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  1. Daw, thanks! Contortion really makes hoop an order of magnitude more fun than it already is! The snake is awesome in its own right, and double awesome in concert with the back fold. It really gives you good purchase while still being in complete control (unlike pretzel). Your teacher wants you to deadlift into cheststand *first*? Wow, that seems... really difficult. Like learning handstand press-up before kicking up into one. We usually either roll or lower down from a forearm/handstand. How are you preparing for the deadlift? Rehearsal today was rough. Four hours with some pretty diffic
  2. I'm with you on rewards - my wants are either attainable, in which case I just go and get them, or require prerequisites that I don't yet have. What do you mean when you say 'deadlift' into chest stand? Wall-assisted back stretches from tonight! Make sure to warm up your back before doing them. <3 First do a snake against the wall. Piked hips, arched back, straight arms and legs pushing you into position. Then, relax and slide down the wall into a back fold. Bring in your feet and press your hands against the wall, straightening your arms and legs. The activation from the snake b
  3. Luckily no meltdown occurred; I just get edgy and distracted when negative thought spirals take hold. If I figure out the human condition, I'll definitely post it here. Thank you! I'm excited to watch my butt sloooooowly get closer to my head. Someday! Where are you on your backbends? I can film some of my favorite pre-pretzel exercises tonight, if you're interested. Here's an attempt at filling in some 'Step 2s'. I'm unsure about long-term goals, so I've made short-term 'milestones' to achieve for now. Trying a nice minimalist app to keep track of my non-standard training regimen. O
  4. It is sort of the opposite of spotting in ballet. Because the only reference plane that matters is that of the hoop, instead of trying to hold the world steady I just give up and refocus on the objects that affect me. Closing your eyes or looking at your hands/ the apparatus can help with this!
  5. Sigh, wishful thinking! San Francisco - our summers are colder than our winters, sometimes! I love the weather here too, especially compared to the northeastern US, where I'm from. Yesterday was Existential Crisis/ Imposter Syndrome day! Some pep talks from amazing friends that basically amounted to, 'there is no purpose to life, but you'll get over it' helped, as did a healthy dose of contortion endorphins. Circus training is going swimmingly. Yesterday's little crisis of faith + a long chat with my housemate + Mad's Underpants Gnome thought experiment has determined me to more
  6. True, it would probably have to be a weekend day to avoid work and school... J'adore California.
  7. Haha, what a fantastic article! I must admit that I too have an outrageous collection of underpants. If there is one thing I am already grateful to these boards for, it is as a low-risk place to post videos. I don't seem to be able to record myself for myself, so having an external excuse to do so is So. Very. Helpful. @torpedotor, my underpants say that messing around with alternate handstands (like the S-shape, scorpion, stag, etc.) is not great while trying to master the straight handstand. Better to work on parallel skills like an arm planche or flag, which will increase strength and
  8. Congratulations! Roll-ups are so epic! And thank you for sharing the hybrid perspective! Something to dig through tonight.
  9. Thanks Kat and Mad! Do you think there would be interest in a google hangout hoop/aerial jam? I'm interested in comparing styles and notes with people outside my training bubble! Lucky me, going to the burn is (relatively) inexpensive when you live in norcal. No plane tickets or remote organization make it sooo much easier. Good luck with your savings! Saturday evening I performed (sickly) at a half-burnt-down train roundhouse that has been abandoned for decades. My housemate and I rigged up silks and hoop and did a few shows for a Berlin-style renegade. Only my housemates noted my low e
  10. Like you say, Mad! Having a straight (hollow body) handstand is more versatile for later progressions in handbalancing and acrobatics, plus all the other reasons. Also, it galls me that this 'feels' straight and isn't. I don't like my senses lying to me. And... extensive underpants collection? Probably autocorrect'd, but it made me laugh. Thanks Elastigirl! Wish I had your super power. How is your progression going?
  11. Above my level too, by far. Her contortion work is also way impressive!
  12. Sorry for the weather mehs For inspiration/self-teaching, I've been watching Haley Viloria's technical demo on hoop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGNJwW4z--c 1. She is ridiculously good and an awesome inspiration 2. Because it is a tech demo, the vocabulary is densely packed and stripped of most filler/flair (easier to see and learn from) Not the same as having a great teacher, of course, but I like it for self-training.
  13. Must... stop... arching... back... (and staggering) Handstand video!
  14. My favorite rip salve is Hand-E Balm. Ridiculous name, I know, but it totally saved my skin. Looking forward to seeing your bar-work!
  15. Let me know if you get to Burning Man! I'll probably be going this year again. Getting over a nasty 24 hour bug, but I couldn't stay on the ground today. Nothing special, just jamming on the hoop: Some silly hoop tricks
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