproach is fantastic and the gif make me giggle also Hook = swoon worthy. i'll be sticking around good luck girl! you got this!
  13. Hey y'all! I know i'm super late in the game on this one, but i kinda dropped off the november one half way through, so we're gonna call this redemption. So here's whats up! I live in France. This is a amazing thing because its easier to find farm fresh produce and makes cooking MUCH more fun, but they also have AMAZING sweets. In the US i'm not even tempted cause i know how disgusting and processed everything is, so sweets don't appeal to me.. but here there more of an art form. so friggin good! ANYWAY! i had a hardcore reaction to sugar a few weeks ago where I couldn't even walk for like 5 days without hurting cause my allergic reaction manifested in my back giving out. THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW. I know EXACTLY what my body wants from me to be healthy and strong and i just haven't done it out of laziness and lack of discipline. so the discipline starts NOW. Steves post about making fitness a priority for one month to see if your life would all apart or come together really struck home for me. so that my plan! for the month of February I shall be making fitness a priority! I am running a half marathon in April and doing Parkour 2x per week so my training will be based around that. for quests: Main quest: Be as healthy as possible. Mind and body. gain strength, and never again be this weak. Use nutrition and running to regulate my body and boost my immune system! Mini #1 Run 2-3x per week during the week! Mini #2 Do 30 push ups and 100 squats 2x week Mini #3 Go to an hour and a half of parkour 2x week Nutrition: I shall be creating high protein salads in jars on sunday or monday for the week so i never have to eat out for lunch because of time constraints. I have bad reactions to most breakfast food, including eggs so on morning when i have school i shall premake packets of green smoothie makings with some type protein (hallelujah to almond butter!) to add so that the process is fast enough for me to eat something homemade instead f a croissant! DINNER WITH FRIENDS! food is a social thing here. I plan to monopolize on that and have dinners with friends at my place! I'm excited!!! HERE WE GO!
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