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  1. I say drink it but don't be disappointed if it doesn't taste as good as you hoped for. Tastebuds change. I'm 137 days off soda and 12 days off alcohol.
  2. Doing it first thing in the morning did the trick. Wrist streching 10 sec plank 20 wall push ups 5 inclined on countertop 15 wall ups Eggs, I always do wall ups cause I can't do other versions. Alcohol is especially hard on weekend.... I'd love to have some wine or Federweiser. But... I stay strong.
  3. Pretty bad.... It goes as I thought.... my bf has vacation and my goals were a compromise to playing lots of things with bf and becoming healthier. Friday to Thursday report: 1. No Booze 7 of 7 2. push ups no 3. Leave the house 5 of 7 4. Wear my glasses: 2 of 7 Somehow I do more playing all the things than becoming healthier.
  4. Wednesday report: 1. No Booze yes 2. push ups no 3. Leave the house yes 4. Wear my glasses: yes Thursday report: 1. No Booze yes 2. push ups no 3. Leave the house yes 4. Wear my glasses: no I'm starting to slack.... darn. Have to kick my butt tomorrow!
  5. Yes, yes.... I like them alot while playing point&click atventures with my boyfriend... sooo much easier to read. And I don't get so tired.... I have some strange eye thing going on..... one thing makes the image in the eye be projected before the retina and the other thing behind it. Really weird! First week is usually going good. I didn't really come to the hard stuff. Next time I practise push-ups (I'm still at wall push-up-level) I'll do the wrist warm-up first! Hope to be able to progress to inclined push-ups soon. But form is first priority now.
  6. Tuesday report: 1. No Booze yes 2. push ups yes (2 x 20 reps then... wrist pain ) 3. Leave the house yes 4. Wear my glasses: yes
  7. Ahhh with me it's the other way around. I don't have a regular shedule so I often just leave the house once a week for groceries. Like a crazy hermit in the mountains.
  8. Eve, me too. Aced 3 of my 4 goals and the fourth is done on every other day so I just need to start with it today to keep on track. I thought about a mini-quest of establishing a skin care/before bed routine and came to the idea that this would make a nice minichallenge perhaps. A lot of us are working on habit-building this time and it's also a nice way to pamper yourself a little. What do you all think about it?
  9. I need them for reading but didn't even put them on in lecture in University when sitting waaaay in the back. I know that I become tired when reading way faster without glasses than with them and that I can read easier and faster. So yes, I need them for reading... but honestly.... I'm not used to wear something on my nose! Yesterday was a good start: 1. No Booze yes 2. push ups nope 3. Leave the house yes 4. Wear my glasses: yes (40 min while watching anime to get used to them...)
  10. Thank you. I'll look for it in Google Play Store because I'm not a fan of Apple PS: Look how interested and excited I was... totally messing up the word "interested" xD
  11. Bodyweights and rolling around sounds pretty assasin-y to me. But you are always welcome to roll into my focus. Imagine it to look uber-cute
  12. This is all I could think about when reading your title....
  13. That's why I buy most of my veggies from the freezer aisle. Precut and washed and here there are no added anything bags of 1 kg of beans, bellpepper slices, carrot slices, broccoli and so forth. I loooove it, seriously!
  14. Clever idea to make a challenge consisting of PVPs. I have the feeling they keep me pretty much on track, better than accounability groups and my own challenge thread Do your best to unchallenge yourself
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